Monday Made It - June 27

Hey all!  It's my own linky:)  First of all, THANK YOU to everyone who linked up or visited or both last week!  I appreciate you all coming by and the sweet comments you're leaving!  I have been loving looking through all the linkups already and have lots on my to do list to keep me busy!
I'm excited about my made its this week although, they almost did me seriously....but I survived and they are ready, so here we go!
Library Event Calendar
Ok, so.....last year I pinned this idea from Michael that he had shared on the blog Who's Who and Who's New.  What idea you ask?  Well he has a FAB post about having an Event Calendar in your classroom to promote excitement and engagement in your classroom library.  I pinned it and said to myself, "I am SO doing this next year!"  Well, a year happened and I didn't get around to it so, it was moved to the top of my summer to do list!  
Now, I am not going to go into huge detail about this and how it all works because Michael's post,  WAKE Up Your Classroom Library, is fab and filled with lots of info and ideas so PLEASE pop over there and read it!   As soon as I read his post I knew I wanted to make an event calendar for my classroom....sure, make one it will be easy:/  Well, like I said on ig earlier this week......this one about did me in!  Why, you ask....well silly me couldn't be happy with just grabbing a pre-made calendar.....NO, I HAD to make that was cute and would match my classroom:/!
This is what I started with.  This board was on clearance at Hobby Lobby:)  Then I grabbed some clips and the rest I had or made.  I used upholstery tacks and jute (I had to replace the ones that were there and add more)
This calendar will be on display in my classroom library and I will add events throughout the year.  The kids will come in and see events on the calendar and the excitement will build.  Michael's post has a TON of different ideas for events to plan, along with explanations:
-Friday Finds
Monday Makeovers
-Tuesday Trades
These are just a few.
Michael also has lots of other great posts about his library on his blog
I added ideas like:
Read with a Buddy
Flashlight Friday
Teacher Takeover
Design a Cover
The ideas are endless!
I made little event cards to go along with this calendar.  I used some of his ideas and made some up of my own, I also have some blank ones included so I can just write the event with a dry erase marker and then change it out as I come up with more ideas.
The little clips I got at Hobby Lobby, will make it easy to move things around and add events throughout the month!
I am so excited about this and even though it took me forever to make, I am thrilled I did it!  I think it will promote so much fun and excitement in the classroom and about reading!  
If you are interested in checking out the numbers, you can see them HERE:)
My next made it was actually a made it "Boo Boo"!  Like I said before, the calendar numbers almost did me in....lots of layers.  When I thought I was done, I printed, laminated and cut them allllllll out.  Then I laid them out and didn't like how the number background colors all lined up (like stripes)....I know, I know, I have issues:/  Well, yes I redid the backgrounds but there was NO WAY I was going to just throw away the set I had already laminated and cut out.....think Tara...what can you do?
Then I remembered the cute little book checkout station I got from Jessica at Mrs. Heeren's Happenings  a few years ago AND....lightbulb!  I knew what I could do with my extra calendar numbers and they would match all my other classroom decor!
I started assigning numbers to my students a few years ago and love it:)  In my classroom, we use book luggage so I don't have them "check books out" unless they are taking them home.  Now when they check a book out to take home, my librarian will just write it on a little post it and tuck it behind the number of that student.  I have included the Checkout Hangout sign in the numbers set in case you also what to do this.  The pocket chart is from Target dollar spot:)  Jessica's Book Checkout Station is ADORBS and FREE, so if you want that, click HERE:)

Now, on to some summer fun made its:)
Summer Monday Made It wouldn't be the same without some of my planting pots and garden posts.  Sadly I have not been doing as much planting this year for a few reasons:
a) saving money for the wedding that is right around the corner
b) we have had tons of rain
c) with that rain there are a TON of mosquitoes...which tends to put a damper on the gardening thing for me:/
So I have had the old (chippy, not dirty for my friend Farley) bird bath sitting around and as you can see, it has a hole.  I couldn't part with it...I have a thing for I decided to repurpose it:)
First I covered the hole with some coconut liner and then put some rocks in the bottom and then some soil to fill it with SUCCULENTS!!!!!
Ya'll, I have a serious succulent addiction!!!!  LOVE them so much!  I love how this turned out and hope they thrive:)

Right along with the gardening theme, I decided to brighten up my porch.  Again, I have some vintage metal furniture on the porch that needed a little pick me up.  I have done the whole shabby chic thing and just wanted some fun color, so I decided to #paintallthethings!

I still have quite a bit of work to do out there but I've gotten a lot done and it's a fun place to sit and do work or read!

Ok....done!!!  That was a long one!!!  Can't wait to see all the goodness ya'll add this week!  Don't forget to link up on Instagram too with #mondaymadeit.  Make sure you tag me @4thgradefrolics:)
Now, grab your coffee and ENJOY!  


  1. The Library Event Calendar....I MUST make this!!! The book check out numbers too! Oh.....this...THIS is was the inspiration I needed to spark my brain into ready-mode for next year! Both of these needed to be added to my to-do list! Thank you, sweet friend! There are so many succulents out here in California...HUGE ones. I think of you every time I spot one. Love all the make-overs for your porch. You've been one busy little bee! I love EVERYTHING!!!! xo
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. You have been very busy! I love the vibrant colors that you chose for your patio update. And ALL of your other projects look great too. I hope you are having a wonderful summer!

    Kay @ Sommer’s Lion Pride

  3. Watching your backyard photos unfold all summer is one of my favorite things. What a beautiful escape for you...

  4. I absolutely love the Library Event Calendar. I added that to my to do list (with a big star). Yours turned out great! I have been thinking about some big changes I want to make to my classroom library (organization and procedure). I really like your book check out system. Your porch looks like the perfect place to hang out this summer. You inspired me to work on mine! Thank you for sharing everything.

    Elementary Engagement

  5. I LOVE the calendars! Such great ideas to get them really excited about reading. Your garden is gorgeous! I used to love gardening so much before I had kids. I haven't done much since. I need to get back into it- it's good for the soul! Have a great week! :)

  6. I love, love LOVE new ways to use those lovely pocket charts from Target! I just bought four more because they were LIME GREEN! I will definately be creating the book checkout system with one! I want books in my kids hands at ALL times and this sounds like an easy system to keep track of what they have out. You've been super productive!

  7. Wow! You've been busy and your ideas are wonderful! THANKS again for hosting this again! I look forward to it every year! :D I enjoyed reading your blog post! Pam from PJ Jots.

  8. I love your book checkout! Super simple and cute :) The pop of color on your patio furniture is beautiful! Don't you love how a fresh coat of paint makes something old beautiful again...magic in a can. :)


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  11. Oh my goodness, I LOVE the birdbath! It is perfect! Your sitting area looks so cozy and relaxing, but I love the color too. I am loving the whole vintage thing. :)


    1. Oh my heck, it seems as though my computer has taken over your comments! Sorry about that! Love it all though!

  12. Ok. I absolutely love Michael from The Thinker Builder... he has some of THE best quality posts! I wanted to do this idea too... and put it off. But now that I saw you do it, and I have an idea on where I'll post it, I'm putting it back on my to-do list and making it happen! Yours looks amazing!! And you make me really want a bird bath. For succulents. Not birds- birds kinda freak me out. Beautiful as always, my friend! Thanks for hosting and showing off your amazing work!

  13. your porch looks wonderful! we have a mosquito prob too, it does dampen that urge to be outdoors! Paula

  14. Hi, Tara! Thanks for sharing my "Book Check-Out" chart! I LOVE how yours turned out! And the event calendar? Too cute! Looks like you've been productive. I fizzled out a bit over the last week and need to get back to getting some stuff done for school! Enjoy the rest of your summer and thanks again! :)

    Mrs. Heeren's Happenings

  15. I love the birdbath succulent idea! So little watering needed :) I am so glad Monday Made Its are back. I actually started and FINISHED a project today, my first day of summer! I will post about it next week, but put a little preview on IG now at your suggestion. Love this link-up, Tara. Thanks! Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom

  16. Hey! I added a description to the "Book Shopper Passes" on my blog. If I wasn't so lazy, I would have done that from the get go! :) Hope it helps!

  17. I love the Library Event Calendar! I have your number set in my 'cart'-any chance you would make your library event cards for sale as well? I love the design of them and how well they match the numbers!! -Kat, Sprout Classrooms

    1. Hey Katie! Thank you! They are included with the numbers:)

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  19. You calendar is very cute! Thanks for the link up!


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