"It's Worth It" Boxes and STEM Stuff!

Can you hear me screaming and shouting and jumping for joy?!?!!?  We finished the state test last week!  What a relief to have that behind me/us, done and over!!!!
I did want to share something with you that I made the night before the first day of testing for my teammies.  I was reading blogs and Pinterest and came across this precious, thoughtful, adorable idea by the sweet Miss Decarbo.  She made this precious gift for a Blogger gift exchange.  You HAVE to go over to her blog and read all about her "It's Worth It" box and grab the beautiful poem she wrote to go along with it!

That poem SOOOO spoke to my heart....we have all been there.....this year I feel like I have been there more....not due to my students....I LOVE them!  Due to the state and county changes in EVERYTHING....but I'm not going to get on a rant about that:/  Anyway, this poem really hit home with me:)  It's a precious reminder of why we do what we do!  I thought these would be great gifts/reminders to give my team on the first day of testing when things can get really stressful.  I'm making one for myself this afternoon because I love it so much:)
Just click on Miss Decarbo's button below to pop over to her blog and read all about it:)
I also wanted to share a quick but super fun STEM challenge we did Friday:)
I found this STEM challenge from Vivify!  It is awesome!  All you need is pipe cleaners....Now, I have to admit....when I started reading it, I almost bailed because we have done a lot of "tower" challenges.....and then I read on.....

Well folks....a few minutes in, they have to put one hand behind their backs!  My kiddos freaked!

Then they got their hands back but couldn't talk!
It was really neat to see how they problem solved and worked through the different obstacles:)
Here are a couple finished products although they tipped over:/
Pop over to Vivify and check out this fun challenge.  It has the little script in the directions too!
Have a wonderful week everyone and a blessed Easter!


  1. I love the "It's Worth It" box idea! It will be perfect for the time of year we call "February Funk!"--that time when we are stuck between winter and spring break, feeling down, droopy, and unmotivated! :) And thanks for the great team-building idea! We will definitely be using it next fall when we loop back down to 4th grade. We typically spend quite a bit of time that first month of school doing team-building activities to build classroom community with our group of 50+. Thanks for everything!
    Happy Teaching!
    Team Togetherness

  2. Thanks for the vivify link. Looks like a fun stem challenge to use with my class.

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