Classroom Reveal 2016-2017 is classroom reveal for this year:)  I have had kiddos for 2 days and all is going well other than I am WHOOPED when I get home.  So here ya go!  Hopefully it all makes sense and I have linked to everyone:)

This is my desk/small group area.  I have used the crate seats for years and love them and so do my kids!

All set up for open house in this pic:)
This is my fave bulletin board!  I LOVE the shiplap paper.  I got it from Amazon.  This bulletin board idea is from Teaching in High Heels.  As soon as I saw it on IG I knew I had to do one!  And the adorable "coming soon" signs are free at her shop!!!

These awesome positive thinking signs are from Bitten by the Teaching Bug:)  These are great because I read Mindset this summer and these go right along with it.
We do AR in my classroom.  Each child has points, a range, and percentage correct goals specific for them:)  We use this board to track their progress each quarter.  I LOVE the shiplap here!!!!
This is part of our classroom jobs board.  It's all filled up with names now:)
Our word wall.  The kid letters are from The Pinspired Teacher.
Our daily 5 section with our reading rotations:)  Reading posters are from The Tattooed Teacher:)

More library and our library event calendar:)

And more library and more fab posters from The Tattooed Teacher!

This is my dry erase board.  I have divided it into sections to work for our needs.  Homework:)
Learning goals and understanding rubric:)
This adorable little homework collecting basket was a Facebook live tip from Teach Create Motivate:)

This little book shelf stores some of our math rotation items and activities.
Text talk bulletin board from Simply Creative Teaching.  Great to get chatter going about what we are reading:)
View from my small group table.
This is our read aloud spot and our math meeting spot:)  
All our book luggage ready to be filled:)
Thank you for popping by!  I hope you got a little inspiration from my pics:)


  1. Your room looks so warm and inviting! I would love to be a student in your room! Hope you have a fabulous year!


  2. I always find inspiration when I see your classroom! I thought I was ready for next week, now I have more ideas lol

  3. Love your classroom! Where did you find the AR STARS bulletin board?

    1. I made it:) It is included in a few of my classroom sets:)

  4. Hello My name is Ana Paula, and I m a teacher in Portugal. I like the plan of you class room, You have much space. How many student´s are you, and how old are them? I´m sorry about my very bad english. I speak a little, i understand, but i not write very much. Your class room is an inspiration for me.

  5. Tried to find the kid alphabet letters from your word wall?? Could you send me the direct link possibly. Thank you!!

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  7. Love the color! I especially love the bulletin board background. I can't wait to decorate my classroom :)

  8. Great looking room. You should be very proud of it, especially since it's your home away from home. Did you know the painting technique that was used on the block walls? Have a great day.

  9. Love your room! So colorful and inviting. What do you have on your Thinking Maps?

  10. What is the wood looking background on your bulletin board?

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