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Hello!  I am thrilled to be linking up with the Bright Ideas Crew this month!!!
I wanted to share with you a board I made for my classroom.  I have a group of INCREDIBLE readers this year!  They are fab readers and thoughtful readers.  They really dig into their reading (and they love to be read to as well:).  To promote "digging into" what they are reading in a deeper way, I made a favorite quotes board. 
It's really easy to make!  I just used some black foam core and added a little duct tape around the edges to make it cute:)  I also added the letters.
As soon as I introduced it, the kids were nuts about looking for quotes to write on it.  I told them they had to be special or meaningful to them or the story....they couldn't just write any old sentence.

I am loving what they are coming up with.  Some of these quotes are fab!  I'm finding the quotes also stir up interest in the books they are coming from and make the kids excited about reading!

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  1. I had a "graffiti wall" this year, too! It's interesting how each group is so different each year. My last year's class loved adding quotes to the wall, especially because it was with silver sharpies! This year, these kids could care less. Maybe my next class will be excited again! LOL I looooove your duct tape :)
    ideas by jivey 

  2. Great idea! I wonder what my second graders would come up with?

    Sally from Elementary Matters

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