Monday Made It Summer Week #5

EEK!!!  June is almost over:(  I haven't been nearly as productive as I have wanted to  At this point, if the kitchen reno is done by Christmas, I'll be happy!  LOL!
On to my made first made it should be a picture of me NOT in the funny farm....on top of the kitchen mess, we had a new roof put on.  Roofers were here Wednesday through Friday and I about lost my mind with all the noise:/   I'll spare you the pic of me all stressed out:)
My first made it is my best to date!!!!  I already posted on my FB and Insta.....I finally made it to meet my bloggy friend of a few years Elizabeth from Fun in Room 4B!!
Can't even put into words how excited I was!  We have talked on the phone and text for a while now so I really felt like I already knew her and the face to face was just a formality;)  Wonderful day at the beach!  She is 10 times more wonderful in person than on her blog:) 
A little home made it pic/update.  Our old kitchen had popcorn ceilings and recessed lights.  Kind of like lights in a can.  Well I told ya a few weeks ago we scraped all that popcorn off (by the way it makes my tiny kitchen look bigger!) and added totally different lights.
I love them:)
Please ignore the messes in the background. 
This next made it was one I got from the fab Brown Bag Teacher.  I have been scouring her blog lately.....WONDERFUL, wonderful ideas!!!  I am LOVING her Genre Subway Art Posters

Can't wait to add these to my classroom décor this year:)  Think my kids will love them:)
I'm kinda really jazzed about this next one:)
I grabbed one of those large clear "paint" buckets from Michaels and lots of ribbon:)
Spent quite a while watching/listening to tennis, the roofers, and tying the ribbon onto the handle!
Don't have all the details of this completely thought out yet but here's the basics of it:
For the past few years I have been doing a short morning math meeting with my can read about it HERE if you want.  It's a combo of review and pre-feeding some of the skills/topics before we get to them.  Hands down it is one of the best if not the best change I have made to my math instruction.  My kids scores improved greatly and I feel my morning math meeting had a lot to do with that. 
Well last week while I was running, I was thinking about what to do for my MMI and came up with Brain Bops.  (Love to think and pray while I'm running:)  It's gonna kinda be like my morning math meeting.  Each week as I plan my lessons I will write down some questions (science, social studies, reading) that I can put in the pail.  Then maybe every other day,(told ya I don't have the details all worked out in my head yet) I will pick a question to kind of challenge them with finding the answer to or information about....does that make sense?
I think it will be a fun way to introduce topics/skills ahead of time and do a little pre-teaching as well.
A little "bop" to their brains:)
Your turn!!!  Hoping we hit at least 100 this time:)  Thanks to all who have joined in and left love:)  Have a great week all!!


What's Happening Wednesday with Smorgie!!

I am so excited to link up with my bud Greg at Smedley's Smorgasboard for... Wednesday has been's what happened:
Started my Wednesday with an early morning workout!
I've been lifting weights and running every morning (but Sunday, rest day) since May 17:)  I workout in my garage and run on the street by my house...I don't like working out in front of people, plus I sweat more in the Florida heat...hoping it will pay off sometime!!!!  Hence the early morning...had to get up and done before the roofers came!
Did I say roofers??????  Well they started, left a hot mess and in all honesty there should be a picture of me with a little sanity left!!!!!  Noisy is an understatement.  Think tomorrow I may go shopping!!
As I was trying to block out the pounding noise, I tried to get caught up on the fun Monday Made It link ups which include your fab host Mr. Greg!!!
And now I am fixin to get my next Monday Made It started:)
That's what happened on my Wednesday:)


Monday Made It Summer Week 4

Happy summer!  Thanks everyone that linked up last week.  I can tell school is out for almost all because the linky grows every week:)  Can't wait to see what ya'll link up this week.
Before I share my made its, I want to go over a couple of "rules" for this linky.  Guess I should have done that a while ago...anywhosie....I don't really have rules.  Mostly suggestions...
- please leave love at the other blogs you visit
- if you don't have anything nice to say then just move on
- doesn't have to be school, crafts, gardening, are all great
- make sure if you made (bought/downloaded) a product by someone else that you give them credit and link to them or their product
THE ONE major rule I have is that I would really prefer you not link directly to your TPT store.  If you have a product you made and want to plug, that's great:)  Just please blog about it, tell about it and link to your store from there:) 
For you "newish" bloggers, a word of's great to link up a product you made for sale but maybe not every week.  People love to see projects and plans you have for your classroom.  Store promotion every week can tend to turn people away.  I am not in any way saying not to link your TPT stuff...just not every week or better yet, throw in a freebie:) that that's out of the way, let's get this party started:)
As you all know, we are in the beginning stages of a kitchen/dining room redo!!  Folks it's killing  Messes EVERYWHERE!!!  But it's happening and I know I will be beyond thrilled with it when it's done:)  Last week you saw the tile set.  We (hubs) did get the dining room portion done and here are some pics:
I may have panicked a little bit when I saw this mess!!!!  Grout going on...
and dining room section done:)
This is a pic of the old tile....has a mauve/pinky tint to it...told ya it was old and I hated it:/
Side note:  The little white pup up there is recovering nicely from being attacked by a coyote last week.  He had to have surgery for stitches but he is doing awesome.  He's 20 pds and thinks he's a pitbull:/ 
Dining room kinda put back together:)
Had to put in new baseboard with this fixer upper.  I chose a baseboard that was an inch wider than the one we had.  I have been busy painting that:)
Of course I had to get in some gardening therapy this week!  I did another little flower bed around another palm tree in our side lot.
Before and after:)
Best part about this.....all the plants I used I got from other parts of my gardens:)  Didn't buy a thing:)
To say this kitchen/mess makeover is consuming me is an  BUT I did have time to whip up a classroom made it and I'm making it a FREEBIE:p  Can ya stand the cuteness of Ashley Hughes clipart set?!?!  LOVE her!!!!
Printed and laminated...just didn't have the notebooks to glue the covers on. 
Somebody likes them:)
We have been using shared writing journals in our classroom for a few years.  The kids love them.  I usually have them be a part of our Daily 5/Work on Writing.  Simple to set up.  Just glue the covers on spiral notebooks and you're done:)  The kids can start a story and then the next day someone else can add to it or they can start and complete one all on their own.  They love reading through all the creativity:)  If you would like to download the My Pets..freebie, click HERE:)  Love some feedback:)
That's all I've got for this week.  As I type this my hubby is resurfacing the ceiling!  Sooooo much to do.  I am mostly clean up crew.  He makes the mess, I clean it up and then the next day we do it all again:)   


Monday Made It - Summer Week #3

So here we are in week #3 of the summer linky.  I don't have much for home made its because our renovation is taking over...and getting bigger and bigger.  Has anyone done that?  Started a project and then decided to add this and this and that......
Here are a few pics of the chaos....
Here's an example of how it's growing....our house is an older house and has popcorn ceilings. (HATE them)  Apparently I've complained a lot because hubs figured out a less messy way to remove them.  So, that got added to the list.
This is part of my dining room piled in my living room and plastic to keep the dust down with the jackhammering. (Farley, that's my chippy not dirty antique china cabinet:) )
Naked floor.
Here comes some new tile:)
Phase one of 300 done....grout next and then on to the kitchen, and cabinets, and paint, and ceiling, and light fixtures.......keep my eye on the prize:)
This is gonna be a long drawn out project.  Bless my hubby for working all day and then coming home and doing this in the night and on weekends.
I did manage some classroom made its this week.  First up is recovering my small group stools.
Last year was the first year I have ever done them and wasn't sure how they would work or if I would like them.  Well, the kids LOVED them and so did I.  Honestly, I probably could have gone another year with the same covers but wanted to change things up a bit.
Here are last years:)  Really don't look bad do they? 
Here are the new ones:)
I went with 3 patterns this year:)  You can see pics of how I made my stools last year HERE.
I also managed to make 2 new classroom décor sets.  They are bigger versions of the "My Classroom Colors Are" series.

If you want to check these out, the links are under each pic or they are in my TPT store.
That's all I've got for this week.  Don't forget when you link up to grab my buttons and leave some comment love on the blogs you visit:)  Can't wait to see your link-ups:)

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