Pens, Popplets, & Pails

Life and school have been crazy busy but I wanted to POP in and blog about my 3 P's this week:)
First of all, LOVE when I get fun mail!  I got this awesome pack from Pilot pens filled with all kinds of goodies that are FAB for teachers!
LOVE this fun box all the pen goodness came in!
The FriXion line has erasable highlighters and erasable pens!  Gotta love that for a teacher!

Perfect for grading papers!  I really love the fun colors!  I hate grading papers with anything but that for grading is great:)
They also have a new line called B2P or Bottle-2-Pen which is made from recycled plastic bottles.  Who doesn't love when a company is recycling:)
Fun colors in these too!  Thanks Pilot!  Love all these!!!!
This week we played around with using the iPads to make some popplets.  They are kind of like the equivalent of a thinking  The kids loved it.  There is a free app....Popplet lite or the full Popplet version you can buy...either one works great:)  
Here are some of the Popplets they made.  They each chose a vocab word from the reading story we are on. 
We did this in a small group so I could guide them through their first one...after that they are on their own:)
For this one I wanted them to include a pic, the definition, use it in a sentence and their name.  Once they are done, I had them screen shot it, that way I can go into the pics and find them and know which one belongs to which kid:)

They can get creative with colors too (I think that is on the paid one...maybe both).  This was just an intro to the app....the sky is the limit for what all you can have them do with them:)
We are going to be tackling some Science with Popplets next week:)
We had our first book auction this week! (
I got a stack of new books from Scholastic and used those for the auction.  The kids were so excited, I am going to have to do this often!!!  I am going to try to do it on Fridays because they do their Book Frenzy on Mondays and this will be one in their baskets:)  Although, they were so excited, the ones who got the books this time just may have them read when school starts tomorrow:)
I am blessed to have such an enthusiastic group of readers this year!  Makes this teacher's heart so happy.  They were also great sports and cheered for the ones who got books:)
I have blogged about book auctions/raffles before so if you want to read more, click HERE:)
Have you used Popplets?  I would love to hear how you use them in your classroom:)
Have a great week!!!


  1. Thank you for the reminder about book auctions. I had read your post on them before but it had slipped my mind. I should be receiving my first book order shipment this week . Guess what we will now be doing with the books I bought! Cannot wait to see the excitement my kids will have for the auction. Thanks again for sharing such a great idea!

    Lessons in the Sand

  2. Can't wait to try using Popplets! I think the kids would love that!


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  4. Those pens look fun. And erasable highlighters?! Swoon. I still love the book auctions.

  5. I enjoyed reading about your adventures with Popplets! I think my students would really enjoy a technology-based vocabulary activity for a change. We also do Daily 5 (sometimes Daily 4 and sometimes even a Daily 3) like your class and I could see the need to complete this in a guided group setting. I could see how the screenshot would be beneficial as an addition to our existing word wall and/or to refer back to in picture on the iPads. I would also like to add these student creations to my website for students to share with families as well!
    Thank you for sharing this neat find! :)

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