Monday Made It - Classroom Reveal 2015-2016

Monday Made It.....I should be posting about how I "made it" through my first week back.  I have a super sweet group of kiddos but this teacher is tired.....forgot all about the first week sore feet, sore legs, headaches, crazy schedule, forgot my lunch, teacher tired blues!!!
My made its this week are all classroom related because I am doing my classroom reveal as my major made it! (feel free to do that as well for your made it)  Sooooo, buckle up for lots of pics and few suffering from first week teacher tired:/

So many wonderful additions to my classroom from wonderful teacher bloggers/creators!!  I am so blessed to not only have these items in my classroom, but to call a lot of the creators of all this wonderfulness FRIENDS!!!!  So, if ya see your stuff, thank you for being wonderful!!
My library is a constant work in progress:/

Our little library/over night book check out station.  It's from Mrs. Heeren's Happenings.  I used this last year and LOVED it!  I was having too many books disappearing!  One of my classroom jobs is librarian so they take care of this:)


Where we meet EVERY morning for morning math meeting!

Starting vocab lanyards and Homework club this week!

Smuddles and papers with no names clips!

Told ya there were a lot of pics...sorry about that:)  That's gonna have to be my made it for this week!  While I'm on that note.....I'm gonna have to switch back to monthly Monday Made Its...this will be the last in the summer weekly series until next summer:)  I just can't keep up, and the school year has only begun!!!  Hope you all are off to a wonderful school year!  I'm excited about what this year holds for me and my little ones:)  


Monday Made It - August 10 - FIRST day of school!!!

Happy Monday!  I can't believe today is the first day of a new school year, with new sweet faces, and new opportunities to change lives!!!  I am excited and nervous all wrapped into one!!!
My made its are kinda short and sweet!  On top of a crazy last week preparing myself and my room, I had open house, and then we made a quick trip to Tally to see our girl!!!  MUCH needed visit for this mom!!  So here are my made its for this week:)
I squeezed in a few home made was the space above the shelf I shared a few weeks ago...
Kinda bare....
I found this wonderful canvas at my fave Hob Lob:)  This sign is the first thing I see when I walk in the door every day:)  Great reminder!!
This is another home made it!  I just LOVE, LOVE sugar scrubs!!!  Well, my sweet daughter found a fab recipe for one so we made a batch together while I was up for our visit!
Coffee, brown sugar, epsom salt, coconut oil, peppermint oil
Mixing it all up:)
I wish ya'll had scratch and sniff!!!!  This smells WONDERFUL!!!
I just adore these sweet little half pint ball jars from Walmart! Great size!
These would make wonderful gifts;)

Speaking of gifts....I did put together some little team gifts for my team.  These aren't the witty little teacher survival/toolkit/themed ones that I have done in the past....they are just gifts!  Time got away from me ya'll....

I grabbed the cozies (Love the "Be Happy" message) and the little string bracelets from a wonderful boutique, Blue Abaco, in Tallahassee:)
Teachers can never have enough cute notepads and pens.....right?

There have been all kinds of these on Pinterest...and then I saw these cute ones on Amber's blog at Peppy Zesty Teacherista, and was reminded that I needed/wanted to do this.  So I had a little helper last week and put her to work on these:)
These are going to go into their team tubs and be handy at all times to refer to to "spice" up that writing.  There is also space at the bottom to add new words:)

Ok, gang...that does it for me!  While most of ya'll are drinking your coffee and browsing through blogs, I will be diving into first day routines, procedures, and fun with my new class!!  Have a wonderful week!!


Monday Made It - August 3

My summer is over.  I went in 2 days last week to work on my room and tomorrow is our first official day back....where oh where did the summer go?!  I'm hoping to do a classroom reveal post later this week, so stay tuned:)

Before I get to my made its...did you hear about the sale?!?!
It's the BIG Back to School sale.  Love this sale!  My cart is already full!!  Everything in my TPT shop is 20% off and if you use the code BTS15, you get another 8% off;)   Now is the time to stock up:)
On to my made its!  I have been so inspired this summer by so many of you and your link ups:)  Thank you for making this summer so fun!  
First up!  Can I be super excited and super sad at the same time????
Well, my daughter has really and truly moved out.  She just got her own apartment and her old bedroom here has been sitting here so, I decided to make myself an office.  Excited about the office but sad that my little girl is all grown up and moving on......
This made it will be a work in progress....I still have a long way to go but here is what I have so far:)
Here's the before wall....doesn't every teen daughter have Hollister bags all over their wall????  And if ya can't tell, it's a purple wall!
These 2 things count as made its that I am super proud of!!!!  I'll spare you all the extra pics, but I got a desk and chair from IKEA and put both together, with their million pieces,!!!!!!
New paint!  It's a gray...called Gravity:)
Before window...

After walls and windows:)
The curtains are navy and white...can't tell because I stink at pics:/
Walls are naked....still needs lot of touches but it's a start:)

This made it is from the adorable Ashley from Teach Create Motivate!  She linked up her Teacher Toolbox a few weeks ago and I fell in love with it!!!
Here's my pitiful pants before toolbox......
and after!!!!  LOVE this!!!  I still have to print a few more tags but you can see how cute this is!
Pop by her blog and check out her cuteness!!
I have had a fabric/burlap garland on my to do list for a while.  Well, I finally got around to making one:)

I just tore the fabric strips...super easy....super messy!  I cut the burlap strips.  Then I just tied them onto some jute:) find a place to hang it!!
I saw these pencil tin labels on Instagram by From the Pond and just about lost my mind!!!  LOVE these!!!!  So of course I had to make some:)
 I can't even stand how cute these are!!!!  I am infatuated with anything "Scrappy" she makes!!!!!  These are a fab freebie in her shop!!!
This made it is another I had to have after I saw it linked up last week!!
These journals from Kelli at Tales of a Tenacious Teacher are going to set an amazing tone for my students and kick writing off on the right foot!  I am crazy about these!!!  So many options and they are so thoughtfully made!!!!  Please go read all about them on her blog!!
Tales of a Tenacious Teacher

Well, that does it for me this week!  Even though I go back tomorrow, I am going to try to keep the weekly link ups going for a few more weeks!  Thank you again to all who have stopped by, all who have left some love, and a big thank you to everyone that links up their made its and inspires so many!!  Can't wait to see what is in store this week!!!

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