Monday Made It - Summer Week 8

It's that time again....and I was almost ready ahead of!
I'm gonna dive right in to my made its for this week:)  They are all classroom related....WHAT?!?!  No home made its....insert sad face:(  I mowed but pretty sure you don't want to see pics of that...and the kitchen is still in limbo....soooo....


This is my version of the NO NAME PAPER BLACK HOLE!  I know every classroom has one.  I even had the cute little bucket with the highlighters and little reminder last year and STILL had kiddos not write their names......and it was always the same kids!!!  I have to tell ya, if I ever quit teaching I am pretty sure I can become a handwriting

I tried to have some fun with the different messages:)  I laminated each of the little messages and then glued them to some fat fun clothespins I got at Michaels.  I then glued all those to a stick I painted with polka dots.  I was just going to make each of the clips magnets but wasn't willing to give up that much board space.  Now I will just glue the stick somewhere on the wall in my room;)
We will see if this helps this year:)
UPDATE!!  I just posted these as a FREEBIE in my TPT shop:)
Have You Seen My Name? 
My next made it I didn't make.  I downloaded, printed, and laminated.  This year I am going to be doing a lot of STEM in my classroom.  Well Carol from Teachers are Terrific has AMAZING resources just for STEM and I can't wait to try them all!
These are part of her STEM and Science Posters Bundle and guess what?!  They're in my colors...lime and turquoise:)  Happy, happy me!!!
Just love these!  They are going to be a great addition to my classroom this year:) Pop over to her blog and store and say hi!!
My last made it is a Critter themed set of my Math Meeting Headers. 

I started using morning Math Meetings 2 years ago and it has changed my "math world" forever!  If you don't know what they are or how I use them, you can read about it HERE.  I will NEVER teach math again without doing this:)  Anywho, I FELL IN LOVE with these adorable Scrappy Bugs from Graphics From the Pond!
They make me smile!  So much so that even though they aren't the lime, turquoise, and gray theme... I'm using them! Gotta have a classroom that makes you smile, right? 
   If you're interested, you can check them out HERE or click on the pic:)

That's all for me!  I can't believe the summer is winding down and it's about to get real!  Thank you again to everyone who linked up last week!  Can't wait to see what I get to add to my to do list this week:) 


  1. Those are the cutest no name clips. I'm loving the polka dot stick as well. You know I'm pretty good at handwriting analyst too :) That would be a great job. I need to go check out some STEM activities. I usually have some pretty high first graders who would LOVE that packet. I'm off to check out your math packet. Have a wonderful week!

  2. Oh man, I think yours is the best version of No Name board I've seen! I love your signs :) Haha, I think all teachers would be great with that as a side job!

    That STEM packet looks excellent, even for middle school! Thanks :)

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings

  3. Love, love, love the No Name stick. Definitely need!!! It would definitely help to have one to keep me from holding up the paper and saying, "Somebody forgot their name again!!!" with 22 scurrying up to me to see whose paper it is. Lol!
    Yay for Teachers are Terrfic!!! Carol's STEM activities are super duper creative. I always look forward to reading her blog to see what she has been up to in her lab! Hope you have a fabulous week friend! XOXO
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  4. I love the no name board! The kids are perfect and I had the same problem like you! Highlighter cup and still ... no name! I even had a no name board and papers were still not claimed. Drives me crazy! My no name board was not near as cute ... may be remaking that one! I am also loving your classroom colors!!! I'm excited to see pictures of your new room ... when the time comes!
    Enjoy your summer!
    Planet Happy Smiles

  5. Your name board is ADORABLE! I love all of the cute phrases. You are always a title and cute phrase genius! Everything looks wonderful (as always)!!
    Fun in Room 4B

  6. I love how you added all different sayings to your no name clips! :) And the scrappy bugs are adorable. Have you written a post about math meeting? I use math centers, but never tried math meetings...I'd love to find out more!

  7. I love your no name clips! They are on my to-do list. Thanks for always being an inspiration.
    Take care, Amy

  8. I LOVE your no name clips!!! All the little sayings on them are adorable! I'm adding this to my list! :)

    A Sunny Day in First Grade

  9. The no name clips sick is really smart and super adorable. Love how you painted the polka dots!


  10. Oh I love your No Name Stick... those sayings are hilarious!
    Tales of a Teacher

  11. Love your spin on the "No Name" board. Hope your kids won't TRY to get on there! LOL! Love all the bright colors on your Math Meeting headers! I love those goofy eyes, too! So fun! Will have to keep those STEM headers in mind at my Master Teacher workshop today! Great timing!

    3rd Grade Pad

  12. Thanks so much Tara! I am so glad my poster set works for you! You are the bestest ever!
    I tried the no-name bucket of highlighters in the turn-in basket last year and it worked fairly well. Yes, I still did have papers ( a few) with no names and it was always the same couple of kids. I may need a no-name stick!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

  13. Thanks Tara! The ideas are good, and I liked finding out about fat clips, as well. Thanks for the linky– love seeing all the ideas!
    Kidpeople Classroom

  14. I had a no name clip thingy this last year and it was a failure. First off mine was magnetic... yep I had to give up a portion of my whiteboard to missing name papers. Never will I do that again. Secondly, my kiddos didn't care if their assignment was up there. A lot of them would redo the assignment without even looking up there! Maybe these cute signs would do the trick. :)

    I am going to have to do some reading about your Math Meetings. I just love the sound of it. :) I do a workshop style math and I love it. I could totally add a meeting to the beginning of it. Just put your headers in my cart! Thanks for sharing!

    Funky in Fourth

  15. I love the light heartedness of your clips...I may have to think about something like that! I am curious to look at some of those STEM activities...thanks for the referral--and as always, thanks for the link up!

  16. Everything is so adorable and I love all of the clipart! My color scheme is very similar :)

  17. Thanks Tara for hosting this awesome linky party. I LOVE it! Your clips are too cute I may need to make the No Name one! Boy do I always have a ton of "No Name" papers.

  18. I love those no name clips! So funny! This is exactly what I need to be doing this week because I didn't get to it last week! Motivation! Thanks!


  19. I love your no name clips but I cannot find them on TpT... Are you going to make them available?

  20. You have been a busy beaver ... I LOVE your stuff! I finally got around to sharing something simple ... happy what's-left-of-summertime!


  21. Oh wow, that No Name Board is cracking me up!! What a great way to inject humor into an otherwise hair-pulling experience :) Thanks for hosting such a great linky and I am so glad I finally had something to contribute this week! Happy Monday, sweet friend <3

    3rd Grade Thoughts

  22. I love Math Meeting too. Your headers are so cute with those bugs.
    The Traveling Teacher

  23. Wow! I love your no name clips. I have a board, but it is not nearly this cute! I love the critters on your headings. I fully agree that your room needs to make you smile! We certainly spend enough time there!

    Fit to be Fourth

  24. Will you be sharing the no name clips, I just finished my board and would love to have those!!! Please, please please!!!

  25. I love your cute no name sayings!! I also am loving all the STEM stuff you have printed out from Carol. I have them downloaded, but not printed or laminated yet Thanks for another great linky.

    Get Your Science on in Room 701

  26. Tara I'm such a FAN of your Monday Made Its! As I sit here and read your amazing creativity, you've inspired me with your NO NAME CLIPS. Adorbs! You go girl. Keep rockin'.

    One Fab Teacher

  27. First, thanks for hosting such a great linky! Except now there are SO many more things I've added to my list of things I want to make :-) Top of the list, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your no name clips. So stinkin cute!!

  28. Hehe! I love those no name clips! It drives me crazy when they can't remember to put their name on things!

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late

  29. I MUST make your no name clip board. How cute is that?!? I also am a huge fan of Graphics from the Pond, and those little critters are no exception! Thank you for sharing your craftiness!!!

    Cupcakes & Curriculum

  30. Love the name clips! I love this linky because I find so many helpful things! Thanks for hosting! :)

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

  31. Cracking up reading those no name clips - added them to my list of "to do's!" Joining the linky for the FIRST time this week...yay! Thanks for hosting! LOVE all of the great ideas!
    Fashionable in First

  32. I LOVE Mondays and checking out everyone's craftiness. Thank you for hosting this fabulous party, Tara!

  33. Super-cute idea with the no-name clips. If they were in my classroom, they'd be full all the time...LOL. Such creative teachers. I love it!

  34. Love the no name clips and I can't wait to read everyone else's awesome ideas! Thanks so much for hosting this!!

  35. Those are my class colors too! Your no name board is adorable! I love how you added the cute sayings to the clips! I linked up for the first time, but I only got one project done in time, out of a dozen in the works! ;-) I'm looking forward to reading more about your math meetings!!

  36. haha! Totally agree about having a second career in handwriting analysis. It takes me about a month into the school year, but then I get so good at it!

  37. Love the "No Name" tags idea! Thank you for the freebie. My classroom needs this! Haha.

    Cute in the Classroom

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  39. Okay, those no name clips are about the cutest thing I've ever seen. I laughed out loud looking through them. Fabulous! Thanks again for sharing more cute and fun ideas. -Amanda


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