Monday Made It -Summer Week #6

Happy Monday!  This post is gonna be packed full of pics so buckle up!  Make sure you read all the way to the end because there's a little surprise....
You know gardening is like therapy for me and this kitchen reno is killing me so I had to get some gardening in this week.
I planted a huge herb pot!  I have been working towards the clean eating thing and don't like sodium in my food (blow up like a balloon) and most things have sodium so I decided to plant some herbs to use with out cooking!
There's basil, savory, thyme, lavender, rosemary, and chocolate mint.  I wish you could scratch and sniff!!!  The smells as I would brush against the leaves when I was filling in the soil.....soooooooo nice!!  You really can't tell from the pic but this is a huge old wash tub actually:)
My next Monday Made It was a little time consuming but turned out so fun!
Thanks to the lovely Kristen from Ladybug's Teacher Files, I now have customized Pinterest board covers.  Her tutorial is fab, just like her, and so easy to follow. I am too excited with the results:)
My next made it is for my classroom:)  I made new letters and subject cards for my front board.
Here are some pics from last year:
This is where I put their goals/I can statements for each subject for the day.
This is where I write their homework each day.
Sorry they're a little blurry. 
 I will be replacing those with these:) (and new fun borders!)
I got a little carried away and the letters for Learning Goals are a little  I made the homework letters a tad bit smaller. I also need to get some cute ribbon for the I Can banner...ran out of time:/
My last made it I'm super excited about!  I made a new friend this week:)
This is Kim.  She has a passion for books and recycles old, torn, and thrown out books in a wonderful way!  Her story and passion for saving and recycling books is wonderful!!!
She even recycles maps!  Love how she used a map to wrap my bracelets:)

Here is a quote from Kim:

"Books are magical, they give you the ability to go on a jungle safari one minute and a deep sea dive with mermaids the next, but what happens when books have gotten lots of love from years of use? The pages get creased, dog-eared and ripped, they bend or even start to fall off.  That’s where my Mom Helen and I come in, and this is where the story of Trashy Crafter begins. "
I LOVE everything about her fun little business;)
I am going to be featuring Kim's story on my blog Wednesday so PLEASE pop back by and read about her passion:)  Kim is going to give one lucky winner a set of 2 bracelets:)  I will announce the winner on MMI next week:)  You can check her jewelry out and her story HERE!
So....make sure you enter the giveaway and grab my MMI button and link up your made its:)  Can't wait to see them all.  My to do list is growing and growing!  Ya'll are an inspiring, crafty bunch:) 


  1. Wow! Your Pinterest boards look incredible! It's on my list of things to get done. I hope I can get to it this summer :)

  2. I don't have a gardening bone in my body!
    I LOVE your Pinterest board covers - I love the rainbow divider esp (gray chevron is awesome)

    Your classroom colors are so fun, and the letters and labels turned out wonderful :)

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings

  3. I would love to have all of your herbs except the rosemary. I'm allergic to it. If I accidentally eat it, the second it touches my tongue...I have a reaction all over and my body starts tingling. It's a new allergy, but feels super weird. I love how you organized your boards. I would like to do something with mine soon too. Can't wait to read more about your new friend's journey! :) Happy Monday, sweet friend!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  4. Tara I love all your new letters for your focus board. They are such pretty colors. Do you just use a bubble font that you can insert a background? I need to try that! Any favorite fonts you like for that? I'm loving your herbs. You will use them without cooking? Just eat them? Randy hates sodium and uses NO seasonings. He would LOVE fresh herbs. I know nothing about plants though. I really need your help sweet friend. Can I pay you to come plant me some herbs. LOL I'm loving the bracelets. Kim's quote is awesome. Talk to you soon.

    1. I am a brand new teacher and you have inspired me! I must know how you made the letters and subjects for your focus board! Thank you for sharing :)

  5. I am loving those Pinterest Boards! I am thinking that I may have to try to do that to mine! Oh goodness...the work! Eeeek! But in the long run it would be much easier for me to find things! Also like the Today's Goal and Homework board! I am adding that to my to do list for the summer! Hope you have a great week! And thank you for putting together this together every week! I look so forward to finding so many new ideas!!

  6. I love the herb pot. I need to do one. I try not to use salt but need flavor. The Pinterest Board project is on my list, but getting my portable hard drive organized is first. Love that Kim recycles "loved" books into something beautiful. I need to get my projects finished so I can post them.

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  8. Oh, Tara! Everything looks so great! I love the herb tub. We have the same herbs growing, but they don't look nearly as pretty. Those Pinterest boards look so great, too. That's on my list, too. Kristen's tutorial was so easy to I just need to do it. Your homework and I Can boards are going to look great next year!! Love the bracelets! Busy week, friend! :)

  9. Oh my! Your herb garden is so cute. I grew up playing in wash buckets like they were kiddy pools. In fact, I still have one that belonged to my grandparents. There has been a project on my back burner for a while now. Thanks for inspiring me:)

  10. Hi Tara! Your "made-its" look great. Your plants look amazing. My little flower garden is looking pretty sad this year. :-( I planted some things last year that were supposed to come back and they didn't, so I need to replant...but I can't make up my mind! Ha!


  11. Reading this was AWESOME!! The Pinterest boards look so cool!!! I love the bracelets :) You have been BUSY :)

    Literacy Without Worksheets

  12. Love your PInterest board covers!! That is definitely on my to-do list this summer. And those bracelets are so cool!

    Sara :)
    The Colorful Apple

  13. Your Pinterest board covers look great! I know I need to work on mine, but will provable avoid it for a while. ;) Thanks so much for hosting, Tara.

  14. Your pinterest board covers are ADORABLE. I saw her tutorial last week and pinned it under "MUST DO". But, haven't done it yet. :( Yours inspires me to get into gear and do this tonight! Love your header for homework and learning goals. So cute. Thanks for hosting the fab giveaway!! The bracelets are amazing. :) I am not sure if there was supposed to be a link in the Rafflecopter for Kim's Pinterest page. I found her by just searching "Trashy Crafter" on Pinterest. Just thought I would let you know.

    Funky in Fourth

  15. WoW! you have been busy and everything looks fabulous! The trashy crafter is awesome, thanks for the information and I am looking forward to reading more on Wednesday!

  16. My Monday Made It was my Pinterest board covers as well!! Yours look great!


  17. I love the herb pot! What a good idea!


  18. Always love your posts--especially jealous of your green thumb! We were on the same wavelength this week with starting some classroom display ideas! By the way...LOVE the book beads! I tried leaving a comment for the Trashy Crafter but it didn't save? She is FAB! Thanks, as always, for the great link up.

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  20. Loving your new herb pot. Oh how I wish I had a green thumb like you! Keep posting those beautiful garden pictures. Loving your classroom display ideas as well. I need to think about that in the coming weeks! Thanks for the linky and for sharing your ideas. Have a great week.
    Mrs. Bentin's Blackboard

  21. I REALLY want to organize my Pinterest boards. I have had Ladybug's tutorial open on my computer all week....but it seems like such an undertaking! Soon!
    Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher

  22. Thanks for hosting each week - I love reading through the posts and adding to my to-do or wish list! I really like your learning goals and homework board headers. The bracelets out of books is a great idea and they look fabulous - she is a very talented lady - thanks for sharing.

  23. I started doing my Pinterest boards a while ago but gave up because it was time consuming. I will have to finish them soon! Love the recycled book beads. Seriously adorbs!

    A Rocky Top Teacher

  24. I love the idea of recycling old books!! Monday Made It is my favorite linky!!

    Pencils, Books, and Dirty Looks

  25. Your herb bucket is to die for! I really love using as many fresh herbs when I cook as well, it makes SUCH a difference! I've been on a big kick of using my basil to make pesto for my family and friends. It's so affordable when you've got your own little garden. The tags and letters are adorable as well. I know so many people that love the green and blue classroom colors, I'm sure you'll love it too!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  26. I love the Pinterest Board header idea. I wish I liked gardening. Plants and I are not on friendly terms.

    ~April Walker
    The Idea Backpack

  27. Such cute subject cards! I love the plant as well. I have no green thumb at all. Everything I plant dies because I always forget to water it :(

  28. OK, after reading some of these comments, it's clear to me that I'm not the only one who ADORES those letters you made. I would love to be able to do the same thing in my own classroom colors. Share with us how you did that---please!!!

    Teaching Powered by Caffeine

  29. Love your subject cards and letters! The Pinterest Board headers are great!

  30. That herb pot is BEAUTIFUL! I wish I had a green thumb. We just plant a lot of mounding perennials and let them do their magic! I do recognize the cone flowers in the middle, though. Those are my favorite!

    Don't Let The Teacher Stay Up Late

  31. Oh wow Tara!! The herb pot is such a cool idea!!! I could almost smell them from your beautiful picture!

    I love everything you made...and I am so happy you could use the pin cover info--they look gorgeous! Happy Monday Made It!

  32. I have cucumbers galore right now! The herbs we have are basil and cilantro. We used fresh basil last week in our spaghetti sauce...YUM! I love your new lettering...such great colors! Wow, what a talented person Kim is! I love those bracelets.

    I have a lot for MMI this week...I just have to find time to write the post...I'll get there! {hopefully TODAY!}

    Thriving in 3rd

  33. I also used Kristin's GREAT and EASY tutorial on the pin boards. Yours turned out cuter than mine, but I am happy that they are at least organized. Loving the cute reused book bracelets!

    Get Your Science on in Room 701

  34. I love your new Pinterest covers. I used the same tutorial to update my covers too.


  35. Your herb tub looks amazing - I must do something like that myself this summer!
    Growing Little Learners

  36. I follow Trashy Crafter on Pinterest & LOVE Made it Mondays!!

  37. I love your custom Pinterest boards! They look awesome!

    Miss Peluso's Kindergarten

  38. Love your new letters/signs for your classroom-so cute!
    -Lovely Nina
    Lovely Nina Designs

  39. Love the jewelry made out of books! What a great idea!

  40. Can't wait to see more about Kim on Wed! Those bracelets are awesome.
    Mrs. Brown Loves Bookworms

  41. Thanks for hosting this linky! So fun! I love how you planted your herbs, what a great idea!


  42. Thank you so much for hosting the linky party! I am new to blogging and this is a great way to find new ideas and connect with people! I love your herb garden! When my husband and I are actually purchasing a home I want to start this in the back yard! Super cute labels and things as well:) Thank you for sharing with us! Hope to talk to and connect with you again soon!

    Kayla in the Classroom

  43. I am in love with the recycled book jewelry! Headed to check out more on Trashy Crafter's website! Thanks for sharing!


  44. Those bracelets are adorable! I'm a huge bookworms with a book review blog those are perfect! Following her blog, on facebook and pinterest (as well as you)

  45. Love your Pinterest board covers. Super cute! Your herb garden wash tub is fantastic...I only wish I had a green thumb. I know it would all die if I tried to do What a great way to re-purpose old books as beads for jewelry. How creative and very pretty too!

    Luv My Kinders

  46. I remember making those beads years ago in Girl Scouts but our bracelets and necklaces looked nothing like yours. So many wonderful repurposing ideas on your Pinterest boards. How do you find the time?


  47. I LOVE how you gave your Pinterest boards a makeover!!! You have totally inspired me to give it a try!! Thanks for hosting such an awesome linky!! :-)

    Warmest Wishes,

  48. I wish I had a green thumb like you! I planted some potted flowers and within a few weeks they were goners!

    Beyond The Gradebook

  49. I grew up playing in wash buckets like they were kiddy pools. In fact, I still have ...


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