Area/Perimeter Practice & Fun Bugs

My spring break is hours from coming to a much coming up with state testing and the end of the school year will be here before I know it!  I am popping in to share some great activities we did the Friday before our break started.
The first was a GREAT area and perimeter activity I found and had pinned from a great lady that I can say I have met and is a friend, Meg from The Teacher Studio.  This activity was a post she shared on the All Things Upper Elementary blog.   I'll let you go to her blog post about the complete description of the activity HERE.  She explains it all very well.  Basically you give the students rules to create 3 different rectangles.  Once they do, then they literally make them with strips of paper and then glue them onto a bigger sheet.

The final product is really fun to display and the activity itself is wonderful for review of practice;)
I used neon Astrobrights paper for the strips.  They are going to look so neat hung up!
Another thing we made were symmetry bugs.  I have done this before and the kids just love it!
These turned out really fun too!  Great little fun lesson before break!  Complete directions for this are HERE if you are interested!

Hope you can use one or both of these activities:)  If you haven't visited Meg's blog, YOU NEED TO!  It is FULL of amazingness and she has some fab math activities that I will be using in small group this week and next as we prepare for the state math test!

Have a great week!


  1. Love how they turned out! Thanks for the kind shout out! Hope your students had as much fun as mine...

  2. I love your "I'm lovin'" post. It's such a happy, feel good post.

    Amit | Laptop

  3. I am statring geometry and angles on Monday when we return from spring break. I think this is such a great project. I may callenge the kids to make 3 different shapes, maybe a triangle, rectangle and a pentagon or rhombus or octagon. I love that it is art and math! Thanks for the ideas!

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