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This year is wrapping up and I have been on major blogging vacay!!  I thought I would try to jump back into the blogging mojo by doing a little reflecting on 2014 and joining these fab ladies, Miss Kindergarten, Teeny, and Dragonflies in First for...
This has been my "go to" recently this school year....due to lots of changes with curriculum, state testing, county changes, state changes....just CHANGES...this school year I have felt a little like this...
So this quote has definitely helped me:)
This has GOT to be my maxi skirts!!

and apparently the pink sweater and that!
Love the music!
Jazzed about Pitch Perfect 2 but also a little hesitant....usually the second ones are a let down:/  Hope that's not the case:)
Got a few I love here too.....when I have time to watch TV I lean towards the reality stuff....
I'm rapidly becoming a fan of this series
I know this isn't a TV's a "reading series"...and I have become addicted..
I'm on book 3! 
Ummm......we don't go out to eat does this count???
 Isn't Starbucks a restaurant?  It's the "go to" for this teacher!!

This year I have finally started to get a grip on my health/fitness...notice I said  I started lifting weights over the summer and I am hooked!!!!!

This is hard...I have been so blessed by so of my favorite gifts I just received this Christmas my one of my best friends
Without going into too much detail....I have a precious baby girl in heaven....every year I get, or someone gets me an angel for Christmas...this is the angel I got this year and it means the world to me!
EEK!!!  Another really hard one.....I have pinned so much for work and life that I LOVE!  I really can't pick just one:/  You can check out my Pinterest boards and see some of my faves for yourself:)
Some of my all time fave blog posts are my Monday Made It linky posts..
I LOVE seeing all the creativity and ideas out there in the blog world:)

Remember that weight lifting thing I've tried...?  Well....old me in the middle....working hard towards new me:) (progress in the outside pics:)
One of my faves is this one...
My kiddos are now lives in Tallahassee and it won't be long before my other one branches out on his own sooooo, when we are all together, under one roof, my heart is full!
Although "letting go" and watching them grown up is so hard, I couldn't be more proud of my kids!  2 graduations this from college and one from high school:)
Oh so many.....too many to name, but if I focus on my OLW, I think the rest will fall into place:)
 I have let some negative things, things that I have NO control over, mostly in my work life, control me and steal my joy and at times, passion.  My OLW and focus this new year will be gratitude.  If my focus is there, the rest will seem so small or go away:)
 Here's to a wonderful 2015!
Happy New Year!


  1. It seems your school year has been similar to mine. So many changes and out of my control things have robbed me of joy and passion this year too. I am refusing to let that happen anymore! My OLW is JOY! Here's to a 2015 filled with joy and gratitude!

    A Tall Drink of Water

  2. DIG the "new" you thus for myself, at my age, my Total Gym is HOT!!! I will be workin' out with you in 2015, so when you think it is a BUMMER, remember you are NOT alone! Hate doing it but LOVE the results!!!

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  4. what a great reflection of your year! Couple of questions, what is o.w.l? Also, those mason jars are adorable! What do you do with them? Are they gifts for people? Do you fill them up with something each time to show your continual gratitude? Just wondering!

    1. Thank you Suzanne! OLW is one little word that you choose for your year...if you google it, there is tons to read about it. I use this instead of a ton of New Year's resolutions that I break:/ The mason jars we goal is to write one thing I am grateful for each day and put it in the jar...when things get tough, I can take them out and read them:) Thanks for popping by:)

  5. Happy new year! Great job with the health/fitness routine. I just had a baby and have been proud of myself for walking constantly but I know I'm only doing it to stay sane and get out of the house. Maybe the gym will come one day! I read your response above and the mason jars full of gratitude is such a sweet idea.

    Literacy Spark

  6. You already know that I love your gratitude jars, but I just wanted to pop in and tell you again. Happy New Year!

  7. You are looking fabulous my friend! I have loved watching your transformation and dedication on Instagram this year. I am hoping to join you on this get healthy journey this year....I just have to set my mind on it. (WAY easier said than done....those cheese fries always seem to call my name ;)) And, as for Pitch Perfect, we can NOT just surf by it when we see it on tv. We always manage to watch the entire thing every.single.time it is on! Here's to a happy, healthy, successful 2015.

    Teaching in Room 6

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