Endangered Animal Adoption

For the past few years I have adopted an animal for my class.  It started about 5 years ago when we were studying sea turtles.  That year I adopted a sea turtle that had a satellite tracker on her (which eventually came off).  We got to follow along with her little journey.  That was fun!

Then 2 years ago we I read the amazing The One and Only Ivan as a read aloud!  Such a wonderful book.  After reading that I decided to look into animal adoption, I thought it would be fun to adopt a silver back gorilla to go along with our book....
and this is where adopting endangered animals from World Wildlife Fund started.

Last year, we really didn't read a book with a tie in to an animal so I decided to let the students choose.  They worked in teams and narrowed it down to 5 animals, then we voted as a class and the winner was the blue-footed booby, which by the way, I already thought was extinct:/
My class last year also went through the catalog and each chose their own endangered animal to research.  They eventually wrote their own little informational text books on their animal (that will have to be another post:) )
There are different levels of adoption and each level comes with different items.  I do the $55 adoption level which includes:
-  the adoption certificate
- and color photo of the animal
- a species spotlight card
- stuffed animal
- gift bag
The students get so excited about this and really feel like they are helping out that animal:)  They also "dig into" finding any and all info on that animal to share with the class as we await the arrival of our adoption package.
The stuffed animals become great reading buddies in the classroom too!

This year, I again let them vote:)
and the winner was the adorable and amazing Okapi!
Such a beautiful creature!
Now, since I have ordered, I get a magazine in the mail automatically.  The magazines are wonderful!  Yes, they are full of stuffed animals, BUT they are also full of wonderful information about the regions these animals live in, details about the different animals, wonderful pictures, and lots of info on the level of endangerment that animal is currently in.
This is a fun and educational way to "give back to the world", if only a little bit!


Pizza Box Fractions

No, I didn't fall off the planet....I have just been HORRIBLE about blogging...that will get better, I promise.  
I have had several people ask for the directions I made for these projects and I thought I linked them in my blog post (HERE) but for some reason, it must not work for all....SOOOO, I uploaded them as a freebie in my shop:)  

You can grab them HERE!
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