"Adopt" an Endangered Animal for Your Classroom

We have 2 new little additions to our classroom!!!!
I posted a picture of these little cuties on my FB page the other day and got a few questions so I thought I would do a quick blog post.  

I am a HUGE animal lover and share that love in the classroom all the time with classroom pets and sharing stories about my own pets/farm.  I also like to do things to promote helping the environment.  This "animal adoption" all started with adopting a sea turtle one year.  That was so fun because it had been rescued and then released with a satellite tracker, so we were able to watch and track the travels of our turtle.  
Next came reading The One and Only Ivan.  Reading that book lead to adopting a silver back gorilla. 
You can read more about that here:)  Since then, each year, I have let my class go through the World Wildlife Fund catalog, do a little research, and vote on an animal to adopt.
After the gorilla, the class chose a blue footed booby....which by the way, I thought was already extinct!
Last year, my class voted and adopted an Okapi.  Love those!
Which leads to this year.....the kids chose the black footed ferret.  Apparently they are one of the most endangered mammals in North America.  AND we were quite surprised to find out there were 2 in the bag and not just one.
I have also been able to incorporate all kinds of fun activities around these animals.  One year, each of my students went through the catalog and chose an endangered animal to do a research project on.  Then they each made an informational text booklet about their animal. 
This year the kids were so excited when I opened the package, they wanted to do something right then, so they each took home a note card and did a little fun fact research about our "new additions" and I am putting them on a ring for a fun fact book:)
They also use them as reading buddies;)

As far as adoptions go, there are several different costs/levels to choose from on the website.
If you decide to adopt with your class, I would love to hear about it!  Leave a comment here or on my FB page:)


Fraction Fun

Fractions can be so confusing for some kids.  I know some of my kiddos struggle with the wholes and the parts.  We have been adding and subtracting fractions and I wanted to wrap up the lesson with a little fun.  I literally made the worksheet at 5 one morning and ran to Wally world to grab some Skittles before school so we could do this.  Sometimes some of the best ideas for your kiddos are last minute.  Anyone else roll like that???  (there are several spins on this activity...this is just what I wanted to do)
These little mini packs of Skittles are perfect for fraction activities.  Each bag has 12-16 pieces and a great variety of colors.  So here is what we did with this:
- each child had to write the fraction of each color of Skittle they had 
We had been practicing adding and subtracting fractions using number lines and picture models so each child had to give an addition and subtraction example of each using some of the fractions they had.

Maybe this is a fun, fast activity you can use.  Of course we ate the Skittles when we were done:)
Do your kiddos struggle with fractions?  Ideas to share?  Leave them in the comments!

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