Monday Made It - June 15

Ready for another round?  Thanks to everyone who linked up and visited:)  I hope you all got some great ideas from all the links!!

I'm still working on my classroom makeover so I'm trying to do at least one thing a week....OY if I only knew what I was getting myself  LOVE these colors though:)  Change is good, right? Here are some headers for my AR board.

If you follow my IG you will know I am obsessed with planners/journals and anything cute that goes with them:)  So I decided to try and make some cute little paper clips to go in my planners:)  Just plain paper clips, washi, and some buttons and embellishments.

Next up....I already posted this on my IG a while ago...this was a home made it a did a month or two ago but wanted to share it here because it makes me so happy:)
I have a love/hate relationship with IG.  I LOVE it because I get all kinds of good ideas and see all kinds of cool stuff......I hate it because I get all kinds of good ideas and see cool stuff:/  LOL!  I'm sure I'm not alone here.  So I already had one of these letters, E for our last name, and then saw people spelling words on their walls with them.  The letters are pretty big.  I had a hard time choosing a word but finally decided on HOPE.

 So...I kinda got tired of this huge vase with the balls in to and was ready for a change....
Tada!  Change....fishbowl:)
I had to play around with it a can't tell from the pic but the vase is huge and super heavy when it's full....I wasn't feeling a full vase....
So I dumped some water and am much happier with it!  I love to watch fish relaxes me:)  I stuck some bamboo in the middle because it looked so bare without anything.
My last made it is a repeat from last year that needed to be refilled:)

SMUDDLES:)  I gave away so many last year that I needed to replenish them for the new school year:)
All you need are the large glass puddles, I got mine from Dollar Tree, chalk markers and paint markers.

Just draw on your faces on the bottom and let them dry:)
So fun and the kids LOVE them:)!  I'm done, now it's your turn!  Can't wait to see!!


  1. Tara, I love the colors that you chose!

  2. Girl, I feel your pain about switching up the colors... but I am LOVING your choice! Plus, it makes me feel a bit more sane knowing I'm not the only one. And you have that beautiful, relaxing fish vase to look at now while you sit and kick yourself on starting yet another project for your room :)... you know how to keep it zen at least! Thanks for hosting!
    Tales of a Tenacious Teacher

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  4. I have an "E" just like you!!!! I got it as a wedding gift from a dear friend. It is hanging by itself above the TV. Now you have me thinking that maybe I need to spell out a word too. You also have me thinking that I might need a fish. I haven't had a fish since my freshman year of college. If I get one, I'm going to name her Tara! I can't wait to see all your color changes. You always have the cutest decor! Happy summer! xo
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  5. The colors of your room look great! I love the paper clips with the buttons and other decorations. Thanks for hosting!

    A Very Curious Class

  6. I want to follow you for a day and get motivation and inspiration! Everything looks fabulous...thanks, as always, for the fun link up!

  7. Absolutely LOVE the paper clips! You are a brave woman for changing colors/themes! It's always such a bigger process than I ever remember when I get around to it that I usually space it out a couple years, lol. The colors are fabulous though! Thanks for hosting!

    Teaching with a Touch of Twang

  8. I love your SMUDDLES:) I made them a long time ago on yellow with jut a black sharpie and gave them to the kiddos on a card when they entered each year. I stopped when I was having trouble finding the yellow. I think I may have to start back up. Thanks for sharing and hosting!
    Planet Happy Smiles

  9. Thanks for the reminder about the Smuddles! I need to make more this summer. I just LOVED that! I also made some green ones with froggy faces and called them Frins (Froggy Grin). My kids are used to my froggy connections. LOL! Thanks for making Summer Mondays so fun! Off to read more!
    3rd Grade Pad

  10. Thank you for all your great ideas. I now have embellished paper clips on my to do list!

    Fit to be Fourth

  11. Tara I just LOVE your new decor colors for your classroom. It's so funny how as teachers we become so OCD about our rooms. I really think it's so fab! I feel it creates such a cozy and positive environment. Loving your HOPE lettering. Hobby Lobby just keeps me broke as a joke. LOL What a fab idea to put your fish inside the face. Very creative idea. I'm so excited for these Monday Made IT's this summer!!

    One Fab Teacher

  12. I am really liking those smuddles!!!! I think I need them in my life!!

    The Daily Alphabet

  13. The smuddles are such a great (cheap!) idea. I bet your kiddos eat them up. Well, not literally ;-) I also love that you're planner-obsessed like me...that was my Made It Monday post. Glad I'm not alone :) Have a great week!

  14. Thank you for hosting this linky! Sharing inspiration for things like a new GORGEOUS AR line is what I live for in the summer time. I'm loving your new color scheme and how modern it feels : )

  15. Love the Smuddles - that is a Made It I will be borrowing for sure - thanks for the inspiration and the linky.

  16. Love the Smuddles!! What a cute idea! I definitely want to remember that one - to create this summer for my classroom!!

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  18. I remember you sharing your Smuddle idea before, but have forgotten. Can you share what you do with them again? Thanks

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  20. I love your new color choice! Can't wait to see how it all looks in your classroom! :) I hope to link up next week!

  21. I LOVE the Smuddles! Perfect for my 5th graders.
    Thanks for sharing.

  22. Oh these look most excellent!

    What kind of awesome printer do you have that gives such great color and stuff?

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings

  23. I love your blog! I have been following you for quite some time now. Your posts are always so creative.


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