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Hey, hey everyone!  I have been crafting away for Michaels' Create2Educate 2014 Back to School campaign.  So excited to share the projects that I made.
My first project was inspired by the amazing Jen Runde from Runde's Room.  Last year I saw a post she did about these great posters she does with her class on teaching kids the many ways to represent a number.  Well I tried the poster idea last year and LOVED it.  It really opened some eyes and expanded their thinking.  So this year I got to thinking, how can I do that, make it interactive and reusable. (I don't have a lot of room to hang the posters AND the fire marshal isn't a fan either:/)
So that's how I came up with my interactive "Minute 4 Math" board:)
Here is a pic of all the things I used to make this:
- a large, black dry erase board
- washi tape
- clothes pins
- letter stickers
- pack of burlap squares
- small disc magnets
- 2 flower clips
- Wet erase chalk markers
- turquoise jute rope
It was pretty simple to make just time consuming:)  I cut the burlap squares smaller and added the stickers to each.  I covered the plain black frame with the chevron washi tape.  Love how that turned out.  The flowers were clips....I pulled off the clips and glued magnets to the back. (the dry erase board is magnetic too.)  Then clipped on all the squares and hung the jute to the board.
Here is how it will work:
For the beginning of the year, I am going with the idea from Jen. I will write something and ask them to show me other ways to represent the same number.  They can do this in the morning when they come in:)  It will only take a minute.  I think I will leave the board the same for a week....then change it to a new number. 
The possibilities are endless.  The board is big.....I could write a problem for them to solve...a word problem.....a table to complete....the list goes on and on:)  I am thrilled to be using this in my classroom this year.  EVERY minute counts and I think this will just push my kiddos a little more:)
I did make one other thing.  The ever popular READ letters.
For these I just needed some fun papers, ribbon, and letters.
I LOVED digging through all the different fun papers at Michaels!  So much to choose from:)
LOVE how they turned out.  They really pop on the black! 
Hope you got some inspiration!  Now it's your turn to create your own Back-to-School project and enter it for a chance to win a $50 gift card from Michaels. 
It's that easy!  Get your craft on and go enter!!!!!
Good luck!!!


  1. I love the Minute for Math board. I'm only teaching reading next year, but as I read your post I kept thinking of ways I could use this for reading. I love that it's a quick activity for kids to do while coming in and it's get them ready for the day. I bet the kids will be looking forward to each Monday to see what is on the board. Great idea :) I think I'm going to make one today! haha

    Dirty Hands & Lesson Plans

  2. I might just have to steal the idea of Minute for Math board. I absolutely love that idea. I think I will have a little extra space in my classroom next year so hopefully I can just decorate a chuck of a white board all up! About how much was the black white board? I have not ever seen these before! Thank you so much for sharing this great idea!!

    Funky in Fourth

  3. I am just so in love with the entire post! Love the magnets and the math board most especially!

    A Rocky Top Teacher

  4. Love the math board & READ letters! So cute & useful!
    Love to Teach A-Latte

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