Monday Made It - Go Time!

As you read this, I am welcoming my new 4th graders for our first day of school!!
I would love to share a ton of made its but last week was a BUSY one with all that crazy first week of school without kids, I only have a couple:)
Each year we use our book luggage and of course they need cute tags:)  So I made these this weekend. 
I love seeing their book luggage all filled up with wonderful books :)
My second Made It is from my friend Run! Miss Nelson's Got the Camera!  Last year she started these brag tags and I'm addicted!  So I am restocking my box for this year:)
Check out her store HERE!  She's got tons...some free and some for sale and you can custom order too!!
I finally caved and bought one of the fun, acrylic straw dispensers for pencils!
So I made a cute sign to go on it:)

I posted these yesterday on Insta and my FB page but in case you missed it....
These homework labels are a freebie at my TPT Shop!
That's all I've got for ya!


  1. I love the straw/pencil dispenser idea! So much neater to maintain than a bunch of cups...! What type of label is that on the dispenser? Hope you had a great first day with your kiddos. Ours come Wednesday...


  2. My first day, too. Have a great year, Tara, and thanks for the linky this summer. I dropped off the last couple weeks with back to school busyness but hope to link up monthly.

    Math is Elementary

  3. Thank you for the linky. It's always a joy to join you.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  4. Very cute!!! I've resisted that pencil dispenser for a while too! Best of luck today on your first day of school!!!!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  5. Hope you had an amazing first day with students. Love the book luggage tags and pencil dispenser. Thanks for hosting this linky - even though you were probably crazy busy last week and this weekend.

  6. Have a fantastic first day of school! That pencil straw holder seriously rocks!


  7. Love the pencil holder and the book luggage tags. I have seen those brag tags all over bloggy world. I might have to start considering using them! :) Thanks for sharing and thanks for the great linky!

    Funky in Fourth

  8. You look like you're ready for today. What font did you use on the luggage tags? They are adorable.
    Mrs. Brown Loves Bookworms

  9. How do you do the brag tags in your classroom? I have thought about doing them, but am not sure how to implement them. Do the kids take them home at the end of the year? Do they wear them on a necklace throughout the day? :)

  10. I hope your first day went well. Pardon me if you've talked about this before (I'm a fairly new follower) what is book luggage?

  11. Love your pencil holder! I've seen a few of them floating around now and I just might have to invest in one as well. Also, those brag tags are awesome! Thanks for sharing, I'm going to check it out. Thanks for a great linky! Hope you had a great first day and good luck with the rest of the week.
    Mrs. Bentin's Blackboard

  12. UGGG! Finally have something to link up, but it is not adding my link.

  13. Where did you get the acrylic pencil holders? I saw one on pinterest, but it was the stainless. I like your acrylic ones! Really awesome "made its!"

  14. I was also wondering where you got the straw dispenser. When I looked last year, I couldn't really find anything for a reasonable price.

  15. Hi Tara,

    I have been seeing that straw dispenser as a pencil dispenser everywhere on Pinterest. I love what you did to yours and am waiting/have been waiting for mine from Amazon for 2 weeks now! Even with Amazon Prime....teachers must be ordering these like hot cakes!

    A LoveLi Class


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