Monday Made It - June 8

Friday was my last day with kids and today I go in and do all the busy stuff....I'm mostly packed up and although my mind needs a "break", I am already planning for next year!  Monday Made It can be a blessing and a  On one hand, it keeps me accountable because I have weekly deadlines to make and on the other, it can stress me out;)
Having said that, I'm ready to roll!  I want to thank Greg, "Smorgie" for kicking off weekly Monday Made It while I was finishing up the last week with my kiddos!  Before I share my made its, I thought I would go over the "rules" for Monday Made It for any new followers, linkers, or bloggers:)  Now, by rules I basically mean reminders.
I would LOVE for anyone to link up this summer.  Each "linky" will be open to link up for a week, then a new one will start!  Here are a few reminders for linking up:
1) I have NO problem with you introducing a new product you made...I do it and will do it on occasion...BUT DO NOT connect the image you link up in my linky directly to your TPT shop.  This one I am going to be strict about.  If you want to show something you made, link to your blog, introduce it and then link to TPT from there.  If you link directly to TPT from the linky image that appears here, I will delete it.  (make sense?)
2)  Yes, I am a teacher BUT I am also human and have a life outside of teaching!  That means some of my made its will NOT be teaching/school related.  I would also love all of you to feel the freedom to do that as well.  We all have other hobbies and activities we do on top of teaching, so share:)  I shouldn't have to say this but I have gotten unkind comments in the past because I posted about my gardening or house things....if you don't want to see that then please just don't follow the linky and please don't leave unkind comments.
3)  Speaking of comments, please leave some love on the blogs you visit:)  You never know how your kind words might make a day!!
Ok...enough of that!  Let's MADE IT!!!
If you follow me on Instagram (taraeiken) or my FB fan page, you will have seen that I made the decision to do a little classroom, color makeover.....crazy, I know....because after I "jumped in", I realized I will have to remake EVERYTHING!!!!!  The good news is that almost all of my crates, bins, other thingies....will match!!!!
After I made this, I fell in love with the cute kids and colors so that started my makeover:)
I got this new fabric and ribbons and they all match so well!  I'm super excited to have some pink in my classroom!  It's my favorite color:)
A few years ago, one of my made its was new dry erase boards.  You can read all the details about that here.   I decided to try and get another year out of them.   Some of my helpers stripped off the old tape and cleaned the boards (as clean as they would get) which left me with this sticky pile:/

Yes, the outsides of the boards were a mess but I felt like the middles were usable again so thought I would give it a shot.  First I found some new duct tape that would match my new colors:
Then I sat and added new tape to the sides of all my boards:)  You can see the edges of these are a mess but the tape covers that right up:)
Super easy and super cute!
All set and ready for a new year!
Tip: the scissors get a little gummy cutting the duct tape.  You will have to stop and wipe them off every once in a while so they cut good:)  Other than that, super easy project and yay for another year with these boards!!

I also printed, laminated, and put these together with some of the fun ribbon I got:)  I still have to paint some clothes pins for the going home strip....that will be a different Monday:)

and that does it for me this week:)  Pacing  Can't wait to see what this summer has in store for us all and all the linky goodies!!  Don't forget to grab my button for your post:)


  1. I love the fabric you chose! It reminds me of Lilly Pulitzer :-) Can't wait to see your classroom!

  2. It's almost summer! So glad YOU are finished--I need to get through this week. Can't wait to see all your new decor as the summer unfolds! Thanks, as always, for hosting!

  3. I'm thinking I may use your idea for my whiteboards! I haven't decided on my classroom decor, but I'm sure whatever I pick I can find some duck tape!

    Math is Elementary

  4. I feel your pain... I decided to change my color scheme too. Proud I made it 3 years without any major changes. Love your new designs for your room, and boy does that duct tape hide the rough edges well! Super smart! Looking forward to a fun summer with this linky!

  5. I giggled to myself as I was reading the reminders (I havthink h linked up since like last summer, shame on me), because none of my made its this week are education related. OOPS. I love seek your gardening...although it makes me envious that I have little green thumb. I can't beleieve people would complain!
    I love your new colors! I've never had a color scheme, as I just like a whole lot of color! :)

    Hope to link up regularly this summer!

    Miss Johnston's Journey
    L. Paull Designs for All

  6. Great post! I taped my whiteboards last year and they lasted pretty good with the exception of two. I also added numbers to the back of mine so the kiddos kept them in better shape. Yours look great! I love your colors!
    Have a very HAPPY summer!

  7. Loved your ideas!!!! I am going to have to do that with my small white boards as well! This is my first time linking up... I am trying to get into this! Hope your summer is great!

  8. I love the fabric you chose-great prints and colors. I keep a pair of scissors just for cutting tape (I put a piece of duct tape around the handle). Have a restful summer!

    1. You can get nonstick scissors. They're great for the times when you need to cut duct tape or other sticky tape. The handles on them came striped, so they stood out from my other scissors. It's worth it to find quality ones, though - the first pair I bought didn't stick, but didn't really cut well either. Check office supply stores. Amazon probably has some too, but I haven't checked.

  9. I love reading your Made Its...I never make anything (and if I do, I don't think to post it but maybe this summer will be different since I'm changing grades)...but it appalls me that people would leave rude comments because you posted about your garden or other hobbies. Wow. I for one think you should post whatever you darn well please because a) it's your blog and b) it's your linky ;)

    Keep up the good work. I always read through them all to get ideas so I'm glad you still do them, gardening related or not ;)

  10. Your white boards came out amazing! I so need to add that to my to do list! Thank you for sharing. Also thank you for hosting the Monday Made It! I love reading all of the posts and ideas!
    TIPS: Teach, Inspire, and Prepare Students

  11. You've been busy :) I love what you did with the white boards. I have some that are pretty beat up, so I may have to try it. Thank you for hosting Monday Made It!

  12. I love the way you're squeezing more use from your whiteboards, especially since there are so many cute designs in duct tape available now!
    You just go right ahead and post your garden ideas (love them!!), and I expect that I'll be sharing one or two this summer, too! Thanks so much for hosting!
    Linda at Primary Inspiration

  13. Tara,
    I love your new color scheme....especially your duct tape!! Where did you find it? I am revamping my colors for next year from turquoise and lime to more of a rainbow pallet and that tape would fit in perfectly!
    Happy crafting!
    Storybook Endings in Second

  14. Thanks for bring back your Monday Made It! I LOVE to see what everyone is making. I LOVE your idea of duct tape around the edges of whiteboards.

    I used 5 rolls of duct tape last week when I gave my mailboxes an update. My mailboxes are simply pizza boxes. I had wrapping paper on them this year, but the wrapping paper just didn't hold up as the kids weren't always that careful/kind to the mailboxes, so I ripped off all the wrapping paper, and used some duct tape I got very inexpensively from NAEIR (I LOVE that I got an awesome deal on it, and I still have one roll left).

    Now, I need to go dye my red pocket charts black. The red totally crashes as I have a LOT of pink in my classroom, so it just has to go.

  15. So excited for this Linky Party to be back! And so excited for summer! I can't wait to start making stuff! I got so many great ideas from this Linky last year and look forward to another great summer of it! Thank You!

  16. I can't believe how much you've gotten done and last week you had kiddos! You are the multi-tasking queen. :) Loving your new colors of course! Did you use anything in particular to get the sticky gunk off the scissors while cutting the duct tape? Can't wait to see what else you create this summer. :) Thank you for hosting and motivating many of us to share what we have been creating too.
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  17. I love the tape on the white board idea. Practical and pretty! Such an easy and cheap fix for expensive boards that I don't want to have to re-buy! Thanks for the idea!!!!

  18. Your classroom always looks so cheery & happy! Pink is my FAVORITE color, too! Love the duct tape edging on your white boards; great idea! So happy Monday Made It is back; it'll get me motivated! :)

  19. Hi Tara! Your blog is darling!!! I am a new blogger and I soo want to try to link up! This sounds like so much fun! Thanks for the opportunity!

  20. Thanks so much for hosting this! It is my favorite linky to participate in during the summer! I am off to read all of these great posts!
    Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher

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  22. Excuse my poor spellings with the last post:) Definitely going to add the duct tape to my white boards - thanks so much for the cool idea! Can't wait to check out all of the other links for cool ideas! I'm trying to start up my own blog and everyone has been so inspiring:)

  23. I have not linked up for a Monday Made It in quite awhile but I'm linking up next Monday for sure. I love your idea about the color theme. I'm going through that stuggle now because I don't want to remake everything but it's killing me so I think I will.

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  25. I just found your blog, and I am so happy! I am moving to fourth grade from TK/Kinder, so I am excited to see as many ideas I can get my brain around. Thank you!

  26. I love the idea of taping the edges of the class dry-erase boards! I have some like yours, but never thought to do that before. I'm definitely adding that to my todo list! Thanks for sharing, and I'm your newest Bloglovin Follower!

  27. I just stumbled upon your site and I love it! Do you have the Showing My Understanding posters in your tpt store? Thanks!

  28. love seeing this post! It reminds me that summer is on the way. 4 more days left for me. Yay! Thanks for posting the rules too. It keeps the linky authentic and I really enjoy it. It has become a staple of my summer to sit on my deck in the morning with a cup of coffee and check out the great posts after my son has gone to camp. :)

  29. You have such a fun blog, Tara! I love, love, LOVE your idea to add duct tape around the edges of those banged up dry erase boards. I'm SOOO doing this! Anyway, I'm new to the blogging world and just ran across yours. I can't wait to join in on your Monday Made It linky parties! Thank-you!


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