Work It Wednesday - Getting Fit

Ok....remember the other day when I said I was human and had a life outside of teaching????  Well, I am really gonna put myself out there and I'm not gonna's a little scary.   WARNING:  This post is not at all teaching related, so stop reading now if you looking for that...
I'm linking up with my teaching buddy and one of my fitness motivators Katie at the Queen of the First Grade Jungle for her new Work It Wednesday linky:)  I'm so excited about's gonna keep me accountable this summer.

Ok, here goes my heart.....weight....hate that has ALWAYS been an issue for me.  Always a struggle, always a problem....if you're one of those "born skinny/small framed/little" people, God bless you...I wasn't.  Without going into too many details, just know that weight and I have had a love hate relationship for as long as I can remember....up and down, and up, and back down, and up, and up, and you get the idea.  Well last summer Katie was a huge inspiration to me.  I was following her on Instagram and her fitness and healthy eating habits lit a fire under me:)  I started lifting weights and working out.  Loved that and it was the beginning of me finally figuring out (at the age I am:/) how to get a grip on this battle.
Here's one of many transformation pics.
If you follow me on Instagram you have seen/are seeing this journey I am on:)  I kind of hit a wall with the weights only and needed to change things up...
This beautiful girl in the picture with me, my daughter, is another inspiration!  She has written workouts and encouraged and pushed and listened and coached and continues to do so daily.
So after doing 2 rounds of 21 day fix, PIYO is my latest obsession!!!
This last pic I'm sharing for 2, I have NEVER had white jeans in my life because I never felt like I could pull them I am pretty excited about that:)  The other reason is the quote!  With the end of the school year crazies, I have slacked off with my eating and workouts.  I am finally learning not to beat myself up and just get after it again!  
So goals for this summer....
- Get back on track with my meals ( I do 21 day fix portions because they are easy to track and that works for me)
- I really want to get back into running
- back at DAILY workouts:)
Katie's linky excites me so much because it will keep me focused and on track for this summer!  So once again Katie, just like last summer, thank you for the constant inspiration:)  Check out her linky and if you're working on your fitness, join us!!!!  It's NEVER too late:)


  1. I just linked up with you on your Monday Made It as I just came back to blogging. I have still followed you even though I wasn't actively blogging and I love to read your posts. I am actually doing the same workout. I started today & I thought it was great! :)

  2. Goodness I heart you!!! I love following your journey- you are amazing!!!

  3. You have done amazing work! Keep it up!

  4. You should be so proud of yourself!! You are an inspiration to others :)


  5. What an inspiration!! Hard work and dedication definitely pays off! Don't worry so much about WEIGHT, what matters is that you are healthy and happy with your progress. Keep up the amazing work! :)

  6. This post made me cry! Because of my health issues, I gave up on trying to be fit and lose weight. I have been so exasperated! Thank you for sharing this. I just started following your blog, and I am so grateful. Keep it up, Tara!

  7. Tara, you look amazing! Totally inspired by your dedication! So glad I saw this - definitely linking up tomorrow! :)


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