Pens, Popplets, & Pails

Life and school have been crazy busy but I wanted to POP in and blog about my 3 P's this week:)
First of all, LOVE when I get fun mail!  I got this awesome pack from Pilot pens filled with all kinds of goodies that are FAB for teachers!
LOVE this fun box all the pen goodness came in!
The FriXion line has erasable highlighters and erasable pens!  Gotta love that for a teacher!

Perfect for grading papers!  I really love the fun colors!  I hate grading papers with anything but that for grading is great:)
They also have a new line called B2P or Bottle-2-Pen which is made from recycled plastic bottles.  Who doesn't love when a company is recycling:)
Fun colors in these too!  Thanks Pilot!  Love all these!!!!
This week we played around with using the iPads to make some popplets.  They are kind of like the equivalent of a thinking  The kids loved it.  There is a free app....Popplet lite or the full Popplet version you can buy...either one works great:)  
Here are some of the Popplets they made.  They each chose a vocab word from the reading story we are on. 
We did this in a small group so I could guide them through their first one...after that they are on their own:)
For this one I wanted them to include a pic, the definition, use it in a sentence and their name.  Once they are done, I had them screen shot it, that way I can go into the pics and find them and know which one belongs to which kid:)

They can get creative with colors too (I think that is on the paid one...maybe both).  This was just an intro to the app....the sky is the limit for what all you can have them do with them:)
We are going to be tackling some Science with Popplets next week:)
We had our first book auction this week! (
I got a stack of new books from Scholastic and used those for the auction.  The kids were so excited, I am going to have to do this often!!!  I am going to try to do it on Fridays because they do their Book Frenzy on Mondays and this will be one in their baskets:)  Although, they were so excited, the ones who got the books this time just may have them read when school starts tomorrow:)
I am blessed to have such an enthusiastic group of readers this year!  Makes this teacher's heart so happy.  They were also great sports and cheered for the ones who got books:)
I have blogged about book auctions/raffles before so if you want to read more, click HERE:)
Have you used Popplets?  I would love to hear how you use them in your classroom:)
Have a great week!!!


MATH in My World

Week 5!!!  Can't even believe it.  I am soooo thrilled with how well my students have picked up rotations in my classroom.  Not only do we do reading rotations (my version of Daily 5), we also do Math rotations (Math Workshop/Guided Math).  Well today I thought I would give you a little peek at how Math looks in my world:)
I have 4 rotations in our Math Workshop this year (3 last year with a smaller class).  I am major crunched for time running 4 groups a day and I'm not gonna lie....usually go "over" in math by 5 - 15.  Having said that....we are still working on smooth transitions which will shave off some time.
We start EVERY morning with Morning Math Meeting.  As soon as morning news is over the students go straight to the carpet with their dry erase boards, markers, and erasers and get right to work.
They are soooo quiet and working so hard during this time!  It is honestly some of the MOST precious and valuable minutes that we share all day.
Here is a sample of one of our meetings.  (ignore the we are solving it I am writing kind of backwards and upside down at  These problems vary day to day depending on what we are working on, maybe something they are struggling with, intro to new topics coming up....we ALWAYS do a multiplication problem.  As soon as we are done with this, they scoot back to their seats so I can introduce their workshop rotations for the day.
This is our rotations board.  Each day I write on my dry erase board what each will be....for example:
Teacher Time - B,B, and B (that stands for books, boards, and brains:)
Math Facts - I Ready ( have to do this everyday)
At Your Seat - varies...sometimes a workbook sheet, task cards...will chat about this more
Hands On - math game, or IPads, or Math Sharks
Teacher Time
This is my small group lesson time at my desk/kidney table.  Here I teach the lesson and then set them free (at my table) to work at their speed, on their dry erase boards, to solve problems and show me they understand what was just taught.  When time is up, before they leave, they show me their understanding (over their hearts) using my Show Me Your Understanding rubric.  If someone is really struggling, they stay with me for the next rotation.

Math Facts
Our county has the Math I Ready program and some schools have the reading one as well.  It's a great computer program for differentiation.  Our kiddos have to be on it every day so that is one of their math workshop rotations.

At Your Seat
As I said, this varies from day to day.  Sometimes it is a page from their workbook or practice from their book on the lesson the day before.  Sometimes it is task cards.  I have some higher kiddos that like/need a challenge so recently I have been giving those groups something different.  I bought Perseverance Problems from The Teacher Studio
This is a great set of challenging word problems.  I copied sets of these on colored card stock and set them in a basket.  Then those groups come to the basket and chose one, go back to their seats and glue it into their STEM notebooks and solve and explain:)

They love this and so do I!  Makes them really think and some of the problems have multiple answers so when I check them I will kick it back to them and tell them to show me more:)
I just love this set and The Teacher Studio has lots of other wonderful math sets!!!  You totally need to check out her shop!!
Hands On
Again...this rotation varies day to day as well.  Some days the students do Math Sharks.
I got a set of 6 Math Sharks through a grant.  They have several things the students can do: decimals, percent, all 4 operations with several levels.
Or some days I have them do IPads

or they play math games with in pairs or a group:)
One of their faves is pop top multiplication
You can check out a video of how my kids play HERE

So there you have it.  Math in my world:) 
Do you use Math Workshop?  I'm ALWAYS looking for new ideas and ways to make it better:)


Monday Made It - September

Back to monthly Monday Made It!!
I cannot even believe we are heading into our 4th week of school!!! Crazy, I tell ya!
So I have a couple of MMIs for ya...most, not teaching related at all:)
My first is some know how much I LOVE to do that and it's soooo therapeutic to me:)  It is still hot as blazes here in Florida...some of my pots were looking a little sad so I decided to give them a little lift.
Some of the plants I left and then I added some new one for some pops of color and a little lift:)  And you know me......cram as many as I can into one pot!!!
This has got to be one of my favorite made its to date (other than my kitchen), this is still a work in progress.....little back story...the other day I was scrolling through IG and my sister told me to check out Tracy Porter's IG....FAB, colorful, fun pics...she lives in a wonderland...for real!!!  Anyway, I saw a pic of her chicken coop and she has it all decorated....I thought...I need to do that to my aviary....I have all kinds of "stuff" just sitting I have started the makeover:)
Yep...that's a vintage chandelier and vintage bird cage and YEP I painted them!!

I's so excited and can't wait until next weekend to get after it again:)
Gotta have fun in life people:)
I did manage to do a little teacher/school stuff.  One thing I did was buy, print, laminate and cut out these FAB Brain Puzzlers from my sweet friend Amanda from One Extra Degree!
Can't wait to give my kids these to challenge them:) the next made it.........well, let's just say I made it without having a heart attack!!!
Do you see what I see!!?!?!?!?!
I also had a little time to make a fall version of my Spoggle
Fun, colorful pumpkins to spell with:) 
That's all I have for this month:)  Don't forget, you can link up anytime all month!!!  The ONLY rule I have is that you don't link directly to your TPT shop.  Don't forget to leave some love on the blogs you visit:)  Thanks for popping by!!!

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