Monday Made It - December

I'm posting a tad bit early because I have a freebie for you so wanted to give you a chance to get it printed and ready if you're interested:)  Of course I don't have my act together and have my student gifts ready but I do have a few things to share:)
First is my wreath makeover.  This wreath has seen several years and lots of Florida weather.  Looking a little shabby....
Well I dug through all my Christmas boxes.....which I have way tooooooo many of and need to purge.....and found some things to spruce it up:)
That's a little better:)
Last week was a little crazy....Christmas break and Christmas fever is in the air....I'm always game for keeping it fun and keeping them from hanging from the
I came across these guys on clearance at Target after Halloween and never did decide what to do with them.....until....
Voila....elf pens!!  What kid doesn't like to write with a  So I'll be handing out "elf pens" to write with to the NOT naughty kiddos;)
Now to my freebie!  We only have 10 school days left before Christmas break so I thought I little math countdown would be fun:)
Under each ornament is a math problem. (addition, subtraction, or multiplication)
I don't know about you, but EVERY minute counts in my a matter of fact, there aren't enough minutes in the day to cover everything I want to:(  That's another blog  So these are quick little problems they can do any time during the day for some extra practice and some countdown fun!
This is a forever freebie if you're interested...just pop by my shop:)
Now it's your turn....I'm hoping to link up to my own linky later when I get a few more things done!
Don't forget, you can link up anytime, all month!


  1. Printing and laminating this one before the sun goes down!!! I bought some tiny gels pens in the Dollar Spot for....whenever. Now I can make them into Elf Pens! Love it!
    Merry Christmas Tara!
    3rd Grade Pad

  2. Your wreath is BEAUTIFUL!! I adore the purple in it!
    Tales of a Tenacious Teacher

  3. Your wreath came out so well! It looks like something from Pier One!!


  4. Love the COLOR in your wreath! Beautiful! Thanks, as always, for hosting!

  5. Already mentioned on FB about loving the countdown, but seriously, ELF PENS? That is precious!!!

    Such great, inspiring ideas!

    Hodges Herald

  6. I love your countdown to Christmas break idea! What an adorable way to sneak in some practice.
    Thanks for sharing the freebie.
    :0) Melissa
    More Time 2 Teach

  7. Your wreath is gorgeous & LOVE the idea of elf pens! And thanks for the cute freebie; my kids will WANT to do math! Thanks for hosting the linky!!

  8. Tara, I love your freebie! It's just adorable! And the Elf Pens- your kiddos are going to love them! And I love the extra touch your flower give to your wreath. Thanks for sharing such great ideas and hosting MM!

  9. I got some of those scented pens on sale at the end of the summer. My kiddos love them and they've lasted a long time. I'll pick up more if I find them. Thanks for the post and linky, Tara. I've been wanted to show off my DIY OOAK Funky Christmas tree-- hee. See you next month! Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom

  10. Tara- Your Wreath make over is gorgeous. My daughters decorated our tree those very colors. Where did you find the flowers for it?
    xoxo, Amy

  11. Your wreath is beautiful! I have one that needs to get done. Can I hire you? I also like your countdown Christmas tree... clever!!!! Enjoy the last week before break!


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  13. GREAT job sprucing up your wreath to look brand new! Love the idea of elf pens, my kiddos would go crazy over being able to use them (great incentive), and I adore your freebie tree! Great way to incorporate learning into the advent calendar!

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