Monday Made It - February

Eek!  As I sit down to type this, I realize that the last time I posted was last Monday Made It....ugh.  Life is cray, I will try to get better!

I did get a few things made for Monday Made It and I think I will be back later this week to link up to my own linky with a one or two more;)
My first made it is a fun little idea we did a few times last week....not sure why I didn't start this sooner.
I had these name tags from the Dollar Spot at Target sitting around so I decided to cut them down a little smaller and make them into math facts.
As the students came in in the morning, I stuck a sticker on them and told them that was their name for the day.  Throughout the day, if I pointed to them, they had to tell me "their name".  Also, anytime they talked to another student, they had to use the product of that student's fact.
They loved this and I plan to do it a lot more.  The next time I try it though, I am just going to put the math facts on computer labels...the Dollar Spot ones I used didn't stick really well and started to fall off after a while.  I am also going to make up sheets so I can just run the labels through my printer.  If you would be interested in something like that, let me know and I'll post them in my TPT shop as a freebie once they're done:)
Another thing I made were for my kiddos for Valentine's day.  My group this year LOVES, LOVES to read so I made them some bookmarks:)

Sorry my pics are kinda bad...I was in a hurry and the lighting in my house is terrible.  One of these days I will have a light box Monday Made It;)
If you would like a set of these bookmarks, they are a freebie in my shop:)  You can get them HERE.
I have seen so many cute planner, bible clips on Instagram so I decided to try and make some myself:)

These two clips are the jumbo paper clips:)

Last little project, some little cards (not done) that I have been working on thanks again to IG inspiration:)
and that's all I've got so far.  Hoping to be back later this week with some more Valentine's day goodies:)
Love it if you would join me:)  Link up below.  Don't forget to grab the buttons to use and leave some love for everyone you visit!

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