Monday Made It - Summer Weekly #2

Week 2 and I can already tell ya this is keeping me focused!!!  Thanks to everyone who linked up last week:)  Love grabbing a cup of coffee and a notepad and looking through all the great ideas:)  So this week I have both home made its and school made its and I'm really going to try to keep doing I said, I feel like my home gets a little forgotten during the school year:(  I need to find better balance when school starts again!!!
My first home made it is my front door.  I don't know about you but every once in a while I get a bug up my fanny to paint mind you, I HATE to my projects are usually small ones.  So I decided to paint my front door ( 
Here is the before
and here is the after..
I love it.  It's not as bright and doesn't "pop" like the other color but I really love it:)
More gardening projects.  Think you're gonna be stuck with those from me this summer...gardening is my therapy:)
Planted these pots!  I'm all about the more the merrier with my pots.  I cram them full!! 
I bought this huge lantern on clearance a while ago and didn't know what to do with it.
So I bought some succulents..
(LOVE my old desk potting bench)
and a clay pot that's gotten a great patina effect just from sitting outside in the elements.  BTW, I used to try to make my pots look like that, now I just sit them outside and forget about them:)
If you look closely you will see little "spikey" plants on both sides.  Those I didn't buy.  Those were from some I already had growing and wanted to make the pot more full (remember CRAM).  Succulents are so easy to cut and start new.
These are the cuttings I took from another plant. 
I stripped the "leaves" off enough so that I could stick the stem into the pot.  That will grow:)

The "leaves" that I broke off, I stuck into soil.  Those will all grow too!  You can do this with most succulents:)
and done:)
Now on to school made its......this item I didn't make, I bought from the sweet Brown Bag Teacher. It is her Root of the Week set/rolodex.  I LOVE this and LOVE how she uses it.  You HAVE to pop over to her blog, HERE and go read about it. 

Can't wait to use this with my new kiddos this year:)
My last made it is another freebie!  And before I talk about it, I want to say a HUGE thank you to all of you who left such sweet feedback about my Login Loops!  If you didn't get a chance to grab them, you can click HERE to get a set for you:)
Ok, here's my new freebie.  Last year was the first time I used a clip chart in my classroom.  I loved it.  Simple, yet effective.  Well, we do the 7 habits at our school and are in the process of becoming a Lighthouse school so I wanted to make a clip chart that would reflect some of that same language:)

I have cute turquoise, chevron ribbon at school so that will have to wait until I go in there:)  

Now it's your turn!  Can't wait!  I always look so forward to clicking through all the goodies:)
Please make sure you leave some sweet comments on the blogs you visit:)  You never know how your sweet words can change a day:)


  1. My husband and I keep wanting to paint our front door, but we can't seem to decide on a color. I love the blue that you chose!

  2. Looking at your gardening pics makes me do some thinking...I need to do something NON computer or school related AND SOON! Thanks again for the great link up!

  3. You are so talented in the garden, Tara! I love how you used the lantern! Also, I'm loving that color lately and think it looks fabulous on your door.Excited to read the other Made-Its this week! Thanks for hosting!

    Tales of a Teacher

  4. Love these projects!! Your flower pots are just beautiful! I know what you mean about gardening…there's something very soothing about it!

  5. I love the find the leader in you, especially for fourth grade! Awesome! Thanks for hosting!

  6. My yard always looks so sad! I think I will put that on my list of "to do's" when I get into town.
    Good luck with the "Lighthouse" process! Our school did that this year! Phew! If all of your teachers are as talented and dedicated as you, I know y'all will receive it. :-)

  7. I LOVE succulents! I bought my first ones this spring. Thank you for the tips for growing more! Your planters are beautiful and have inspired me to CRAM more into my pots as well!
    Mrs. Spriggs’ Kindergarten Pond

  8. Tara I just love your monday made its. :) Have a great week!

  9. Love the root word flip cards! Great idea!

    Team V's Second Grade Fun

  10. Thanks for the freebie! and thanks for hosting!

  11. I love the freebie! Thank you! :)

  12. I love the color you chose for your door! What color is it? I need to paint at least 2 of my doors… maybe another Monday Made It. :)
    Simple Insights

  13. Thanks for once again hosting this linky. I always get so many ideas! I really like your garden - it looks so relaxing!

  14. You have been busy! I'm definitely feeling inspired to get more done!

    Second Grade Stampede

  15. I love this linky! I don't always have a post but checking everyone's crafty projects is the highlight to my summer Mondays! Love your new painted door and all your plants.

  16. Love all the things you made! I will be joining in next week! Today was my first official summer day! Can't wait to link up all summer long!
    Rambling About Reading

  17. Love the huge lantern! I want to make little succulent gardens like that for my classroom tables.
    The Meek Moose

  18. Loving the door color. I think the root words cards are awesome as well! Thank you once again for this week's link up.

    Jennifer Smith-Sloane

  19. You are one FAB gardener! I love succulents! My fave project with those is planting one in an empty wine cork! Such a cute little fridge magnet! I'll have to whip some more of those up for a summer Monday Made It post. :)

    Sailing into Second

  20. Your projects are awesome! I love what you did with the lantern!

    Fit to be Fourth

  21. Beautiful door, beautiful plants, love, love, love! I just linked up (a day late). I really need to get my act together this summer and get busy! Have a great week :)

  22. I LOVE the lantern! VERY CUTE!
    I'll have to wait until school gets out to start linking up.. too many things going on right now!
    I'm glad I have so much inspiration!
    Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans

  23. I just LOVE your potting table and pots. I'd love to have a potting table on my deck, but I haven't found what I was looking for. I hope that you have a wonderful day!
    Crayonbox Learning

  24. Thanks for sharing the clip chart. We too are a Leadership School. Good luck with the Lighthouse process. We made it 2 years ago and love being a lighthouse school - we are #25. Have a great summer! Amy

  25. I bought this huge lantern on clearance a while ago and didn't know what to do ...

  26. I would love to make this Leader in Me clip chart. Do you have it somewhere to purchase?

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