Monday Made It - November

Time is flying by and before I know it Christmas will be here!  Yikes!
Things have been a little crazy/busy to say the least but I was able to get a few made its together:)  If you follow me on Instagram, some of these may look familiar...sorry:/
Last year about this time I made a burlap wreath....I looked for a pic to show you before and after but couldn't find it:(  Take my word for was a little puny and crafting has evolved, thank the Lord...anyway, I stripped it completely apart and started over with some of the burlap, but also adding the "netting" ribbon I have seen so many wreaths made out of:)
I love it but felt like it needed a little color so I added some peacock feathers:)
Each year my kiddos love to do AR.  Each quarter they get individualized goals and then we track their progress in the classroom with this
I also wanted to recognize the students who made their goal, so I came up with this:)
This is hanging just outside my classroom.  The kids LOVE the football theme:)
This made it was a last minuter (not a word, I know...consider it my 4th made it..LOL) but WAY worth it!!!!  When I saw this on my friend's blog, I knew I had to make one!
This is my new Class Goals SMART board.  Have ya heard of SMART goals?  Well I'm not gonna say anything more;)  You have to go to my buddy 3rd Grade Thought's blog to read all about it!
Just know that I am completely jazzed and excited to start this in my classroom this week:)

I also got these to go with it...'ll have to go check out Stephanie's blog and read all about it to see what they are for:)
So now it's your turn to link up your fun!  Remember, this is open all month to link up!  Also please remember to leave some love at the blogs you visit:)


  1. Tara,
    I love the wreath! I think I'll remake mine and add some peacock feathers, too! So beautiful! I love your AR boards and goal board, too. They look great! Have a great week!

    Fun in Room 4B

  2. Thanks for hosting this once again! New to blogging this past summer, this linky gave me so many ideas to reinvigorate me and actually get me crafting (which is crazy)! Heading over to Stephanie's post now. I love the concept of "Begin with the end in mind"!

    4th Works

  3. Love it...I have done smart goals with my kids but THAT is turbo cool...pondering....Thanks, as always, for the link up!

  4. LOVE how your SMART Goals board turned out!!! It's fantastic! Thanks for the shout-out and I am always so in love with your amazingly creative projects! <3

  5. Thanks for the link up. You shared some great ideas. I especially liked your AR goals board. I also liked your goal setting board. I always try to have students set goals, and I like using the SMART philosophy to do it, too. I think it's important for students to take ownership of their learning, and this is a great way to do it.

    Math is FunDamental

  6. Those peacock feathers are just the ticket, aren't they! A simple thing adds so much. As always, thanks! Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom

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