Monday Made It - Summer Series Kick Off With a Twist!

Hey everyone!!!!  So excited you stopped by to join me, well us, for the kickoff of #MondayMadeIt!!!  If you follow me on IG, you know my sweet girl is getting married very soon (September), so I am a scattered mess BUT still wanted, no let me rephrase that, NEEDED to do weekly Monday Made Its to keep me on track and be inspired, BUT just didn't have the time to keep up weekly!!!  In comes my twist and I am so stinkin excited about it!!!  I will be hosting sometimes BUT I am also going to have some guest hosts right here sharing their creative fun!!  So to kick off the fun, I am happy to welcome my friend Nicole from Rowdy in Room 300.  I "met", that's cyber met because we haven't met in real life yet, but I met her years ago through blogging and was absolutely blown away by her kindness and incredible creativity!  So, grab a cup of coffee, maybe a notepad, and sit back and enjoy the fun!!!  Hope you can link up your fun too!!
Hi y'all!
I'm so happy to be kicking off the first #MondayMadeIt of the summer for my dear friend Tara! I'm Nicole and I blog over at Rowdy in Room 300. This past year has been a HUGE transition for me. I went from teaching Pre-K and then Kindergarten for 6 years waaaaaaay up to 4th grade writing. I've slowly been getting back into my blog game, so I hope you come follow along!
There is no better way to kick off summer vacation than a little relaxing craft session! I may be driving my kids crazy with all the trips we've taken to Hobby Lobby (I can't help it!) in the short time we've been off. 
My first Made It came out of necessity to stay sane this summer... I love my kids dearly, but being home with an almost-8 year old and 5 year old all day is no easy task! I needed something as an incentive to do fun things- I want them to earn it rather than just being the everyday norm. Sure, we go to the pool all the time, but just an hour at the trampoline park cost us $40 this week! I want to reward good behavior with those fun activities, so the motivation marble jar was created!
I started out with 2 glass jars and then used washi tape to tape off a line every inch. I counted and it takes about 45-47 marble to fill these jars up just one inch! Lots of hard work will go into these jars!
I added a some little arrows that I cut with my silhouette, but you could leave those off or use stickers, too. A little ribbon and a tag goes a long way! My kids have chosen their prizes for each tape line - Science Spectrum, the trampoline park, the movies, going to get ice cream, etc.

I'm going to use the other one for my classroom. we give class compliments to each class as they deserve it at my school, so a compliment will equal a marble. Mostly, my kids want a technology game day, but once the new year starts I will let them vote on prizes. 
If you want to snag the tags, hop over HERE to grab the freebie! 
The second Made It I have to share with you is my new Bullet Journal! I have recently become obsessed. I came across a blog post  a few weeks back that talked about them so I set out to do some research! I'm one of those not type-A but not completely type-B people, and a planner just does not work for me. I tried. I really reallllllly tried. I got an Erin Condren one last year and I loved that thing for all of two weeks. I just couldn't keep up with it. I'm a chronic list-maker and I just didn't have the room in my EC planner to use it the way I wanted to. My AP came into my room one day when I had probably no less than 13 sticky notes (Hey! I was trying to figure out who was missing grades from each class/ assignment. I have 110 students!) and she commented and said my desk looks like hers with all the notes. Whew!
Here's my at-home makeshift work area. I'm glad you can't see the rest of the mess. And that DinoTrux? Who knows how it got there?! Soooo, maybe a little more type-B than type-A. ;)

I started by ordering a new journal and hit the ground running. I used my Silhouette to cut out my name and then began on my lists. I started out with a year at a glance, then began with the month of June. I use daily lists - and I don't lose them in the pile of stuff on my desk! Woohoo! I'm loving this method of organizing/planning. It can be exactly what I want it to be, how I want it to be. IN LOVE!
It's fun for it to be a creative outlet, but it certainly doesn't have to be. I'm sure once school starts my lists will be less cutesy than they are now.
 If it's intriguing to you...visit the Pinterest Board I have and it will give you some great ideas!

Thanks again Tara for letting me post in your neck of the woods.
I hope you link up and join us for Monday Made It this summer!


  1. Tara! So glad it's back and love the spin on it for this summer! I can't wait to see/hear/follow all the wedding planning for your daughter (if you choose to share that is). Also, I love how you invited Nicole to start it out- I am loving that bulleted list style planner. Maybe THAT'S what I'm missing! I also struggle with keeping a paper planner, but I love the idea of this for summer! Thanks Nicole for sharing!

  2. Love the marble jar! This is a great idea that I'm putting into action with my 4 boys. I am in awe of your creativity with your journal. I am so type "Z" that I don't even have a planner. Can you imagine with 4 boys, appointments, baseball games, etc? Good thing I have a wonderful husband who keeps me updated, lol!

    Shepherd's Shining Stars

  3. That handwriting though <3_<3

    These are great starts to the summer!

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings

  4. So glad Monday Made it is back! I am very intrigued by the bullet journal. I wish I could write that cute!

  5. Yay!! I LOVE Monday Made it! Even if I can't link up, I do enjoy looking through all these creative amazing posts!

    Your bullet journal is amazing! Your handwriting is GORGEOUS!

  6. I'm so excited MMI is back for summer! I love your idea for guest bloggers, Tara! I'm sure it is a lot for one person to keep up with once a week! Nicole, I love the marble jar idea- I had a teacher who used one when I was a kid. The bullet journal is amazing! I wish I was more artistic! :)

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  8. Hey Tara!

    I love your blog, and follow you on twitter as well! You're inspirational and a joy to follow, as not only a teacher but a believer as well. I particularly love your bible journaling - you're very artistic and creative.

    I'm wondering: I started a blog as a first year teacher. As it is summer, I don't have much to post about. However, I would someday like to pursue writing as a career. I figured starting a blog would be a good experience for me. I also realized there are very few 6th grade teacher blogs, and even fewer in my content area (literacy). On top of that, there are fewer first year teacher blogs. As a first year teacher myself, I would like to hear about other new teacher's experiences as well as experienced practitioners.

    What is some advice on marketing my blog? Yours is beautiful! How do you have such great graphics? How did you gain a larger follower base? Basically, how did you get started and what tips can you give me to create a blog that people will want to follow?

    Here is the link to my blog.

    Thanks for any feedback! :)

  9. I am in love with the bucket journal idea! I want to try it.

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