Work It Wednesday - Week 2

Hey gang! I'm linking up again with Katie for Work It Wednesday!
Love how this is helping keep me accountable with my fitness and work on fitness this summer!!  I've only missed one day of workouts since last Wednesday and that's ok:)  A rest day is important.  I have been mixing up my workouts this past week!  Of course I have done PIYO and LOVE it!!  But I threw in a few others this week too!
2 walks on the beach this past week.  Benefit of living in Florida:)  Can I tell you how bad my legs still hurt from the 2nd one?!?!?!  It was a really long one and the sand was soft and at times felt like walking in wet  Quite the workout for the legs!

I even tried a different Beachbody workout this week!  Tried a trial of the Cize workout!  I can't even say workout because it was soooo fun!!!
Now....if there was a camera in the room while I did it....someone would be making some big bucks on funniest something!  I don't have the rhythm he does but boy is it fun!!  
It's nice to change things up:)

Another thing I have been working on is my "snacks"....really trying to switch into a constant mindset of healthy instead of grabbing a donut!!!  (donuts are such a weakness for me!!!!)
Love me some cherries!
Another fave go to for me is gluten free rice cakes with peanut or almond butter and some bananas!  Yum!!

I'm also back to "tracking/monitoring" my workouts!  I have tried a few things....had a Fitbit..well, still have it but don't use it.  My daughter talked me into a Polar and I do love that.  It lets you know if your workout is in your "zone" meaning are you working hard enough to make a difference.  It also counts calories burned as well as other things.
Ok...that's my check in!  Hope you all are having a wonderful summer!  If you're working on your fitness, link up with Katie!  If you're thinking about it....what are you waiting for?  Join us!!  Let's do this together!  I know having others last summer to kick start and motivate me was so important!!!

Be blessed today!!


  1. I keep trying to decide on a Fitbit or a Polar. I'm leaning more toward the Polar but who knows. Snacking for me is a real struggle each day. I love peanut butter and banana bites frozen!!

    The Busy Busy Hive

  2. I love Beachbody workouts but haven't tried PiYo yet. How intense are they? And I'm so jealous of your beach walking...all we've had here this week is rain :-(

    1. Piyo is great, especially if you want to avoid the hard core cardio, which is where I'm at right now. I just started a couple months ago.
      Lit with Lyns

  3. Oooooo! I saw a video of the Cize it looks so fun! I do Zumba so I like the dance type workouts! Does the piyo have any burpees? I can NOT do them and the one Piyo class I tried locally they did them!

  4. You are one lucky lady to live so close to the beach! We were just at the beach last week and every time we are there, I always think about how nice it would be to live at the beach!

  5. I love the Polar for workouts! I'm so jealous of that beach though....

  6. I just started Beach Body and have been doing Piyo! I would love to have others to help hold me accountable for my workouts!
    Lit with Lyns

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