Monday Made It - February

Time for Monday Made It:)  I have quite a few things to share this month so here we go...
My first made it was Pinterest inspired of course;)  It's a home made it!  I LOVE me some succulents!  When I saw a pin of succulents in a bird nest I had to try it:)
Got the little bird nests at Hob Lob:)  They're only about 3 inches wide.
The best thing about this only purchase was the little nests.  They are tiny and so I took little baby succulents that are starting from my main plants:)
I can't believe it BUT I got my kiddos Valentine's day goodies done early!!  What?!
Each little goodie bag got a heart straw, some large conversation hearts, and.....
 these super cute Valentine's day rubics cubes:)
I have a crazy busy week....formal observation is this week...EEK!  So thankful this is done and one less thing to worry about;)
These next made its are some FAB products from some great friends of mine!!!  So, no I didn't make them....I printed and laminated and cut them out and that counts:) 
So here's a little product plug for my girls!!
First up, from The Teacher Studio:)
 She always has fab, and I mean FAB Math activities and is great at differentiating them for all learners!!  Can't wait to try this this week with my class:)
 Next up is my girl Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade!
Have ya checked out her Six and Fold activities?  They are great!  Great for math workshop or homework. 
We did our first one last week and the kids loved them:)  Already have more printed for this week:)
Finally, I got this amazing product from Joanne from Head Over Heels for Teaching
I can't wait to try these this week with my kids!!!  They are going to love them.  I love the interactive piece, and the posters, and the graphic organizers!!!  Gonna be using these during my observation.  Love it all!!

So there ya have that!!  3 great products from 3 incredible ladies!!!  Check them out!!
My last made it was another inspiration from Pinterest!  When I saw this, I KNEW I had to make it.....let me tell ya.....EVERY morning I have a little list on the board for my students to do before the bell rings......EVERY morning one of those items is SHARPEN 2 PENCILS!!!!!  AND EVERY DAY the same 2 students interrupt my instruction by getting up and sharpening it just my class?!?!?! 


Hopefully this will stop the sharpening noise while I'm teaching....maybe....
So that wraps up my made its for this month!  Hope ya find something here you like that may inspire you!  Link up anytime during the month:)


  1. Lots of great ideas here, Tara! Thank you for sharing. I plan on downloading both of the Math TpT products - they look like just what I need right now! I liked the "in case of emergency" pencil idea! I bought and sharpened like a hundred pencils at the start of the school year and they are gone already!

    Good luck with your observation this week. I'm sure you'll rock it!

    Math is Fundamental

  2. AWWWW...thanks for the shout out and the link up, Tara! I LOVE your bird nests! You have SUCH a green thumb! May your week be peaceful...we both have those observations out of the way and can focus on calm things. Like Valentine's Day....YIKES!

  3. Pencils... grrrrr.... I don't know how they miss the reminder EVERY MORNING when it is not only posted on the SMARTboard, but I do verbal reminders CONSTANTLY! You are not alone... I hope your cute pencil board helps!

  4. Thank you for your sweet shout out! I'm so excited your using my creation for your formal observation!! I can't wait to hear all about it! I know you will be fabulous! Love all your made-its! You're so organized with your goodie bags ready to go! And, the pencil thing...drives me crazy too!!!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  5. I LOVE YOU TARA E!!! Your shout out made my day!!! Thanks so very much for doing that!!!! I am in the process of making my post right now… I will link up in just a few!!! LOVE YOU!!!

  6. Love the pencil emergency board, but I'm afraid in my room this year I would need 20 pencils on there! There's always a pencil emergency!

    Forever in Fifth Grade

  7. Tara, thanks for letting me know I had the wrong counters in my link-up post. The sad part is, I had to look at it twice before I saw my mistake...yikes!!!! It's corrected and I'm heading to bed before I do any more damage today!!!
    Teaching with a Twist

  8. I LOVE your little pencil board. That is just adorable!! Thank you for sharing all of the great things you made this month. Since I FINALLY made something, I thought I would link up too (thanks for reminding me! I would have forgotten, since it has been so long since I have been eligible for this linky ;))

    Teaching in Room 6

  9. I love your emergency pencil stash. My kids are always losing their pencils. I have tried "The Great Pencil Challenge", but even that isn't working as well as I hoped with this class. I will have to try your idea. Thanks for sharing!

    Mrs. Wiley
    @ Wiley Teaching

  10. Thank you for hosting. I have always wanted to link up with you, but I finally got around to it today.

  11. How adorable is that bird nest idea? I can't wait for spring here! -35 wind chill tomorrow! We have been hit hard this year and only two snow days to show for it.
    Pencils are my worst pet peeve!! Grrr...I have the same morning job and it's always the same kiddos who don't have a pencil.
    I need to check out those math products from Teacher Studio and Farley. I am loving teaching only math this year but do miss those awesome products for ELA from Joanne. I've missed you friend!! XO
    Fourth Grade Flipper

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