Monday Made It - June 29

Happy Monday Made It!  I have had a crazy/busy/I won't go into details week.  Just trust me when I say, it's been interesting:/

Ok, my first made it I should have shared a while ago with the rules and spaced it.

These I didn't make but the FAB Megan from I Teach What's Your Superpower and A Bird in Hand Designs did:)  It's my Monday Made It buttons!  You can grab them HERE to use in your Monday Made It Posts:)  Sorry I didn't share these earlier but now you have them:)

I have been busy creating.  One thing I made was a new classroom set. (also with digital papers from Megan!)  I'm glad I already have quite a chunk of money sunk in my new colors...I love this set just as much as my new one:)

I also made a new set of Take a Ticket in a Kids version because I can't get enough of these Scrappy Kids from Graphics from the Pond!!!
Take a Ticket Kids Version

This next made it is from a teacher that has been rocking out her Monday Made Its and posting some awesome stuff!!!  AS soon as I saw this made it, I knew I had to have it and make it for my classroom!  
Here's her box!  You have to visit her blog and read all about it and all her other fab stuff!!!  Her color scheme is so calming!!  I LOVE IT!!!

So I couldn't find a cute box like Kelli's so I had to make one....I finally found this metal recipe box at Michaels but I didn't like how low the cards sat in the box.  So, I grabbed some cork too!
I cut the cork to fit the bottom of the box and it raised the cards:)
Before cork...
After cork with my husband's hand photo bomb:/

SOOOOO cute!!!  I wish like crazy I would have had this resource last year....I had an amazing group of readers that would have eaten this up:)
I added some burlap ribbon and the tag and we are all set to go:)  

You seriously need to check her blog out!  FULL of awesomeness!!
Tales of a Tenacious Teacher
Of course I had to get a garden made it in;)  I doubled my workout one day and hauled a bunch of pavers from our second lot to the backyard to expand what I call "the bird seed area".  This is basically the spot where the majority of the feeders and bird seed are.  My husband put down pavers for me to set things on to hold the seed.  Well, for the life of me I can't find the before pics....I know I have them but give up trying to find where so you will just have to trust me when I say I made this area a lot bigger:)
My final made it is my classroom crate seats!!  I have had these for a few years....never had a problem with them....until this past year....and 2 broke....BUT it wasn't because my kids were too big....I had a group of "rockers" they would rock on the crate and then it would crack and then eventually break:(  So I do have to replace a few of the black crates.
These were last years.  The fabric held up really well.  I only brought home one crate for storage purposes but you get the idea:)
The tools you need are a staple gun, scissors, needle nose pliers, and some
I used the needle nosed pliers to pull off the old fabric and most of the staples:)  
Then I laid out the fabric with the board (and foam) on top:)  The duct tape around the edges of the board is so the edges don't rub and rip the fabric.
I also add the ribbon pulls to lift the lid off if I want to use them as storage...which so far I haven't:/

Whew!  That's it for me!!!  I should have paced myself...have no clue what to do for next week:)  LOL!  Can't wait to see what everyone links up this week to inspire others with:)  Thanks for popping by and for linking up:)  Have a wonderful week!!


Monday Made It - June 22

I don't know about you all but my "to do" list is growing weekly!  Loved all the fab link ups last week and so many more people joined in on the fun!!  Thank you!  I have more home made its this week than school but like I said....I'm human and have a life outside of teaching:)
I finally found some time to garden.  Well, let me rephrase that.....I have been working in the garden since school got out but it wasn't anything you would want to see pics of.....I had to tame the jungle a little and am still not done but did make some time to refresh some planters:)
Here's one pot...a little before and after.  Now, I know the one of the left still has flowers but they have gotten pretty straggly, but don't worry, I didn't throw them out;)
Same with this pot....before and after!  I am one that squeezes up every inch of soil when I'm filling a pot.  The fuller, the better;)
Now, what did I do with the plants I took out of those pots?  I always find a place to stick them, cut them back and kinda forget about
So here they are....not so pretty, right?  But soon they will fill in and look fab. 
This pot used to be the "leftover" pot and it's beautiful now!
Next up, additions to my new classroom colors:)
I cut all these out and tied them all together with fun ribbons:) 

I also did a little kitchen/kinda made it/makeover....
My fave spot in my kitchen is, of course, my coffee station!  Well I found a new fun tray on clearance at Hobby Lobby and decided to change things out.
Short and sweet from me this week!  Now it's your turn!  Don't forget to grab my button when you link up:)  Can't wait to add to my list!!!


Work It Wednesday - Week 2

Hey gang! I'm linking up again with Katie for Work It Wednesday!
Love how this is helping keep me accountable with my fitness and work on fitness this summer!!  I've only missed one day of workouts since last Wednesday and that's ok:)  A rest day is important.  I have been mixing up my workouts this past week!  Of course I have done PIYO and LOVE it!!  But I threw in a few others this week too!
2 walks on the beach this past week.  Benefit of living in Florida:)  Can I tell you how bad my legs still hurt from the 2nd one?!?!?!  It was a really long one and the sand was soft and at times felt like walking in wet  Quite the workout for the legs!

I even tried a different Beachbody workout this week!  Tried a trial of the Cize workout!  I can't even say workout because it was soooo fun!!!
Now....if there was a camera in the room while I did it....someone would be making some big bucks on funniest something!  I don't have the rhythm he does but boy is it fun!!  
It's nice to change things up:)

Another thing I have been working on is my "snacks"....really trying to switch into a constant mindset of healthy instead of grabbing a donut!!!  (donuts are such a weakness for me!!!!)
Love me some cherries!
Another fave go to for me is gluten free rice cakes with peanut or almond butter and some bananas!  Yum!!

I'm also back to "tracking/monitoring" my workouts!  I have tried a few things....had a Fitbit..well, still have it but don't use it.  My daughter talked me into a Polar and I do love that.  It lets you know if your workout is in your "zone" meaning are you working hard enough to make a difference.  It also counts calories burned as well as other things.
Ok...that's my check in!  Hope you all are having a wonderful summer!  If you're working on your fitness, link up with Katie!  If you're thinking about it....what are you waiting for?  Join us!!  Let's do this together!  I know having others last summer to kick start and motivate me was so important!!!

Be blessed today!!

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