Do You Smuddle?

Here's a quick and cheap little motivation/reward for your classroom:)
What's a Smuddle you ask?
A Smuddle is a smiley face on a little glass puddle:) 
Smile + Puddle = Smuddle
The little "puddles" I picked up at the Dollar Tree and just used paint markers to draw on the faces.  You would be amazed at how wonderful this kids think these are and always ask "How can I get one?"
That part is up to you:)  I give Smuddles for all kinds of reasons, BUT, I don't give them out all the time...does that make sense?  The other day I gave one out while the kids were working in partners for our "Prove It" time in math.  (I blogged about this HERE.  It's just a few minutes but those minutes have become very precious!  We do it right after Morning Math Meeting and just before Math Workshop:)  Anyway, I was listening to their conversations and one of my littles was struggling and her partner was so sweet and patient in explaining it AND making sure she understood.  That called for a Smuddle:)  I might give one for being a helper or going above and beyond in their day.  You can give a Smuddle for anything but I'm telling ya....for the majority of my kids, they are like little gold nuggets:) 
If you decide to make some Smuddles, I would love to see them:)  Shoot me an email or leave a comment with your blog link:) 
I'm having a little Super Bowl sale too today and tomorrow;)  Everything in my shop is 20% off:)
Have a blessed Sunday!


  1. I used to give out "love bugs" which were little pom pom puffs with googly eyes. Now I pass the "fabulous" cone, which I got from Dollar Tree. Dollar Tree for the win!


  2. These are adorable! Think it would work with sharpies?

  3. Really cute idea! I've done lots of sticky notes over the years but the 6th graders might really get into something like this. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Such a cute idea, Tara! You are always coming up with such great motivational tips!

  5. That is a brilliant idea! I need some pap time reinforcement in my classroom. Thanks for the idea!!

    4th Grade Funky Town

  6. I love this idea! Heading to the dollar store tomorrow to get the supplies! Thanks for sharing!

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