What'cha Reading Lit. Circles!

Hey, Hey!
Are you ready for a bunch of pics?!  Now that the craziness of state testing is over we are having a BLAST with literature circles!
I have my kiddos in four groups based on ability.  Each group got to pic their books.  Loved listening to the conversations they were having as they were synergizing and choosing.

So as you can see I have quite a range of readers in my room.
I made paper journals for them to use.
Of course I HAD to make a new set of posters because I just can't stand the cuteness of Melonheadz clipart!!!!
There are 7 jobs in this set.
I introduced each job and went over the expectations for each.  (all those details are on each poster too) 
I also made sets of little job cards.  Each card has the name of one of the jobs on it and each team gets a bucket.  When the groups meet, first they take turns sharing their journal page (job) from the previous day and as a group, score each other.  Then they each draw a card from the bucket.  If they draw a job they have already done, they pick a new one.  I have included a free choice card, so if they draw that they can pick whatever they want.
Now it's time to read!

After about 20+ minutes of reading, I call time and they take about 10 minutes to do their job for the day and then we are done until the next day.  They LOVE this....they beg me to read.  They are so good about checking the posters to make sure they jobs have been done right. 
If you are interested in checking out my lit. circle pack, just click the pic:)  I have a few different theme options:)
Have a great rest of your week all!  I'm off to my daughter's graduation awards tomorrow night and her graduation Saturday!!!!  Oh how the time flies!!!


  1. Love these...what a fun way to get the reading going!

  2. Tara this looks like so much fun. It looks similar to the book clubs we have started in my 2nd grade room at the end of the year here. Maybe next year I will introduce the jobs!
    Hope all is well - Sydney
    p.s. I don't think I got to tell you how much I love your new design ;)
    Lessons Learned

  3. I wish I could do literature circles...I have such a small group that we're our own lit circle! I love the fun names you have for the jobs! Have fun at the graduation festivities!


  4. I love using your "Rocking Literature Circles" pack with my small groups! Thanks so much!!

  5. These are super cute! I love how you have smaller versions of the job cards for students to pick their next job. Thank you!


  6. So fun! You do have a range. Some of my first grade boys are reading Stink. They love it.
    I'm off to check out that cute packet.

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