Monday Made It - It's Back!!

 So apparently I can't multi-task...meaning do holidays and Monday Made  Well holidays are done and I am back with Monday Made It.  Thank you for your patience...I had several sweet emails asking when Monday Made It was going to happen.  I don't have a lot to share but here we go and I'm just gonna put this out there now....2 of my 3 made its are NOT school related, so if you are going to have a problem with that, please just stop reading now....hurtful and rude comments are not necessary.  Ok, now on to my made its:)
My first 2 made its are for my home:)  For Christmas, my daughter and her fiancé made me a beautiful bulletin board out of pallets.  I just love it!
You can't really tell from the pic but it's huge!  I wanted some fun tacks for it so I found these old looking metal flowers at Hob Lob and just glued tacks on the back:) 

I love them....I'm going to pick up some more flowers and glue magnets on too:)
This made it is a major work in progress!!!  I recently started journaling which then led to finding Illustrated Faith and a journaling bible:)
Here are a few of my pages:)

then I saw bibles with wonderful tabs so I decided to make some of my own....
This tab punch I got at Hob is awesome!  You can make tabs for everything!!!

Then, since I don't like my handwriting, I printed up the tabs labels on clear labels with fun different fonts:)
Almost done with the Old Testament...taking a long time but will be well worth it and I LOVE how they are looking!
Finally, these little buggars have been on my to do list for a long time!!!  I saw these adorable little guys on IG on a few accounts.  I just loved them and had to make some for my classroom.
They are Quiet Critters. (I think...don't quote me...that the original idea came from Relief Teaching Ideas)  You need pom poms, felt flowers and wiggly eyes.

They turned out so fun and my kids are going to flip!!!  They love little things like this and believe me, little things can make a BIG difference!
Well, that's all I have for ya today!  Feel free to link up any time this month.  The only rule I have is that you don't link directly to your store.  If you want to link up a product, blog about it and link from there:)  Kind comments are always welcome here and everywhere you visit! 
Thanks for popping by!!



  1. Oh my goodness, I love the journaling Bible. I have wanted one, and have not found one that I like, with space to journal. I have been keeping a separate one. I love it!

  2. I love the purple flowers you painted!!

    Your quiet critters are so cute. I am eager to hear how they work out with fourth graders! I am wondering if my third graders would buy into them. How do you plan to use them?

  3. SO happy to see that you're still doing Monday Made It! I have been gone for awhile, but am so excited to get back into the swing! I've got a few things to hopefully share soon. Your journal Bible is amazing. I've seen a few things you've posted on IG and i just love it so much! I also like the quiet critters. I'd love to know how you plan on using them! Hope you have a great week!!

    Mrs. Bentin's Blackboard

  4. Welcome back Tara - you and Monday Made It have been missed and I love seeing things that are NOT school related as much as what is. Your journaling looks fantastic and I love those tabs - I'm trying to keep a food journal and would love it to look that good!! How kind and thoughtful of your daughter and her fiance to make you a bulletin board - it's so nice when people know what you really like. Thanks again for the linky :) Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

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  6. OK, I so want the tab maker NOW! Too much fun!
    These were such great Make Its this week!


  7. Tara, you are amazing! I have only had time to get one project done this week, you have so many! Love the bulletin board and journal. And the quiet critters- I have to make some of those! Pinning them now! Thank you so much for hostessing such a wonderful linky!:)

  8. Love the quiet critters. My 5th graders will love having them on their desks.
    Thanks for sharing.

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  11. Hey Tara!!! I love your Bible! I journal in mine too! In fact, that is one thing I am going to spend more time blogging about since I am no longer teaching. I am trying to get back into blog land. :) Hope your school year is rockin!!!

  12. Loved checking out and reading through your ideas! Can't wait to use them in my own classroom!

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