Math Review Fun

I can't believe this school year is about over.  I am doing my best to keep my head above water with all the testing, state testing, paperwork, more testing for the district, and end of the year junk.  With all that going on, it's easy to get caught up in it and get a little.....ok, a lot stressed.  I know my kiddos feel the effects of all this testing, sooooooo, I have been trying to squeeze in fun whenever possible. 

Anytime you can bring out the Playdoh is FUN time!  I had my kiddos review their math vocabulary making examples with playdoh.  They picked their own words.  
They did 4, raised their hands and had me check them and then flipped their paper over and did 4 more.  They loved this activity and I was impressed with how detailed and complex some of them got:)

Another fun review is an awesome activity from my friend Meg at The Teacher Studio.  Her blog is a math jackpot!!!  You have to check it out!  Area and perimeter.  I teach a little chant, we practice with hand movements, they can do it in their sleep, and YET, some of them still flip it!   This activity was the perfect review before our tests.
This activity is one she shared on All Things Upper Elementary.  
I gave the kids their rectangle guide lines and some graph paper to draw out each one.  
Once they had their 3 rectangles and I checked to make sure they followed the guidelines, they were off to make them. 
I cut strips of Astrobrights for them to use:)
Another review we do, more because the kids LOVE it... our symmetry bugs.
These are a hit every year and I just love how unique they all are.  You can find step by step directions HERE in a older blog post.

Hope you found something you can use.  I would love to hear about any other math/art related ideas.  If you have some, leave me a comment:)

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