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Week 5!!!  Can't even believe it.  I am soooo thrilled with how well my students have picked up rotations in my classroom.  Not only do we do reading rotations (my version of Daily 5), we also do Math rotations (Math Workshop/Guided Math).  Well today I thought I would give you a little peek at how Math looks in my world:)
I have 4 rotations in our Math Workshop this year (3 last year with a smaller class).  I am major crunched for time running 4 groups a day and I'm not gonna lie....usually go "over" in math by 5 - 15.  Having said that....we are still working on smooth transitions which will shave off some time.
We start EVERY morning with Morning Math Meeting.  As soon as morning news is over the students go straight to the carpet with their dry erase boards, markers, and erasers and get right to work.
They are soooo quiet and working so hard during this time!  It is honestly some of the MOST precious and valuable minutes that we share all day.
Here is a sample of one of our meetings.  (ignore the we are solving it I am writing kind of backwards and upside down at  These problems vary day to day depending on what we are working on, maybe something they are struggling with, intro to new topics coming up....we ALWAYS do a multiplication problem.  As soon as we are done with this, they scoot back to their seats so I can introduce their workshop rotations for the day.
This is our rotations board.  Each day I write on my dry erase board what each will be....for example:
Teacher Time - B,B, and B (that stands for books, boards, and brains:)
Math Facts - I Ready ( have to do this everyday)
At Your Seat - varies...sometimes a workbook sheet, task cards...will chat about this more
Hands On - math game, or IPads, or Math Sharks
Teacher Time
This is my small group lesson time at my desk/kidney table.  Here I teach the lesson and then set them free (at my table) to work at their speed, on their dry erase boards, to solve problems and show me they understand what was just taught.  When time is up, before they leave, they show me their understanding (over their hearts) using my Show Me Your Understanding rubric.  If someone is really struggling, they stay with me for the next rotation.

Math Facts
Our county has the Math I Ready program and some schools have the reading one as well.  It's a great computer program for differentiation.  Our kiddos have to be on it every day so that is one of their math workshop rotations.

At Your Seat
As I said, this varies from day to day.  Sometimes it is a page from their workbook or practice from their book on the lesson the day before.  Sometimes it is task cards.  I have some higher kiddos that like/need a challenge so recently I have been giving those groups something different.  I bought Perseverance Problems from The Teacher Studio
This is a great set of challenging word problems.  I copied sets of these on colored card stock and set them in a basket.  Then those groups come to the basket and chose one, go back to their seats and glue it into their STEM notebooks and solve and explain:)

They love this and so do I!  Makes them really think and some of the problems have multiple answers so when I check them I will kick it back to them and tell them to show me more:)
I just love this set and The Teacher Studio has lots of other wonderful math sets!!!  You totally need to check out her shop!!
Hands On
Again...this rotation varies day to day as well.  Some days the students do Math Sharks.
I got a set of 6 Math Sharks through a grant.  They have several things the students can do: decimals, percent, all 4 operations with several levels.
Or some days I have them do IPads

or they play math games with in pairs or a group:)
One of their faves is pop top multiplication
You can check out a video of how my kids play HERE

So there you have it.  Math in my world:) 
Do you use Math Workshop?  I'm ALWAYS looking for new ideas and ways to make it better:)


  1. How long is your daily math block? How long are each of your rotations?

  2. I got your Morning Math Meeting and started it this year. I LOVE it!! It is such a great tool to use for review and see where the kids are! Thank you for all your great ideas :)

  3. You make it sound so smooth :) Thanks for all your great ideas!! I'm going to try & organize a better system!

  4. Looks like you have it all down to a great routine and it's very organized!

  5. I love this! You make it look so easy! One question to clarify: Are you doing a whole group lesson for your new skill or is this the lesson that is taking place during teacher time?

    Mrs O Knows

  6. Hi! I tried math rotations at the beginning of this year and it just seemed like it was an epic failure. Can you please share how you do your math rotations so I can see how it differs from mine? Also, any tips or tricks you have would be greatly appreciated! I am only a 2nd year teacher with this being my first year to teach math! Thank you

  7. Love guided math! This is my 5th year using small group and can finally reach all the students. A 15 minute quick mini lesson to introduce the skill, then off they go to their stations or meet with me for reteach, practice or enrichment. Thanks for the great ideas for workstations. I'm going to check into that math shark. It looks fun!

  8. Haven't done Guided Math, but definitely intrigued! I notice you have the EnVisions math you like it? Also, do you use the online component? I love poke cards! I need to get them out for my kiddos! I'm off to Google Math Sharks!

    Thriving in 3rd
    L. Paull Designs for All

  9. Thanks for the in depth look at guided math. I was wondering how this would mesh with our math program. We use EnVision too.


  10. Love your blog and math stations. Just wondering how long is your math block? I am helping several of my teachers set up stations and TiME is always a concern of theirs.

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  13. Sometime you might want to include activities from the Worksheets Site. They are mazes, puzzles and such.


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