STEM, Spiders, & Sticky Webs

What a week!  Lots of fun with learning this week!  I wanted to share some of the things we did.
We have been working on main idea and details and it fit in perfect with our Science unit.   We read a National Geographic Leveled reader called Web Wizards (I'm pretty sure I blogged about this last year.)  Then the students had to fill out my Spider Stuff sheet which had to include:
- Main Idea and details about a section called Silk Samplers
- The life cycle of a spider
- Difference between a spider (arachnid)  and an insect
and here's where the fun comes in.....they wrote by glow stick light:)


They loved this:)
Next up, STEM activity:)
This is a great activity from Smart Chick Teaching Resources!  (She has tons of GREAT STEM activities!  You can check out her store here!)
This fit in perfect with our Science unit as well.  The students had fun designing spider webs out of dental floss.  Some of them got really creative!
Charlotte's Web anyone?

This spider was apparently in a festive Halloween mood:)  Pumpkin web:)

I had them work in pairs for this one:)  I LOVE, LOVE hearing all the brainstorming and chatting they do in their design phase.
Our next STEM activity also tied in with the whole spider/web/halloweeny kinda theme.
The students had to design a spider....but not just any spider...there were some things their spider HAD to include:
1) they had include some type of item they were recycling....cardboard, water bottle tops, toilet paper rolls were some of the items they could choose from
2) their spider had had to have some "correct" spider parts: 8 legs, 2 body parts
3) they could be as creative and colorful as they wanted
Here are a few of the results....some aren't done yet.


I love how creative they are.  Hoping to tie in some more spider main idea and details with some Popplet creating this week! 
Have a blessed Sunday!


  1. Hello My Sweet Friend:
    I certainly hope I don't find any of THOSE spiders in the corner of my room. EEK!
    I am just learning about STEM/STEAM and it is so fun to learn from someone as creative as you!
    Wishing you a happy November and sending squeezy hugs...

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  2. I just love all of these activities you have been working on!! Your students must have a wonderful time learning with you--they are very lucky!!!

  3. You always have SO many creative ideas!! I LOVE the writing by glow-stick!! Thanks, Tara!

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  5. Just wondering if the spider webs are attached or adhered to the black paper and if so, how...thank you!


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