Friday 5 - Some Randomness about My Week:)
5 random things about my week.  Since I have been off all week (love that!) these aren't very teacher related.
Just before our break started we were hitting fractions hard!
The kids had fun finding equivalent fractions with manipulatives.

Hope they all don't forget everything after a week off!!!  Teacher's 
This was on my IG last week!  Since I have been off of work this week, I have been loving this little section of my kitchen....and putting that coffee pot to good use:)
I'm soooo excited!  My students have been wanting one of these for a while....I finally found one and bought it.  I hope I don't kill it:/  Any words of wisdom for growing one of these would be appreciated:) 
Feed Me Seymour!!! lol;)
My girl got to come home from FSU for a few days:)
Of course we had to get our shop on:)  Went to a fabulous new mall north of us!  Wowza is all I can say:)  Love my girl time with her but it goes wayyyy too fast:/  Now she's off and back to FSU for the big game tomorrow.

Finally, the winner from my 3 for Free Giveaway:)  Congrats to
Congrats Susan!  Be on the lookout for an email from me:)
I hope you all had a blessed and wonderful "filling" Thanksgiving!  I'm going to have to double up on my workouts to make up for my big cheat day yesterday:(
P.S.  there's a big sale coming up:)
Everything in my shop will be 20% off! 


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