Poof! and it's Over:( and a Freebie!

I think I am still in denial that this school year is over.  Tomorrow I will be going in to finish report cards and pack up my classroom.  This year has been somewhat of a blur!  Parts of me feel like it just started......and now it's over.  I said good bye to my sweet class Friday.  I barely even took pics:/ 
I wanted to share a few of the things I did the last day with my kiddos to make the end of the year special for them.  One thing I did was print these fun awards from Teaching With a Mountain View.  They come in color but I printed them on colored cardstock because I had used so much ink with other things...lol.
The kids loved these.  I even had to copy my teammate and have them walk down the "red carpet" after they received their award.  Here's one of my cuties enjoying her walk:)
Another thing I made for my kids was this AWESOME Subway Art from Where the Wild Things Learn.  I saw this idea on Instagram and just had to have them and do it for my kids.  It was fun thinking of words that describe or remind me of each child.  I laminated them hoping that they will keep them forever:)

Then I gave them each a bag of bookworms to encourage/remind them to read this summer!!
If you would like a copy of these tags you can get them HERE:)
Finally.....nothing says hot summer like a cactus so I go these for my teammates:)
Aren't they fun?!?!?!
So that was a peek at our last day together:)  I had a wonderful group of kiddos and am going to miss them lots!


Pop Top Math and 5 for Friday

Linking up with Doodle Bugs to share 5 from my week:)
So here's a peek at 5 of my things from this week
After my last post about my math workshop I got quite a few questions about my pop top math so I thought I would share a quick video and some pics.  These are just plastic tops from pop and water bottles.  Little, round stickers fit perfectly on and in them.  The sticker on the top is the math fact.  Ours is multiplication because my kiddos can't practice enough!!

The kids love to play this!  If they get the fact right, they keep it...if they get it wrong, they put it back.  Whoever has the most pop tops at the end wins:)
I have been trying to pull out some fun stuff these last weeks of school.  One thing we did this week was make rocks out of playdoh.  They chose igneous, sedimentary, or metamorphic.  They had a blast doing this....yes, 4th graders like to play with playdoh too!

Today I brought in toothpicks and a big bag of marshmallows and let the kids choose a 3D shape and make it.

After they made their shape they had to fill our a card with a pic, edges, vertices, and faces.  On the back of the card they had to draw a net of the shape:)
We had to finish up our week with our flashlight Friday:)  We all have just grown to LOVE this time.  It is so quiet and the kids love reading this way.

The highlight of my week?  This week my baby boy graduated from high school!!
This momma is proud and exhausted.  I have survived my daughter's college awards and graduation, my son's senior prom and graduation:)  It's been a crazy, wonderful couple of weeks:)
Have a blessed weekend everyone!


Math Workshop - Making it Work for Me

I thought I would give you a quick peek at my math workshop.  I started doing math workshop about 2 years ago thanks to the help and encouragement of my dear friend Elizabeth at Fun in Room 4B.  I was scared to do it.....I don't like change......not sure it would work........had no clue what I was doing.....didn't think I could fit it all in......and on and on.....
After a few tears, a little frustration, and a LOT of coaching from my friend......I DID IT!!!!  Be sure to check out Elizabeth's posts on math workshop!  They are fab!!
Now that I have done it, I WILL never turn back.  Now, before you read on, KNOW that I am no pro at this.....ya gotta do what works best for you and your kiddos, AND it is always a work in progress!  Another important thing I have noticed is that every year I train my kids for Daily 5.  I honestly think their training in that helps them to be disciplined in math workshop as well.  That training at the beginning of the year is so important!
So here we go.....a peek into my workshop....
This is where it all starts (sorry the pic is so blurry:/)  Guided math/math workshop ideally has 4 rotations.  Last year I tried 4 and then switched out between the 4.  This year I have 3 and that's how it stays.  My 3 rotations are:
Teacher Time
At Your Seat
Math Facts
I have 3 groups of kids that rotate through. 
Teacher Time
I love to use the Educreations app on my Ipad as a dry erase board.
I use that a lot for modeling and examples.
The kids sit with me at my horseshoe table and we do the lesson for the day.  I intro it, model it, and then they do it.  One thing I love the most about this is that they all go at "their" speed.  The ones that get it, go through it and are done quickly and can return to their seats to work on something else. 
One thing they do if they finish with me and there is still time left in that rotation is grab a Math Shark.  They can practice all kinds of skills on these.  I got these with a grant a few years ago.
 While those students go to their seats and do Math Sharks, that frees me up to work with the ones that need more help.  When my little timer goes off, it's time to rotate:)
Couldn't live without my Dollar Tree timers!!!
At Your Seat
Our county purchased a program called I-Ready, so for most of the year, this has had to be one of their rotations.  For At Your Seat they go to the computer and do this program.  I love this program because it targets each of the kids DIFFERENT needs.  It differentiates which is a huge help to me.  They really like the program too!  Traditionally the At Your Seat rotation is usually for seat work, usually the lesson from the day before.  Sometimes we did do that too but mostly they were on the computer.
Math Facts
This rotation changes every day:)  Lots of fun here!  Here the kids are mostly playing some type of game that helps them with their math facts.

Some days we work on task cards.  I was blessed enough to get 2 mini ipads and 3 ipods from grants.  The kids love to do QR task cards with those.  They also play all sorts of math games on them too!
Dominoes are fun for multiplication facts, fractions, on and on:)
This is another game they play.  Notice the multiplication pattern?????  We need LOTS of practice with multiplication fluency!!!
Another game they play is with foam (quiet) dice.  And yes, you guessed it.....multiplication facts yet again.  They like to keep score on their dry erase boards.

Another FAVE game is pop top multiplication facts!  The kids LOVE this!
I also have TONS of task card sets that I have made or purchased.  Today their math fact rotation was place value/rounding task cards from Teaching With a Mountain View.  The great thing about the task cards is that I can take a grade if I want....it's kinda like how the At Your Seat is supposed to be but since we had that computer program to do I couldn't.  See what I mean, ya gotta make it work for you:)
I hope you got a few ideas to use in your classroom, whether you use math workshop or not. 
I can't believe I only have this week and next week with my kiddos and then we are done!!!  Don't know where the year went but we are still working away:)
Have a great week everyone:)


May Monday Made It and a SALE!!

It's Monday Made It time again.  Yes, with the end of the school year right around the corner and 2 kiddos graduating....it caught me not really prepared.....AGAIN....lol.
My first Made It is a family one......
Saturday my beautiful daughter graduated from college!!!
What's the made it you ask?   Well, I "made it" though the ceremony without doing the ugly cry and embarrassing all!!!  I "made it" through the weekend without falling apart....lol.  SO incredibly blessed and proud of this girl!  (I get to do it all again in a week with my son and high school!!!)
Now, on to my real made it.  This is not my original idea.  Got it from the fab Brown Bag Teacher.  She has the cutest ideas, by the way.....when I saw hers a few weeks ago, I KNEW it was a made it in my future!!!!
If it KILLS me I WILL be organized before I pack up this year.  I HAVE to be because I am taking on a new endeavor next year so organization is so important.  This is the start!   Can't wait to get things organized into these boxes and then things will be so easy for me to find. 
 I made green labels for anything math related and blue for language arts....the only problem is I bought all the tubs they had at my Staples and need to get more. 

That's all I've got for this one but am too excited about how these are going to help with my organization!  Now I just need to get 5 more!!!
I also wanted to share about the huge TPT sale!!!
EVERYTHING in my store will be 20% off!!!  If you use the code TPTXO you can get an additional 10% off:)  Great time to stock up for next year!!!  That's what I'll be doing:)
Now, I know this is a CRAZY time of year with end of the year and testing but I would LOVE IT if you would link up sometime:))))
Grab my button and link away:)  Don't forget to link up on Instagram too with #mondaymadeit
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