Monday Made It - July 11

Happy Monday!  
I'm sure there are tons of you waking up or on your way to #tptorlando for the Teachers Pay Teachers conference!  I'm so excited for you.  Sadly, I am not going this year....and it's right here, like in Florida, like I wouldn't have to fly across the county (hate flying) to get there.....yep, all true but I have this little thing coming daughter's wedding.  Family comes first!  I will miss getting to hang out with lots of my bloggy buds!!

I was able to get a few things made this past week and I need to because my summer is quickly coming to an end and then the beginning of the school year will be here and the wedding so, I need to get my ducks in a row quickly:)  

I love all the made its you all have been linking up this summer!  I am excited to see newbies and so thankful for those of you that return each year to link up!  One think I love the most about Monday Made It is the ideas and inspiration that come from others.  I don't know about you, but I don't have tons of time to search all over to find things so when I see something linked up and it's already made, even better!!!  Why reinvent the wheel, right? 
Before I jump into my made its, I wanted to chat about a few "rules"/blogger etiquette, especially if you are new to this linky:)
- please make sure you leave some love at the blogs you visit:)  It's always nice to read kind words and you don't need to tell people to come to you....they will;)
- If you see something in the linky or anywhere else for that matter, that someone has taken the time to make, please don't copy it and claim it as your own
- If you make something as one of your made its that is a product of someone else, PLEASE be sure and give the correct source credit and a link to them or their product 

Ok, I think that covers it:)  Now on to the made its!
Had to get my gardening therapy in this last week....yes, in the Florida has been horrible:/
To say that the bed outside my front door was a little overgrown is an understatement....
See????  Told ya:/
So I ripped up all the plants and then put down pavers....the funny thing about this is, as you can see, it is not perfect AND my husband does this for a living....swimming pools, fountains, tile, I am sure the not perfectly level pavers are making him nuts but that's ok.  I did it and I love it:)

It still needs some additions but this is a bit improvement!

That made it about killed me with the heat and honestly thought it was going to be my only
This next made it is from a sweet friend that I am going to miss hugging on this week!
She is a doll and has SO MANY amazing ideas!!!  When I saw her post it bookmarks on her IG feed, I knew I had to make them!

If you want to grab a set of Joanne's bookmarks, click here!  And if you have never visited her blog, it's a must!  She has wonderful ideas!!!  I can't wait for my kiddos to use these!
My next made it is from another bloggy bud who also has INCREDIBLE ideas, info, and fun on her blog!
A few weeks back she shared about using Instagram photos in the classroom for an Inspiration Writing Wall.  I am not going to explain it HAVE GOT to go read her post!  It is full of info and inspiration and you can find it HERE!
When I read her post, I was so inspired and excited to do this as well in my classroom!  This will be a wonderful center rotation;)

I have the perfect spot to put this too!  I have these not so pretty cabinet doors that will be perfect for this;)

I am in the process of deciding what type of teacher planner I want to use this year...what ever I decide, I usually have #allthethings in the same binder which can get a little messy, so I decided to make a binder for my student data:)
Pink is my fave color!!!!  I just got a new pink chevron rug for my classroom:)

This is my last made it;)  Before I went back to school to be a teacher, and I was a stay at home mommy, I designed jewelry.  I love to fiddle with that again every once in a while.  This is a simple little made it, but so me and I love it:)
Two simple pieces from JoAnns...some leather and a turquoise piece.
I made a wrap bracelet!  
and here it is with some friends for the bracelet party;)

Ok, enough from me:)   Can't wait to see what's in store this week!  Thank you all for linking up and for the blog love you leave :)  Have a blessed week everyone!!!


  1. Love those bookmarks so much I have already downloaded the file. Pink is one of my Fave colors and I also will have a separate data binder this year. Thanks so much for the MMI!!

    The bracelet party is awesome!!

    Teaching at the Beach

  2. Love your "made its" Tara! I always use a separate binder for my data too and this year I kept 3 separate binders; "literacy assessments", "numeracy assessments" and "misc. assessments". I'm still thinking about which teacher planner to use too, but I'm leaning towards this one by The Creative Classroom!

    Have a great week!

    A Pinch of Kinder

  3. I love your made its! My poor plants are suffering this year from all the heat we have had too! (And I'm not a very good gardener to start). Sad you aren't coming to the conference it's my first time! I would have loved meeting you! Best of luck planning your daughter's wedding!

  4. Wow! I love the wrap bracelet! So pretty. And I understand the garden therapy! That was me this week as well! Thanks again for the linky. It is a summer tradition that I love!

  5. Thanks for the shout out friend! As soon as I'm feeling better, I'm rushing to JoAnn to recreate that amazing bracelet! I love it SO much! New obsession perhaps??

    I've never been to the TpT conference so I guess I don't know what I'm missing. However, I'm so excited for you with your daughter's wedding coming up soon! It'll be a time to remember :) See ya next week! Hugs!!

  6. Your bracelet is beautiful! A new pink chevron rug...I bet that is pretty too.

  7. I LOVE to garden, too! Your area looks terrific. I am going to redo my mom's area for her. I am just waiting to have some extra money and when she is out. I will add it to my Monday Made It when it is complete. I also LOVE your bracelet! Very BEAUTIFUL! Have a HAPPY week!

  8. I love your wrap around bracelet! Thank you for hosting this wonderful link up! I look forward to it every summer!
    -Fairway to Fourth Grade

  9. I LOVE those bookmarks and the instagram inspiration wall! I am going to have to try both of these in my classroom and check out the blogs of the creators of these wonderful resources. Thanks for sharing :)

    Fantastically Fourth Grade

  10. I just printed the bookmark template and am looking forward to getting it into my classroom... That's where all the colored cardstock is!! Thanks for sharing!! :)

    Keeping Up with Carrie

  11. One think I love the most about Monday Made It is the ideas and inspiration.
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