Monday Made It - January

It's Monday Made It time!  I have a couple of made its to share with you this month:)  Most home and one school....I promise....I have lots of school made its in my head BUT that's about as far as they have gotten lately....and I'm ok with that:)
If you have been following me on Instagram, you know that I have been on a fitness journey.  I even shared some of my before and during pics in my 14 in 14 post a few weeks ago:)  (I say during because I still have quite a ways to go but the good news is, I finally am headed in the right/healthy direction!!)  So with the fitness journey has come better eating.....I would say I have been at about 70% clean eating.  I decided to dig in deep and go all clean for 30 days and see what happens.  Started that the other day.  So I need some yummy things that I can add to my food that's natural/not processed so I planted another herb garden:)  That's my trunk full of herbs....sorry if you live up north and have snow and of the perks to living in Florida:)
I used an old crate we had sitting around:) 
As you can see it has slits in the bottom so I was going to line it with plastic and then poke holes...then my wonderful husband had the brilliant idea of screen:)
Oh how I wish you could smell this fab mix!!
You know me...cram it in there till it's full!  There's purple basil, sage, pineapple sage, lemon thyme, rosemary, and spicy oregano.
I had to pot the peppermint separate (in the silver container) because it can take over:/

Saw this idea on Pinterest and had to try it out in our classroom.
This idea is from Kindness Seeds.  She called it a Shout Out box.  You can read about it here.
Here is my version:)
holla: def. used to call attention to something:)
The kids can fill out these little (apparently sideways) slips.  I like her idea about keeping it anonymous:)  I'll read a few of these every few days or so depending on how it catches on.  Love this idea....sometimes I feel like focus in this world is mostly on the negative and not the positive and who doesn't like to be uplifted?!  So excited to try this in my classroom:)

My last made it, I shared a little about a few posts ago but wanted to share again and update:)
Before my sweet daughter went back to college, we made gratitude jars.  Gratitude is my OLW for this year.  I had been thinking about it for a while.  There have been lots of changes this school year and I haven't dealt with them or the stress very well at the point of losing my joy and coming home a grumpy mess.  Anyway...I decided those things are out of my control....I only need to worry about things in my control and let the rest go AND find something to be grateful for in each day....I'm sorry if that sounds bad....I am very thankful for SO much I and changes and other stuff just got to me:/ 
So now I find one thing I am grateful for that day...usually work related, because that's what was pulling me down, and write it on a little slip of paper and put it in my gratitude jar.
I found this wonderful little box to store my little papers to write on.
That's the bottom of my jar, filling up:)  Now when I have a bad day, I can come home and dump out my little slips and read them and feel better:)
There ya have it:) 
That's all I've got for now....of course I have the unending list of things I want to make/do, so I might be back later to link up to my own linky:)
Remember this is open all month and don't forget to leave some love on the blogs you visit....give someone a "holla":)
Thanks for coming by:)


  1. I keep seeing the gratitude jar idea - I think I'll have to start one. I spent the whole first half of this school year struggling with the fact that my joy was gone :( - allowing all the stuff at work to drag me down. This is a great idea to get re-focused on what is good!

    Math is Elementary

  2. I will be in search of a box to make a shout out box. My class needs so badly to learn to be uplifting and postitive

  3. I love the gratitude jar! That is a wonderful idea. I just linked up. Thank you for the opportunity, and this gives me the kick I needed to finish some of my started projects!


  4. Love the Holla box! Might have to give it a try:) I always look forward to this link-up!

    4th Works

  5. Your herb pots are gorgeous! I picked up an old antique-y wheelbarrow and I might do the exact same thing!


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  7. I *MUST* do the holla box! I'm interested to see what my high schoolers think of it :).

    Mrs. Harris

  8. do such cool things! I can't say it are so inspiring! Thanks for the link up--I've never linked up on a Tuesday before. I feel so... so... rule-break-y. ;)

  9. Love the first and second projects! I worked at a summer camp and we called them "Warm & Fuzzies," and gave them to the counselors. Must try to incorporate it into my classroom.

    Fishing for Education Blog

  10. Love the Holla box! We have a school wide bulletin board like that we call Panda Paws. (Our mascot is a panda.) Anyone can fill out a paw to post-teachers, students, paras. I love the ones where younger siblings put up a paw for their older sibling for helping them with something like "helping me find my shoe" or "helping me do math".

    I also love your herb box! Screen looks like a great idea. We always use a layer of rocks. Screen may help the dirt stay inside better.

  11. Oh, those herbs out on your patio look SO good to me now. Florida in winter. Ah. We just got a foot of snow with several more inches expected over the next couple days. I am home on a snow day... a small little consolation. It let me find time to post. Thanks for the link-up, Tara. See you around. Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom

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