5 for Friday!

What, What?!?!?!
2 posts in one week?  I know I've been terrible about posting but I am really trying hard to enjoy my summer that is flying by way to fast:/  So I'm sorry for not posting more....promise it will pick up in a few weeks when I'm back in my classroom.
So today I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for her fun 5 for Friday linky:)  Here is a peek at 5 random things from my week....keeping in mind, it's summer people...lol. 
Yesterday I had a fun girl's day with my sweet daughter:)
I am cherishing every second I have with her....in a few short weeks she will be moving to Tallahassee to FSU (yes, we're gonna be Seminole fans!) for her masters.  Although I am soooo happy for her, she is going to be quite a long way from me compared to her other school so I am eating up all the mommy/daughter time I can!
While we were shopping we hit Pandora!  Love that store:) 
I treated myself to a new thumb ring:)  Love it!!
My classroom stash is taking over my house!  Anyone else have that problem...and with the kitchen reno it's a hot mess in here!!
I have been working out since May 17!!  Like hard!  It all started with Rachelle from For Blogness' Sake and her 3 Weeks No Cheats challenge:)  One of my no cheats was to not cheat on my workout:)  Well that was 2 rounds of 3 weeks and a few extra weeks ago and I haven't cheated once on my workouts.  I've been lifting weights and running everyday but Sunday, rest day:)
This week I hit 273.4 miles with my running!!!!!
And finally, a confession.....
I've gotten quite addicted to washi tape and all cute things for my EC life planner:/  There, I said it and feel better...lol.  Having too much fun making my cute planner cuter!
So there's my randomness from this past week....and of course I am getting ready for Monday Made It.  I'm a little ahead of the game this time....maybe...:)
Have a blessed weekend!


  1. You are such a good momma! I love seeing pictures of you and your daughter! She's very blessed to have you! I'm so proud of your workout ethic, you inspire me! :)

  2. My apartment is being overrun by all of my classroom "stuff" as my hubby puts it.

  3. I'm right there with you when it comes to classroom items taking over my house. There's been a lot of good sales already and our local teacher store closed down so I've been ordering everything online. It looks like many of us are doing blue and green themes this year. I'm excited to see everyone post their classroom reveals in a few weeks!

    Mrs O Knows

  4. Good luck to your daughter on her master's! You two are so close- it's really sweet to see. Congrats on 273 miles!


  5. "I spy" little black frames. I need to run to Michaels next week for some more! I've been trying to clean/declutter the dining room table. Going to make another school run tomorrow. I forgot to take a pic for my MMI today.
    Mrs. Brown Loves Bookworms

  6. My guest bedroom is covered with school stuff. I mean, it's completely out of control! My Mother in Law is coming soon so I need to get busy organizing it!
    I love my EC life planner too, have you joined the FB group for EC inspired teachers?! I love seeing everyone's ideas! :)
    And incase you are drooling over new covers, like I am, I have a $25 EC gift card giveaway on my blog!

    Livin’ the Third Grade Dream

  7. You know that Miss Nelson and I will only be a short drive away if your daughter needs ANYTHING! Please don't hesitate to ask us!!!!!!!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  8. My dining room table is now completely full, as is the back seat of my car, and I still have another month to go! Oh, and not to mention the garage is full of every picture book I own, so that I can do a little re-organization project! Good thing my husband isn't a neat freak!
    Can you do a post about how you use the washi tape in your EC planner. I want the become obsessed with washi tape, but I'm still struggling to find the practical application with it regarding my planner : )
    Mrs. B's Beehive

  9. I've already made 2 trips to make my dining room look like a dining room again!! :-)

  10. Congrats on your work out achievement! I have never had the motivation to try running. My car looks like your stash! I just keep thinking if I pile it all in there, it will make it a lot easier when school starts back!

    Trekking Through Third Grade

  11. You are a rockstar with running that many miles!!! You have certainly passed it forward to me with getting healthy! I read Made to Crave and have now exercised 5 days in a row! Now that's not nearly as much as you! But I've got to start somewhere, right?!

    A Tall Drink of Water

  12. Summer is the worst for stock piling stuff for our classrooms! I'm really trying to exercise self control this summer, but I've already accumulated more than I thought I would. Whoops. :) Enjoy every moment with your daughter!!! You two are the cutest together.

    Primarily Speaking

  13. Way to go running all those miles! I am in the same boat with my classroom "stuff", you can't even see the top of my dinning room table right now...lol. Enjoy every minute you can with your daughter. I am feeling the same way. My son leaves for college, 5 hours away, mid September. Looking forward to seeing your Monday Made it!

    Luv My Kinders

  14. I can so relate to your posts. I just got back from visiting my daughter doing an internship with Boeing in Seattle. She comes home in a couple weeks, and then is off to school again... the minutes are SO precious now. If she ends up on the other side of the country I am gonna die. And yes, my front room has been taken over by school storage. They recently finished my classroom floors so I can start moving back in. Have made one trip with many more to go... I gotta stop hitting the store and garage sales!
    Kidpeople Classroom

  15. 273.4 miles! That's amazing! I finally made it back to the gym this week and worked out every day this week except Sunday. I think I may join in on the 3 weeks no cheats to keep me motivated. I try to hide all of my school stash, but I only have so many closets. Oh teacher problems!
    The Traveling Teacher

  16. Such cute tags!! Congrats to both of your kids in their college plans :-)


  17. Are those frames on the side? Where did you find them??


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