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Happy Saturday everyone!!!! 
Poppin in to share a couple of things I'm doing in my classroom to rekindle the motivation to read.  Especially this time of year when it's really crunch time before state testing and some kids have spring fever, not to mention summer fever!
One idea I tried for the first time about 2 weeks ago.  My teammate shared the idea and book with me and then later that week I read about it on The Brown Bag Teacher's blog, which by the way, if you haven't checked out her blog you must!  It is all kinds of cute and packed FULL of fab ideas!!!!
The idea I am talking about is a book auction, or raffle, or whatevs you want to call it:)
It is one of a ton of wonderful ideas from the wonderful Donalyn Miller's book Reading in the Wild.
When you get in new Scholastic books or just any "new" to your kids books, put them out.  Put out as many as you want.  I did 4 the first time and when it was over had several disappointed kids so have 8 out for our raffle/auction on Monday. 
There are also several ways you can make to give out "tickets" for the raffle.  The first time I did it I just gave 3 "tickets" to each kiddo.  The Brown Bag Teacher did it a little differently and I liked the way she did it too so check it out. 
At the beginning of the raffle, introduce each book and with your best announcer/actor voice, read the blurb on the back to draw in the kids. (See the book with the fish?!  Just bought it at our book fair...My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish!!!  Looks great!!!  Think it will be a hit!)
Next the kids put their names on their slips and drop them in the bins/pails (whatever you choose) by the books they are interested in.  Then you draw names.  They can have the book for one week only (which really pushes them to read it quickly instead of pretending or stalling or plain old not reading) then they have to return it for the next raffle.  Rework those books in again the next week.  Once interest in the book has died down, switch out books with new ones:)
Yesterday we had a teacher work day and I had my report cards done already so had part of the day to just work in my classroom!  I can see the floor in my closet again!!!!  Got lots of filing done, piles of things put away and lesson plans cracked out:)  Love a productive day!!!!  Here is one more thing I set up.
An Author Spotlight: 
Right now I am reading The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane as a read aloud to my kids and they are loving it!  So I set up Kate DiCamillo in our Author Spotlight in hopes of sparking some more reading interest:)

Hope these are ideas that can re-fire some reading sparks in your classroom:)
Have a blessed and great weekend all!!


  1. A book raffle sounds interesting! Thanks for the idea!

  2. Great stuff! I LOVE doing book talks with my students and have done a few other "hooks" before but never an auction. Definitely bookmarking this idea to try after break. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love the idea of a raffle! Thanks for sharing Tara.

  4. I love this!!! Thank you so much for sharing how you did this Tara!! I hope all is going great my friend :) :)

  5. Love Brown Bag Teacher, love the book raffle idea, and love the author's spotlight!! Isn't such an exciting thing when you can actually clean your classroom?? :o)
    ideas by jivey

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  7. My kiddos always get excited when new books come in. I really get the "new book fever" going when I spread them all out on the back table and pick sticks for students to choose a book. I never thought about putting a deadline on it (duh moment). Thanks for the fabulous idea! Oh and My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish is a huge hit in my classroom- 9 kiddos already have their own copy!

    Funky in Fourth

  8. What a great idea! I love the idea of a book raffle...going to have to borrow this :)

    I {Heart} Recess

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  10. I think I am definitely going to do a book raffle. I just got some new books from the Book Fair. I'm really digging the idea for The Author Spotlight. I used to do something similar when I taught little kids, but I bet the big kids like it too!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  11. I LOVE these ideas! I will definitely be doing both...Thank you for the ideas!

  12. The book auction sounds like a blast! Do you put the same books out again the next week so kids can win them again?

  13. Love the book auction! I will definitely be trying that out in my classroom!

  14. Great ideas! My son just got that zombie goldfish book at our book fair this week. He's already done with it. ;)

  15. Edward Tulane is my absolute favorite read aloud ever!! That line from Pelegrina, "You disappoint me" gets me every time. (Hmmm....) :) I love the idea of a book raffle. I'm going to give that a try after spring break. We need to mix things up a bit. Thanks for the idea.

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  16. I really like this idea! Will try it next time we get a shipment of books.


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