Monday Made It Weekly Kickoff with Smorgie!!!!!

Hey everyone!!!!  It's that time!!!!!  Some of you are already on summer break and you know what that means???????  Weekly Monday Made It!!!!!!
 Now....I am not out yet so I have been on the hot mess express BUT I am BESIDE MYSELF with excitement because I have a guest host to kickoff this party and it is none other than my buddy Greg from The Kindergarten Smorgasboard!!!  So, let's get this party started!!!!!

I am so honored and excited to be the kickoff for Monday Made It on 4th Grade Frolics!  Monday Made It was one of the first big blogging adventures I got into 3 years ago and I love how motivating it is to make things every week!   And the ideas you, you can't beat!   

Thank you Tara for asking me to kickoff Monday Made It!!!!!!!!  

Happy Summer Break Day 1!  Now if only Mother Nature would cooperate and give me some's stormy and rainy and gross here in Music City USA!   Oh well, that means more nap time and more time to create fun things!

You see...I am on a mission to be more organized...especially with dates and keeping up with things I have to do so I'm not scrambling around at the last minute.  You see...I'm not one to spend $80 or $20 or $10 on a planner.  I'm not that tied to a planner...and let's be real...I probably won't use it that much...but I am on a mission to be

I'll make my own planner.  It's simple.  It's colorful.  It has a few mustaches.  

Here's what's included:
2 page monthly calendars for June-July (2015-2016) to keep track of blog posts, school events, the many people coming to visit my classroom...birthdays...meetings...did I mention people visiting my classroom?!

Meeting Notes know, for all of the pertinent, necessary and really useful information we get at our meetings.  Or to doodle on.  

To Do lists...who doesn't have stuff to you can write it all down...and not do it...

To Make lists

Blog Ideas...for those things you want to blog about but never get around to you'll have that list to taunt you!  

TPT ideas ...for all of those amazing creations you want to create...

After I get it all printed and in order, I run it to OfficeMax (Cuz it's 4 minutes from the world headquarters) and have them bind it with a nice cover and beautiful red backing!   It cost me $5 to have it bound!  BAM!  

AND you can have the EDITABLE version for FREE!!!

Just click the picture to download your FREE file.  The calendar is in PowerPoint so you can insert text boxes and type in your information!

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  1. I need to plan some projects!!

  2. Oh I am so excited for this linky party again! I had so much fun last summer with it!!

  3. What am I doing wrong? The download won't work for me. Help!
    Thanks, Sherry

    1. I had the same problem! Click on the x on the upper right to get out of Bloglovin' and try again. That worked for me.

  4. I can't get the download to work either. Please Help!

  5. Thanks for hosting the Linky. I enjoy reading about everyone's ideas.


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