Poof! and it's Over:( and a Freebie!

I think I am still in denial that this school year is over.  Tomorrow I will be going in to finish report cards and pack up my classroom.  This year has been somewhat of a blur!  Parts of me feel like it just started......and now it's over.  I said good bye to my sweet class Friday.  I barely even took pics:/ 
I wanted to share a few of the things I did the last day with my kiddos to make the end of the year special for them.  One thing I did was print these fun awards from Teaching With a Mountain View.  They come in color but I printed them on colored cardstock because I had used so much ink with other things...lol.
The kids loved these.  I even had to copy my teammate and have them walk down the "red carpet" after they received their award.  Here's one of my cuties enjoying her walk:)
Another thing I made for my kids was this AWESOME Subway Art from Where the Wild Things Learn.  I saw this idea on Instagram and just had to have them and do it for my kids.  It was fun thinking of words that describe or remind me of each child.  I laminated them hoping that they will keep them forever:)

Then I gave them each a bag of bookworms to encourage/remind them to read this summer!!
If you would like a copy of these tags you can get them HERE:)
Finally.....nothing says hot summer like a cactus so I go these for my teammates:)
Aren't they fun?!?!?!
So that was a peek at our last day together:)  I had a wonderful group of kiddos and am going to miss them lots!


  1. That Subway art is amazing! Wow!
    I can not believe you are already on summer vacation! We still have a whole month left.
    Do you guys start school at the beginning of August?
    Enjoy your last day!
    Miss Elementary

    1. I second your sentiments! I have 18 more days of school still!

  2. So cute! I love the red carpet, awards, bookworm goodies, and especially the Subway Art. Hope you have a relaxing day finishing up your end of year duties. I still have 9 more days.

  3. Love the "walk" down the red carpet! I am going to have to write that one down for next year. I did awards with my kiddos on the last day... we had a podium and I made a speech for each student. :) I bet your kiddos loved the subway art- how clever!

    Funky in Fourth

  4. Thank you for the bookworms idea - that is our quote for next year at school, so this is going to be my open house gift in August!

    Math is Elementary

  5. Tara you are so sweet to your kiddos. What a great idea to do the subway art! Thanks for sharing the freebie, too. I'm definitely going to use it at some point next year. Good luck packing today. Thanks again!
    - Sydney
    Lessons Learned

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  7. I love all of your end of the year activities! I must check out that subway art. The bookworms are really cute! Thank you for the freebie! Enjoy your summer!

    Fit to be Fourth

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    Teaching, Coffee, and Aloha


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