Monday Made It - Last Weekly One...

Hey, hey!!!  I can't believe my first week for this school year is done...seems like just yesterday I was decorating...yikes...and the week is kind of a soooo busy, good busy but busy!
So, since I am back in full go mode and so are most of you AND next Monday is a holiday, this will be the last weekly link up for Monday Made It for this summer.  I will go back to once a month and that will most likely be the 2nd Monday of the month:)
THANK YOU everyone who linked up and visited and made this summer so fun!!!  I still haven't gotten through every link up....:/
So here are my Made Its for this week...
I am so excited that we started math and reading rotations last week.  Reading we only tried once so I made my group signs:)
I printed, laminated and cut out 2 more products from the wonderful Smart Chick Teaching Resources.
I can't wait to hand out these student role cards.  I am actually going to put them on rings, one for each team but apparently my rings are at school.
I also love this Subway art poster freebie from her shop.
I am planning lots of STEM activities this school year and can't wait to dig into more of Smart Chick's activities:)
I've been a label making crazy woman lately.
These are all freebies at my shop if you're interested:)
I also added my book luggage labels as editable freebies as well:)
That's all I've got for this week:)  Have a great week everyone!!  Thanks for popping by:)


First Week Fun!!!

Whew!!!  Our first week is done.....I am absolutely in love with my class but wowza am I exhausted!!!  I wanted to share a few of the things we did this week.....some things are done and some are still a work in
We did a few team building/getting to know you activities:)
Of course we had to Save Fred!!

I had the kids work in partners.  Each team gets a gummy worm (Fred), a gummy ring (life preserver), a cup (boat), and each student gets a paper clip.  Put the worm and ring under the cup.  They have to get the worm in the ring and back into the cup/boat right side up, without touching anything with their hands....they can use the paper clips only:)
The kids absolutely loved this activity!  Great teamwork fun!

We also did some puzzles (this activity was an idea from my FAB teammate...I will catch a pic of her sometime;) 

I grabbed these cute puzzles from Dollar Tree.  I got one puzzle for each team (my desks are in groups of 4 and 5)
It was so fun walking around and listening to their "game plan" as to how each team was going to get their puzzle together the fastest.  Some did the outside edges first...others picked "parts" and put them together.

I absolutely LOVE how this team finished their last piece!!!!  They all put it in together!!!!

Morning Math Meeting is in FULL SWING!  Trained on the first day and wow have they got it!!

You can hear a pin drop when they go to the carpet to work!  Makes this teacher's heart happy!

I have done several read alouds:)
Love these books by Maria Dismondy!  I use them every year.  Great for the beginning of the school year.
We have already started our reading response journals and I am already so impressed with what my kids are only week one:)
We have also been discussing sequence and summaries.  This book is hilarious and a great one to review sequence:)

Daily 5 is also in motion.  We had our "Just Right Book" lesson.

It is evident that most of these kiddos have been trained in Daily 5 before AND that they LOVE to read.....would you believe we hit 15 minutes stamina already?!?!?!?  I wouldn't either but it happened:)
So because of that we gave Daily 5 rotations a little try today and I was super impressed.  The ONLY thing we really need to work on is our transitions.....a little chatty but it's only week one and we are rolling on Daily 5 and Math Workshop so this teacher is happy:)
Some of the kids got to read with the hermit crab reading buddies during Read to Self:)

These past 2 days we started a wonderfully fun STEM activity from Smart Chick.  She has FAB STEM activities:)
LOVE this activity!  The kids really had fun learning about Morse code.  First we made a circle map with all different kinds of communication, past and present.  They really impressed me with all their responses.  Then they wrote their names in Morse Code and we are now working on beads that spell their name in Morse Code.

Pop by Smart Chick's shop and check out all her great activities:)

We have a few other projects in the making that I will share later.  It has been a tiring but wonderful week.  Hope you all have a great weekend:)  Pop back by Monday for Monday Made It:)


Monday Made It - Go Time!

As you read this, I am welcoming my new 4th graders for our first day of school!!
I would love to share a ton of made its but last week was a BUSY one with all that crazy first week of school without kids, I only have a couple:)
Each year we use our book luggage and of course they need cute tags:)  So I made these this weekend. 
I love seeing their book luggage all filled up with wonderful books :)
My second Made It is from my friend Run! Miss Nelson's Got the Camera!  Last year she started these brag tags and I'm addicted!  So I am restocking my box for this year:)
Check out her store HERE!  She's got tons...some free and some for sale and you can custom order too!!
I finally caved and bought one of the fun, acrylic straw dispensers for pencils!
So I made a cute sign to go on it:)

I posted these yesterday on Insta and my FB page but in case you missed it....
These homework labels are a freebie at my TPT Shop!
That's all I've got for ya!

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