Monday Made It - Weekly Kick Off!!!

I am soooo excited to be kicking off the weekly Monday Made It:)  For those of you who are new to this, this whole thing started a few years ago as an accountability thing for me alone.  I was trying to stay motivated and focused and not let my summer break pass me by.  Well, then I got several requests to make it a linky and Monday Made It was born.  I know a lot of you aren't out yet and I just finished my first almost week of summer vacation.  I'm not gonna lie....I need a little mental/school break but am super excited to get this going:)
Have to kick this off in style!!!  My first made it I didn't make BUT had made!  The amazing Megan of A Bird In Hard Designs created buttons for Monday Made It to match my new blog that she designed.  Aren't they too cute?!?!
So grab your buttons to use on your Monday Made It posts. Click HERE to go to Google docs to download your set:)  Thank you again Megan for the cuteness!!!!!!!
I REALLY want to focus on some home made its this summer.....I feel like my home gets so neglected during the school year:/  I LOVE succulents!  The ones I planted from MMI a year or two ago are still going strong.
I decided to plant a couple in the house.  I love to use "different" items as pots.  For these I used vintage silver and some mercury glass votive holders.

My next made it project is gonna be HUGE.  We, well by we I mean mostly my hubs, and I are redoing our outdated kitchen this summer!  This is going to be a huge undertaking....because we are doing it ourselves.  I have what's called a galley kitchen....kinda like a long hallway.  So we are getting all new white wooden cabinets and this is the tile and countertop I picked out and we ordered!!! 
So this will be a major work in progress (that I hope we  I'll post updates as I can:/
Another home made it....I wanted to change out my dining room table setting because they were so dark and fall/winter....told ya my house gets neglected:(  It's in the 90s here in Florida!  So I went to the fab Pier One, grabbed some goodies and made a few little changes to lighten up the table.
I found this at Pier One and fell in LOVE.  It's chippy not dirty as my bud Farley would say....I think it's a charger but I'm using it in the middle of my table.
Dark fall/winter table....
New, lighter summer table:) 
Of course I have to have one school made it!  This little idea came to me while I was running.  I don't know about you but each year my classroom uses technology more and more!  AR, Pearson, Fcat Explorer, I-Ready.....and with each of these is a different username and password.  If I could have a dollar for each time I heard
"Mrs. Eiken, what's my password?"
"Mrs. Eiken, what's my username?"
Are you kidding me?!?!  Half the time I can't even find my classroom keys!!!!  (That's why I have a teacher's assistant as one of my jobs:) 
Anyway, it got me to thinking and then  Login Loops were born:p
Now everyone will have their own set to keep at their desks and no more interrupting and asking me:)  Happy teacher, happy kids:)

So these are laminated.  Once I get my class list I will write their names on them with a sharpie.  Then once I get their different logins I will add those. 
Right now I have each one set up with 3 tags (AR, Pearson, I-Ready) if they need more I will just print more sheets and add to them:)
The top line is for the name of the program or website:)  The rest is self explanatory.  And since this is the kick off, I decided to make them a freebie at my store:)  Hope they are something you can use.  If you download them, would love it if you left me some feedback love:)
Ok gang!  It's your turn!!!  Can't wait to see all the ideas I will get this summer.  Please remember your link up doesn't have to be all teacher/school related.....a freebie every once in a while is awesome, recipes are fun, gardening and home made its are so important.  Gardening is my therapy ya'll.  Remember to take time to sharpen the saw this summer:))  If you're an Instagrammer, don't forget to link up there too with #mondaymadeit



  1. Tara, thank you for hosting this wonderful linky! So excited for weekly MMI!

  2. Tara, I do the same but mine is a lanyard so they have their lunch number handy too!!! :) thank you for being fantastic and hosting as always!!!

  3. I love the new buttons :) So cute!! Kitchen remodel? Wow! I know it is going to look beautiful when you are finished. The dining room table looks so pretty! Thanks for keeping me in line with the Monday Made Its. Have a fantastic week!

  4. Love your login loops -- I had planned to make the same thing this summer, but now I've downloaded yours :)
    A bit envious that you are in a county that gets out earlier :( Here is Osceola we are not out until Thursday.

    Math is Elementary

  5. Super cute! I always feel a little ashamed after reading your never show up at my house, ok? I don't want you to see the uncuteness! Thanks for the link up!

  6. I did Login Loops last year for the same reason. Yours a way cuter! If only the Password Police would let us set one username & password, but Noooooo! Some insist on a symbol, some won't let you have a symbol, some limit the characters (and our district made the Pearson UN crazy long!). Hoping year 2 of login loops will be better for me. I tried having them hang on a hook on their desk, but some fiddled with it & in broke, they lost them, etc. MOST had them at the end of the year though!!

  7. I'm loving the new buttons. They are precious. TOOOO fun! Those login loops are perfect. I'm constantly reprinting card but mine are not cute at all. Thank you so much for sharing. I get so frustrated that each student has about 6 logins. They can barely remember their lunch number. I can't wait to see your kitchen progress. Have a great day friend!

  8. I like your log-in loops. I have tried this two ways so far- writing on index cards and stapling them together in a booklet (not too bad, but lots of staples not so pretty to look at) and printing out everything on one page, putting it in a sheet protector sleeve and making little folders. I'm not sure of the best way to go yet. I liked that you laminated yours. I should probably go in that direction. For some reason though, I always feel guilty when I use the school laminator...#issues
    The Meek Moose
    The Meek Moose on TpT

  9. Love your login loops! I am super excited for the weekly Monday Made its!!!

    Down the Learning Road

  10. I am SO happy that MMI is back on a weekly basis! I love your log-in loops. I can see doing yours with a twist since I have 80 students for one class only. I guess I'll have to share my adaptation of yours on a future MMI ;)

  11. Good luck with your kitchen remodel. It will be so worth it in the end!!! I am a succulent fan, too. I've got four on the windowsill in my office. They make me so happy!

    I Teach. What's Your Super Power?

  12. Love the home made its! This spring my boys started making friends with the kids on our street - so we are outside a lot these days... I showed off my garden too. :) Thank you for the login loops. Great idea! I usually have the kids write their info. in their agendas, but that doesn't help much when they leave their agenda at home... Thanks for sharing!

  13. I love the blog design and the new Monday Made It buttons!!! Good luck on the kitchen remodel. I am hoping to do the same this summer!
    Mrs. Spriggs’ Kindergarten Pond

  14. Good luck with your kitchen remodel. My husband and I remodeled our kitchen last year and totally gutted it. I had to cook with the microwave and crockpot for 8 months!!! Not fun, but worth it in the end. :)

  15. ahhhh!! HI FRIEND! I feel like it's been so long! I was too tired and exhausted from school to get on the bandwagon this week but I PROMISE! I will be back for the summer :D I just planted a bunch of succulents last far, so good...but, I am HORRIBLE with plants. Here's crossing my fingers that they last! ;)

  16. Summer is the perfect time to focus on the home because during the year, it definitely gets neglected! I love your log-in loops. So cute!

  17. I love the log-in loops - I can't wait to use them next year! I also can't wait to see how your kitchen remodel comes out because we have a galley kitchen as well and I could use some inspiration!

  18. The log-in loops are an awesome idea! Definitely post pictures of your kitchen reno- you have such a great eye for decor. I can't wait to see!


  19. Great idea with the log in loops! I love your home decor style and I can't wait to see your kitchen when it is all done - your counter top choice is gorgeous!!
    Loose Shoelaces

  20. 1. You are fabulous.
    2. Love the log-in loops.
    3. I have missed Monday Made-it
    4. The new buttons and image are amaze!!!

    A Rocky Top Teacher

  21. Thank you for the login loops... I need one for my self to keep track of all the websites I need to log-in to as a teacher!! I still can't get over your beautiful blog and now these adorable buttons to go with Monday Made It! I'm still in school so I'll only be viewing and commenting this week, but I can't wait to link up hopefully next week! Thanks for hosting this awesome linky- it truly provides constant inspiration. :)

    Tales of a Teacher

  22. Those login loops are the BOMB.COM! Love them!! Since we've been using Chromebooks in the classroom and my little sweet ones are ALWAYS forgetting certain long PW, these will come in handy! Thanks, Tara!!

    Sailing into Second

  23. I use the same things! LOVE your name though "Login Loops". I put each kids password on a separate card and then use the metal rings to keep them together. I clip the metal ring around the cord that connects the keyboard to a desktop computer. For my laptops, I keep all the password rings in a bin at the center of the table. Worked wonderfully this year! Can't wait to make them beautiful with your cute idea!

  24. Yay! Thanks for hosting a fabulous linky party again! I can't wait to see all of the amazing ideas everyone comes up with this year! Best of luck with your kitchen updates, I'm sure they will turn out to be gorgeous and worth the inconvenience you're experiencing! I love the log-in cards...I did something similar this year with a dollar photo album form the dollar store.
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  25. I've missed Monday Made it and you......4 more days of school then I will be back at it (I hope) Thanks for doing this !!!!

  26. Hey Tara!
    You are sooo good with making things for your home! I after I had my second child I stopped trying to make my house pretty and now with the third I'm just praying my house survives him! ;0). But, I should make SOMETHING. I know you'll motivate me! How exciting that your kitchen is getting remodeled! I can't wait to see the finished product! I know it will be gorgeous! Happy summer!

  27. Love the way your summer table looks! Super cute! I'm super excited about the weekly Made-Its! I probably won't be able to link up till July cause my June is crazy busy! But I love seeing all the other ideas!
    A Tall Drink of Water

  28. When looking for 4th grade Blogs…I'd prefer not to scroll through personal home projects of yours to find gems that you use in the classroom. Just my thoughts.

    1. I am really sorry you feel that way. Not sure if you read it or not but Monday Made It started 2 years ago from requests of readers and followers. It has been going strong all this time. The summer link ups are for both home projects and classroom projects. Yes, I am a teacher but I have a life outside of my classroom and when I started this years ago, I was trying to find balance and be able to enjoy my summer some because I tend to go all in and all work. I appreciate your feedback and would say that since you feel that way, you probably won't want to read any of the Monday Made It series because it will be a mix of all things in my life for the summer. That's me and that's my blog and posts. Thank you for your feedback and I hope you have a great summer:)

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