Here I am!!! A Little Bit of This and That!

Holy smokes....has it been a while since I've blogged?!?!  Yikes!  This year has flown by and the past few weeks have been consumed with testing of some sort and I have had a full plate and a, this post is gonna be a little mix of a few things we have been up to lately and maybe, you will find something you can use;)

We only have 5 student days left!!!  Are ya'll about the same?  Leave me a comment and let me know when your school year ends:)

We made these great tiles for Mother's Day.  I have done them for the past few years. Just simple tiles from Home Depot and permanent markers.  I usually spray them with a glaze to "set them".  But this year, I saw a few people baking them, so we gave it a try:)  It worked great!  For sure will be doing these again next year:)  I love how unique and meaningful each student made theirs.
We have had some fun with visualizing and "stop and draw".   This book is the best because usually my kids haven't heard it before.  I put the book in a folder so they can't see it.  Each student gets a piece of paper.  I have them fold it to make 8 little squares.  Then they put their heads down, close their eyes and listen.  I read and stop at 8 different places in the book.  Each time I stop, I say "draw".  I only give them about a minute and a half....they are to sketch quickly. 

It's so fun to "see what they see as they are listening to the book".  When I finish, I read the book again, showing them the pics.
This book is The Story of Frog Belly Ratbone by Timothy B. Ering.  Great read aloud to add to your library!  Another great one I discovered from my friend Farley
The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish!  Awesome book!  This would also be a wonderful one for the visualizing activity!
A fun way to learn the phases of the moon is with Oreos!!
I have done this for the past few years too....I know we all have those "go tos" that we use every year!
I normally do them on a paper plate but then my teammie found this adorable form from Khrys Bosland.  Here is the link to it:)  Phases of the Moon

I also had to break out the V.I.P. table this week!  Last two weeks of school = changing up things for classroom management;)  I actually set this up last Friday....when my kiddos came in they were dying to know what it was and I didn't say a thing!  
All kinds of goodies and fun found here!  Some of the things I have here are:
- gel pens
- glitter glue
- stencils
- post its
- finger flashlights
- mini highlighters
- fun pens
- and gum shhhhhh;)
I chose my V.I.P. for Monday.  I was planning on doing that again  and then my teammate (who is also doing this) said she lets her kids nominate.  So, I tried it and I have to say, the nominations are dead on to who I had in mind:) 
The adorable signs are from the sweet Ashley at Teach Create Motivate!!!

So there's a little catch up on me and my little classroom!  I promise to be better about blogging AND of course with the summer coming.....well, you know what that means!!!!  Get those TO DO lists ready!!!
Hope you can join me then!!!!

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