Monday Made It - August 3

My summer is over.  I went in 2 days last week to work on my room and tomorrow is our first official day back....where oh where did the summer go?!  I'm hoping to do a classroom reveal post later this week, so stay tuned:)

Before I get to my made its...did you hear about the sale?!?!
It's the BIG Back to School sale.  Love this sale!  My cart is already full!!  Everything in my TPT shop is 20% off and if you use the code BTS15, you get another 8% off;)   Now is the time to stock up:)
On to my made its!  I have been so inspired this summer by so many of you and your link ups:)  Thank you for making this summer so fun!  
First up!  Can I be super excited and super sad at the same time????
Well, my daughter has really and truly moved out.  She just got her own apartment and her old bedroom here has been sitting here so, I decided to make myself an office.  Excited about the office but sad that my little girl is all grown up and moving on......
This made it will be a work in progress....I still have a long way to go but here is what I have so far:)
Here's the before wall....doesn't every teen daughter have Hollister bags all over their wall????  And if ya can't tell, it's a purple wall!
These 2 things count as made its that I am super proud of!!!!  I'll spare you all the extra pics, but I got a desk and chair from IKEA and put both together, with their million pieces,!!!!!!
New paint!  It's a gray...called Gravity:)
Before window...

After walls and windows:)
The curtains are navy and white...can't tell because I stink at pics:/
Walls are naked....still needs lot of touches but it's a start:)

This made it is from the adorable Ashley from Teach Create Motivate!  She linked up her Teacher Toolbox a few weeks ago and I fell in love with it!!!
Here's my pitiful pants before toolbox......
and after!!!!  LOVE this!!!  I still have to print a few more tags but you can see how cute this is!
Pop by her blog and check out her cuteness!!
I have had a fabric/burlap garland on my to do list for a while.  Well, I finally got around to making one:)

I just tore the fabric strips...super easy....super messy!  I cut the burlap strips.  Then I just tied them onto some jute:) find a place to hang it!!
I saw these pencil tin labels on Instagram by From the Pond and just about lost my mind!!!  LOVE these!!!!  So of course I had to make some:)
 I can't even stand how cute these are!!!!  I am infatuated with anything "Scrappy" she makes!!!!!  These are a fab freebie in her shop!!!
This made it is another I had to have after I saw it linked up last week!!
These journals from Kelli at Tales of a Tenacious Teacher are going to set an amazing tone for my students and kick writing off on the right foot!  I am crazy about these!!!  So many options and they are so thoughtfully made!!!!  Please go read all about them on her blog!!
Tales of a Tenacious Teacher

Well, that does it for me this week!  Even though I go back tomorrow, I am going to try to keep the weekly link ups going for a few more weeks!  Thank you again to all who have stopped by, all who have left some love, and a big thank you to everyone that links up their made its and inspires so many!!  Can't wait to see what is in store this week!!!


  1. I am so sad that your daughter officially moved out. Your office looks beautiful though. My parents had to replace the carpet in my bedroom when I moved out because I used to sit on the floor in front of my mirror and do my make-up. I'm sure new paint was a must too because I had a teen heart-throb wall too. I can't decide which of your Made Its is my favorite. I'm extremely jealous of your fabric garland. I've been wanting to do that forever around a string of lights. Good luck back at school this week. XOXOX
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. Love your new office. I have that same ikea cart. It holds everything. I can't wait to check out both of those resources. Your toolbox is adorable and those writing journals look amazing. You have been busy this week. I do NOT want to go back this week either. I'd rather make more Monday Made Its. Can't wait to see your room reveal. I can't get in my room just yet. They are still cleaning the carpets. BOO! Hope you have a great week.

  3. Love your garland. I foresee burlap in my future - I have so much fabric from quilting that I could use for this!

    Math is Elementary

  4. That paint color is absolutely lovely!

    Aww the garland is so FUN.

    Where did the pencil tins come from? Love the rainbow chevron!

  5. Tara, I love how you added the navy blue striped curtains with the grey. I wouldn't think of doing that and it looks great!


  6. I love your color choices for your "new office!" My parents were quick to change my bedroom when I moved out- perhaps it's because it was literally bright lime green. I don't blame them- I would NEVER let me kid do that to their room... I must have some pretty rockin' parents. It looks like you are ready to go! All you little touches ranging from your tins to to your garland look like you've created an awesome space for your kids this year. Good luck with your new year, Tara!!

  7. I love your burlap garland! Will you post that in your classroom? It's so decorative! I wish I had the patience to make something like that. I love the journals, as well! They are so creative and the colors really catch your eye!

    Have a great school year!
    Take Me To Third Grade

  8. Love your bedroom/office makeover! That is quite an ambitious project to tackle during back to school. Thanks for hosting this link up, I get so many good ideas :)

    The Math Maniac

  9. Love all your made-its! The office looks great. I love your fabric garland! So simple and cute! And those pencils tubs from Frog Spot are so cute. I love all her clipart! :) Thanks for the link up!

    First Grade Garden

  10. I am so proud of your IKEA handiness! I hear the word IKEA and I run! lol :) Love all your made-its this week. Everything is so colorful!
    Ramona Recommends

  11. I LOVE the garland so much! Did the burlap make a huge mess? I made a burlap wreath once and vacuumed for days. I am now following Kelli! Thank you for sharing. :)

  12. Your new office is looking beautiful! I totally get what you are feeling right now with your daughter. This whole summer is a huge transition for me. My son moved into college three weeks ago, and we move my daughter to New Jersey next week for graduate school. Man, time flies!

    Love all your other Made Its too, especially those pencil tins. I thought you just bought them like that somewhere! Adorable!

    Forever in Fifth Grade

  13. Love the garland! Question-What did you use to stick those notebook covers on the notebooks?!

  14. Your new office, although I know it's bittersweet, is BEAUTIFUL! I love everything you have done this week. Well, I love everything you do all of the time. Happy first day back, Tara!

    Fun in Room 4B

  15. I love your office! I am so jealous though! My oldest moved out close to two years ago, and his room was supposed to become a craft room/office, but instead it became a storage area. Now, I am scared to step into it! Have a wonderful year!

  16. You have been busy. I really like your new office. Is that dresser new? I really like the shape of it.

    My Bright Blue House

  17. Love the garland! I'm going to have to make some out of the millions of black and white fabric scraps I have! Great idea!

  18. LOVE that tool box!!!! Good luck heading back to school! :)

    A Sunny Day in First Grade

  19. Your toolbox looks so great!!!! As does everything else!! Thank you for shoutout sweet friend!! :)

    Teach Create Motivate

  20. LOVE the garland and the tabs on those journals!

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