Friday 5 - Some Randomness about My Week:)
5 random things about my week.  Since I have been off all week (love that!) these aren't very teacher related.
Just before our break started we were hitting fractions hard!
The kids had fun finding equivalent fractions with manipulatives.

Hope they all don't forget everything after a week off!!!  Teacher's 
This was on my IG last week!  Since I have been off of work this week, I have been loving this little section of my kitchen....and putting that coffee pot to good use:)
I'm soooo excited!  My students have been wanting one of these for a while....I finally found one and bought it.  I hope I don't kill it:/  Any words of wisdom for growing one of these would be appreciated:) 
Feed Me Seymour!!! lol;)
My girl got to come home from FSU for a few days:)
Of course we had to get our shop on:)  Went to a fabulous new mall north of us!  Wowza is all I can say:)  Love my girl time with her but it goes wayyyy too fast:/  Now she's off and back to FSU for the big game tomorrow.

Finally, the winner from my 3 for Free Giveaway:)  Congrats to
Congrats Susan!  Be on the lookout for an email from me:)
I hope you all had a blessed and wonderful "filling" Thanksgiving!  I'm going to have to double up on my workouts to make up for my big cheat day yesterday:(
P.S.  there's a big sale coming up:)
Everything in my shop will be 20% off! 


Giveaway Day 3 - Giving Thanks!

Hey all!  I am popping in quick to announce yesterday's winner and tell ya about giveaway 3:)
Congratulations goes to
Kaitlyn M.!!
Look for an email from me:)
Today is the last day of my 3 For Free giveaway and today I am throwing in a little something extra:)
Last night while I anxiously awaited my daughter's arrival (driving through a lot of rain), I finished a fun product I have been working on. 

This set includes 4 different sets of task cards each with a different skill for fractions:)
So I am throwing that in as a little extra for today's winner:)
Thank you all for popping by and having some fun with me these last few days!  Entry for this giveaway is super easy:)  Leave a comment of one thing you are thankful for this year.

I am so very thankful for so many things!  Right at this minute it is the fact that my (growing up too fast) family is all together again under one roof, if only for a few days!  There's just something about that that makes this momma so at peace and happy!

I am heading out soon for a fun shopping day and some much needed mommy/daughter time with my girl! 
I hope you all have a BLESSED Thanksgiving holiday full of family, fun, and love!
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Kanoodling and Giveaway #2

Do you Kanoodle?
I recently received Kanoodle and Kanoodle Genius for my classroom.  To say that my students are CRAZY about these is an understatement!!!!  These puzzles are fab for early finishers and when you have a few extra minutes in the classroom.  They are super challenging and great for exercising those critical thinking skills!

It's great because there are different levels of puzzles and difficulty....just like differentiation:)
This pic is of the ever famous "puzzle 25" in my classroom.  It has yet to be solved and has challenged my students greatly.  What I love most about this is that they don't give up!!  They have announced that they will solve this puzzle and I think they will!  You can read more about Kanoodle and Kanoodle Genius here at Educational Insights.
Congrats to Cherie M.!!!  Be looking for an email from me:)
Time for Day 2!!

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Bobbing for Apples STEM and a Giveaway!

Can't even begin to tell ya how thankful I am for this week off!!!  I have hit a few goals with my TPT and Instagram so I wanted to kick off this Thanksgiving week with a little giveaway.
So, starting today I will giveaway 3 products of the winner's choice, from my shop for free.  I will do the same thing again tomorrow and Wednesday, so be sure to pop back by each day to enter that giveaway:)  (Enter at the end of this post:))
Ok, bobbing for apples and STEM you say???  Well I found a fab STEM packet from Get Caught Engineering with a bunch of wonderful activities:)  This packet is their Get Caught Engineering in November with STEM
The activity we did was bobbing for apples.  Bobbing for apples sounds easy and messy, right?!  Wrong!  The kiddos had to design something to "bob" for apples without getting wet!
I've gotta be honest...I wasn't sure how this would go...the whole STEM process is fairly new to me, but EACH and EVERY time we do a STEM activity, I stand amazed!!  I wish, how I wish you could hear the conversations when I say makes this teacher's heart smile. 
I also feel like the kids get more serious about their work with each challenge.  They did such an amazing job filling out their paperwork, designing, sketching, planning....the works! (Get Caught Engineering's pack includes all the papers you need!)

Here are just a few of the "devices" they designed.  Love their creativity!

After several attempts and re-designs, most of the teams were able to retrieve team got 14! I love how they stuck to it and didn't give up and I also love how they cheered each other on:)
Don't forget to enter my giveaway and come back tomorrow and Wednesday to enter again:) 

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Monday Made It - November

Time is flying by and before I know it Christmas will be here!  Yikes!
Things have been a little crazy/busy to say the least but I was able to get a few made its together:)  If you follow me on Instagram, some of these may look familiar...sorry:/
Last year about this time I made a burlap wreath....I looked for a pic to show you before and after but couldn't find it:(  Take my word for was a little puny and crafting has evolved, thank the Lord...anyway, I stripped it completely apart and started over with some of the burlap, but also adding the "netting" ribbon I have seen so many wreaths made out of:)
I love it but felt like it needed a little color so I added some peacock feathers:)
Each year my kiddos love to do AR.  Each quarter they get individualized goals and then we track their progress in the classroom with this
I also wanted to recognize the students who made their goal, so I came up with this:)
This is hanging just outside my classroom.  The kids LOVE the football theme:)
This made it was a last minuter (not a word, I know...consider it my 4th made it..LOL) but WAY worth it!!!!  When I saw this on my friend's blog, I knew I had to make one!
This is my new Class Goals SMART board.  Have ya heard of SMART goals?  Well I'm not gonna say anything more;)  You have to go to my buddy 3rd Grade Thought's blog to read all about it!
Just know that I am completely jazzed and excited to start this in my classroom this week:)

I also got these to go with it...'ll have to go check out Stephanie's blog and read all about it to see what they are for:)
So now it's your turn to link up your fun!  Remember, this is open all month to link up!  Also please remember to leave some love at the blogs you visit:)

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