Monday Made It - My Summer is Gone

Hey there!  So sorry for posting this later than normal....we were gone again for the last part of moving my girl to Tallahassee and I didn't plan ahead:/
Today is my LAST day of summer.  Go back tomorrow...of course I have been in working on my room but reality has really kicked in!!!  Back tomorrow, open house Thursday and kids Monday...wowza!
I'm gonna try super hard to keep the weekly linkups going through August....but then we will be back to monthly and I promise I will be back to blogging:)
First made it has got to be a kitchen update.  We are still far from done but much closer;)
Here are some before pics...

Mauve, pink...whatever you want to call it.....I did not like it:/
Here is where we are right now....

We still have to tile the rest of the backsplash, put on the knobs, paint, and finish baseboards but we are a lot closer now:)  I am so stinking excited about how pretty it is and how different it looks!!! 
Before we went out of town I was bustin to get my kiddos homework folders done:)
Each kiddo gets is basically for their homework and to carry papers back and forth.  They each get an agenda from the school to write down their homework and for communication. 
Last year I used 3rd Grade Thoughts Reading Response Menus Across the Year for 4th grade and LOVED them!!!!  So those are the first things I am using.  I love the choices of questions for responses the kids get to choose from (them getting to pick is so important;) ) and I love that they change up each month so the kids don't get bored.  These were awesome for their reading responses last year....I could tell who read and who kind of faked it.....and then we would have a chat.  Their answers got better and more thoughtful as the year went on...another thing I love about this:)
This year I decided to add something for spelling for my kids..
I am so excited to try out these fab Spelling Contracts  Throughout the Year from Fourth and Ten!!  Again, I love that my kiddos have an option so they don't get bored and I love that it changes each month.  So fun....who likes to write spelling words????  No one so I LOVE that these are so creative and give the kids all kinds of different, FUN options!   Super excited to see how they do with these!
I put the Reading Response Menus and the Spelling Contracts back to back in a page protector at the front of each of their homework folders.  Then I just added paper and will continue to do so as the pages fill up:)
Thank you 3rd Grade Thoughts and Fourth and Ten for making such fun, aligned, and awesome products!!!  You both make this teacher's life a lot easier!!!!  If you haven't checked out their stores or blogs YOU MUST!  These are 2 amazing, creative ladies that I am proud to call friends:)

My next made it is kind of a touch up made it....last year my sweet daughter made my Hallway pass sign.  It got a little dirty at the bottom where the kids get their clips so I repainted it and we made new clips:)

Loved this system last year so know I will love it this year.  They put the clip on their shirt or sleeve and then they are off to do their business.  No leaving tags behind or losing them or dropping them in the sink or other places.............ick!
My last made it is a work in progress.
I purchased this amazing Teacher Planner from April - A Modern Teacher.  SO much I love about this....first of all I bought the bundle....the forms?!??!?!  A Teacher's DREAM!!!!  So many...things I didn't even think of:)  CUTE!  yes....gotta be cute or I won't use it...I know that's terrible right?  Sorry...not sorry;)  Editable!!!  Love that and that's why it is a work in progress...I have finally gotten my student names and schedule for the year so I can start pluggin in and printing to put this baby together.

So FUN!  Can't wait to try it out:)  I have tried all kinds of planners and haven't ever found one I love yet so hoping this is the one;)  April has lots of designs to choose from so check them out:)
Ok, that does it for me this week.  I WILL be posting my classroom reveal this week...probably around Thursdayish.....yes, that's a word.  Can't wait to see what everyone else has been up to:)  Don't fret if ya can't link up on's open all week:)


  1. I'm liking the hallway passes! Can't wait to see your classroom reveal!

  2. Your kitchen looks great!!! I love the hallway passes and those homework folders! Happy last day of summer! :)

    A Sunny Day in First Grade

  3. Hi Tara! Your title made me sad... summer is pretty much gone for me too :( Your kitchen's gonna be so FUN for you! And clipping clothespins to shirts... that has LOTS of applications. Thanks for the idea seed! Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom

  4. I have IN 22 YEARS not found a planning system I like...maybe I'll go investigate some of those products you listed! Your kitchen is lookin' good..that granite is beautiful! Hope your trip to Tallahassee was special for your family!

  5. Your kitchen is gorgeous! We did ours almost 3 years ago and I still ooh & ahh over it! Looking forward to your classroom pictures!

    Learning at the Teacher Table

  6. Love the idea of those hall passes and they look great too!
    Growing Little Learners

  7. Your kitchen looks beautiful!! And homework folders - jealous that you have those done already!

  8. I LOVE your kitchen!! It looks amazing!! Thank you for sharing the Reading Response Menus and Spelling Contracts. I can't wait to check out those products. I wish you the best "back to school week" EVER!!!

  9. Your kitchen is stunning! I feel the same way about planners, but am a little leery of paying to have a personalized one printed..I hope this is one that works for you!!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  10. I also bought planning pages and created my own...but instead of putting it in a binder, I went to Office Depot and had them bind it! Makes it easier to carry around!

  11. I love your kitchen re-do - my kitchen counter is a bleh off white color, and the walls have a super fugly tile! I would love to re-do mine, but just can't manage it now!
    Thanks for doing this Linky - I love it!

  12. Your kitchen is coming along so well! I love all the choices you've made so far! Sending you good vibes with your transition back to school!
    Tales of a Teacher

  13. Your kitchen looks awesome-what a difference! I bet your so proud! Lots of hard work, but it looks worth it! That planner is too beautiful to write in! :) I hope you have great week back and get a nice class list waiting your arrival! :)
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  14. Your kitchen looks beautiful! And I love your homework folders! Any chance your homework folder labels are available on your TPT shop? Thanks for all the inspiration!

  15. Your kitchen looks fabulous. I know how hard remodels are but the end result is always worth it. Yay!!! Love your homework folder idea. I pinned and wish listed the items at TPT. Thanks!


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