Stay Merry and Bright the last week of School:)

Who's in the last week countdown?  I am!!  I am teaming up with some awesome upper grade teachers to bring you some tips  to help you keep that last week before Christmas break a MERRY one!!  AND, one lucky person will win a fab Winter Prize Bundle!!
Stay consistent with "sprinkles" of Christmas/Holiday fun mixed in here and there.  This may sound like a no brainer BUT it has kept me merry and my kiddos calm this past week and I know it will help even more next week.  I don't know about you, but the weeks leading up to Christmas break tend to get a little "off track" from our normal routine, structured days that kiddos thrive in get changed or interrupted....testing, Christmas programs, Holiday store, activities, sing-a-longs....just change.  Now, change can be good but at times it can lead to a little unraveling and some not so merry days.

I do most of my math and reading in a workshop format...I have kept that format but added little bits/activities  and sprinkled a little holiday magic here and there in their rotations.  The consistency of keeping our "routines" keeps my kiddos focused and jolly and their teacher a happy camper.  

Some of these "sprinkles" have been:
- making ornaments for parents (not done yet) 
- I've handed out Elf tags 
- We have had daily fun with our kindness elf making cards for a nursing home, letters to firefighters, delivering Christmas pencils to another class just to name a few

In the plans for next week:
Snowflake QTip Angle Snowflakes
Candy Labs from The Science Penguin with Crystal Snowflakes, Cookies and Milk experiments and Elf potions:)
Another tip I have for you is to make sure your have a little pack of "thank you" notes and even a pack of Christmas cards in your bag or desk.  Then you can write notes as you need to and not forget anyone:)

Be sure to visit my other teacher friends and read about their tips and make sure you enter our Winter Prize Bundle giveaway!


  1. Thanks for the tips, Tara! Love the Kindness Elf idea!!

  2. Love these ideas. Do you have directions for the q-tip angel?

  3. YES to keeping routine and adding in a few "sprinkles"!
    And great idea about keeping Thank You notes in your desk!!

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