Monday Made It - July 20

Ok all.....I could have my Monday Made It be the fact that I made it to and from Vegas and:
A) Didn't freak out completely on the plane
B) Didn't get lost at the Dallas airport
C) Didn't have a meltdown in the crowds....
but I won't bore ya'll with that.  I am hoping to get my act together and blog about the trip and all the amazing and wonderful people I met and learned from!!!

Now, on to my made its for this week!
My first made it is a total copy and inspired by the sweet Courtney from Ramona Recommends, who hosted Monday Made It last week!
Can I just say that I am pretty sure that these are the last Dollar Spot clips in the world?!  I have looked foreverrrrr!
So Courtney made adorable magnets out of these and I loved them so had to have a set for me!

All ready for my classroom!
My second made it is also Courtney inspired.  Last week she also talked about her "Chit Chat Sticks".
I LOVE the idea behind many fun ways to use them!!  
The jar is of course from the Dollar Spot at Target.
Just love how this turned out and can't wait to use them this year!
You can read about her post HERE and you can get her adorable labels HERE.
If you haven't visited her blog, you must.  She is just the sweetest, inside and out and has such a contagious passion for reading!!!  Adore her!!
My next made it is for my home.  I had this blank space on a little wall section that needed something....well, I found this super cool "shelf" on clearance at Hobby Lobby:)
It's super chippy and rustic with gold:)  And guess what?  The center is magnetic!
Now....if this was truly a me made it, I would have made magnets BUT I found these on clearance at Marshalls so......
So there's that.  Now I have a fun place to hang all my lists and notes!

This made it was on my FB fan page last week:)  I don't know about you but I can't remember all my own passwords and then I have students asking me theirs!!!!!  So a while back I made these Login Loops.  Well, I made a second set to match my new classroom colors this year!

I forgot to make one for me when I made my class set, so I just wrote my name on a blank one.
Each student gets their own set and they keep them in their book luggage:)  Worked great last year!  These are a FREEBIE in my TPT shop if you are interested, you can get them HERE.
Finally, my last made it is team tubs.
I found these tubs at Hobby Lobby for sooo cheap!  Trust me, it was time to replace the ones I had.
I LOVE, LOVE this burlap ribbon with chevron....I'm going to try to use some on my bulletin boards too;)
The signs I used on the tubs are actually the big round signs from my Kids & Colors Collection...I just printed them 2 to a page instead of one and that made them the perfect size!
So excited to be bringing some pink into my classroom this year!!!

Alrighty, it's your turn!  I am running out of summer ya' in 2:/  Can't wait to see what you add that I can add to one of my lists....and then hang it on my new board;)


  1. The magnetic sign...I want, I need! I will have to go to Hobby Lobby on a hunt. I want one of everything that you made this week. I obviously need to get my act in gear to spruce up some stuff in my room. New buckets are the first priority. I'm ashamed at myself for missing the 10% off at Dollar Tree yesterday. Happy Monday, sweet Tara!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. Cute! I love both of your Courtney inspired MMIs. I keep checking my target for those cute clips but no LUCK. Your team tubs are pretty awesome. I need to make some new ones as well. I wish they lasted more than one year. I am so glad I got to finally link up this summer. I have missed it so much.

  3. Those log in loops are a GREAT idea! I might have to steal those so my kids don't forget all their pw! I have those cute Target clips too and need something to do with them...they are too cute!! Thanks for hosting my favorite linky!! <3

    Sailing into Second

  4. I just got those big clothes pins at Target, too...and now I'm off to add magnets to them!
    And the log in loops are such a smart idea! My firsties always have trouble keeping track of log in information, especially at the beginning of the year! Thanks for hosting!
    Literacy and Lattes

  5. Great minds think alike! I just posted a similar computer log in product. I am all about building little independent learners! And I can't remember everyone's passwords! I love those clips too! In my many trips to Target I'm surprised I haven't bought them yet.

  6. I love the idea of the burlap around your team buckets! I just downloaded the login loops! These are so cute and functional. Thanks for sharing!
    Miss King's Enchanted Kingdom

  7. You have been buuuuuuussssy!! I love it all!! I NEED that magnetic shelf thinger... why can't I have a Hobby Lobby near me?!? Your bins are beautiful as well- good call on adding the burlap! As always, thanks for hosting!
    Tales of a Tenacious Teacher

  8. Wow! You've gotten a ton done this week. I love the login loops idea! I made a card for my kids to keep in their agenda for their login info since they change classes, they're always supposed to have their agendas with them (and at home) so hopefully no more - "I can't remember my login". I love the chat sticks idea. I have those sticks from Michael's but I haven't made those week maybe?? Thanks so much for hosting this! It keeps me motivated to get things done, as well as the fact that I LOVE seeing what great ideas everyone else has:)
    Are We There Yet?

  9. You always have such fun, creative ideas each week. I'm liking the Chit Chat sticks but not finding Courtney's post on what is on the sticks. I need more explanation please. I missed the periscope as I just using it yesterday.

    Also, can you clarify how you use "smuddles" again?


    1. Hi Hollie!
      Chit Chat Sticks are my favorite! On the front is each child's name and each student writes a fun fact about themselves. :)
      Ramona Recommends

  10. I love those clips and it makes me sad every time people show their great finds from the Target dollar spot (all Target stores in Canada closed this spring!!!). Love the burlap ribbon and the idea to use it as a border!! Thanks for the inspiration.

  11. Tara!
    I love your Monday Made Its!!! Girl, you have got to teach me how to do cute ribbon. Thanks for sharing!!!
    Ramona Recommends

  12. I love the Target clips, I've also looked all over for these and can't seem to find them, but I'm not giving up hope yet! I downloaded the Login Loops and as soon as I know my class list, I will be making a set. Thanks for all the inspiration! One final random question, what time do you post your Monday Made-It? (I'll admit I want to wake up early next Monday to be one of the first link-up :)

  13. Thanks for the inspiration. Now I need to go find some chevron burlap. Wishing I wouldn't have put that chalkboard jar back at Target. My husband asked why I needed it and I didn't have an answer. LOL No more shopping with him LOL

  14. I love how you always add an extra special touch to things you make! The pretty ribbons on the jar and the unique chevron's just perfect! Thank you for hosting Monday Made It!

    Learning at the Teacher Table

  15. I have been searching and searching and SEARCHING for those adorable clothespins!! I STILL can't find them!! I would love to make them into magnets like that-that is perfect!!! I also LOVE the idea of the log in loops... I always have like 3-4 binder rings for each type of log in..but DUH!!! making each student their own...genius!!!!!

    Teach Create Motivate

  16. I've already added your login loops to my with list. Super cute idea. Even if I only use it for MYSELF! Lol.

  17. I love your login loops! My students are getting Chromebooks for the upcoming year and will need to learn their log-ins for various things! I'm definitely going to add these to my wish list!
    Teacher Mom of 2

  18. Oh my goodness I think I'm obsessed with your creations! Especially the clips and the Login Loops! Great job! You make me motivated to make cute stuff!

    Life As I Know It

  19. OMG! I LOVE the login loops!! Why didn't I think of that!? Thanks so much! Now I don't have to use ugly note cards!

  20. I love the idea of putting magnets on the cute Target clips! I'll do that with the ones I bought!

  21. I picked up one of the jars painted to resemble a pencil, and I planned to use it as a time capsule. I didn't think about using it for my sticks! Maybe I should go back to Target... Hmm..
    (But it already looks like I own stock in these stores. I don't know if I can bring yet another thing into my apartment. I'll have to move out and just leave my stuff here! Haha!!)

    Make Time for Glitter!

  22. Those login loops are everything! :)

  23. I need to get to Target. I love the clothespins and the jar for your ChitChat Sticks!

    I also love the chevron burlap ribbon. Where did you get it?

  24. I love those adorable Target clips! I've been looking for them. Plus your idea to turn them into magnets is great! I might have to steal it ;)

    Cait's Cool School

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