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Happy Monday, friends! I'm Lori from Live, Laugh, Love Second, and I am so happy to be hosting this week's Monday Made It. 

I had a week's break from my graduate classes, but I have been so tired. I think it's the first week that I have literally had nothing on my plate since school ended. Thank goodness! I finally caught up on some sleep, and I was able to get some crafting in. Check it out below!

New Class Logo: I was inspired by my upcoming blog makeover and decided to make a fun logo for my class. The image is from Lovelytocu on Etsy. You can check our her other designs HERE. I had a hard time picking one out because she had so many great designs! The font is Dry Shampoo by Amy Groesbeck. I might end up changing it, but it will probably still be one of her amazing fonts. I plan on using this as a header on our class Facebook page and maybe our digital class newsletter. I haven't exactly decided yet, but I do really like it!

Dishwasher Sign: If there is one thing that drives me crazy, it's going to cook dinner and realizing that my teenagers didn't unload the dishwasher. Grrrr! Their main excuse...we didn't know if they were clean or not!

Well. I guess the "clean" light being lit up on the machine didn't do it for them. And, of course, simply looking at the dishes to see if they were clean? Who would actually do that???

No more, kiddos! This #teachermom made a handy dandy sign to solve this problem. I whipped it up on Powerpoint using digital paper from I Teach What's Your Super Power. You can find the entire paper set HERE. The "clean" font is A Perfect Blend Teaching's Coffee Mug and the "dirty" font is Amy Groesbeck's Running Late is my Cardio. I stuck a magnet on the back, tragically realized the dishwasher was not in fact magnetic, so then I hot glued another magnet onto the actual dishwasher. (What can I say...I was committed at this point.)

So, if you have teens like mine who require a little scaffolding, feel free to download a copy HERE of the sign for your dishwasher!

Toy Drawer Labels: One of my favorite things to do in the summer is organize everything that managed to get destroyed throughout the school year. Closets, cabinets, kitchen name it, I organize it. And it feels soooooo good.

I finally tackled my little's room. She's the only girl, and she's the baby at 4 years old. That means she gets #allthestuff. I can't help myself.

But...I can help with the organization of it all. 

So, I made these labels to go on all the plastic drawers that store her toys. I made them in Powerpoint, and trust me, they were nothing fancy. The font I used is Amy Groesbeck's Fat Pants. Emmy helped me pick out the pictures, we printed and laminated them, and then I used Elmer's Glue Dots to stick them on the drawers. They look great, serve a purpose, and help her (and her daddy) to know where everything goes. Win-win for everyone.

Battery Organizer: So, a few weeks ago, I posted a picture on Instagram of these old Tupperware sandwich containers that I repurposed as drawer organizers in my office desk. 


Well, I had a couple of extra ones (why I had 4 to begin with is beyond me), and I was going to hold onto them until I got back into my classroom and could figure out a use for them there. I was cleaning out my junk drawer in the kitchen, I spotted the perfect use for one of the containers.

We go through so many batteries in our house that they are a regular item on the grocery list. It's mainly the old school handheld game systems and the newer system controllers my boys play that use so many batteries, so I like to keep them stocked up. By keeping them organized in this container, I know how many we have at any given time without digging through the drawer.

Reading Round Up: I was asked to lead a summer reading program that targeted below-level readers in our school. After the students were identify, we provided them with bags full of books to keep, along with a chart that they track their reading on throughout the summer. We recently had a picnic, which was a lot of fun, and I check in with them weekly via email. And that brings me to my last "made-it" for this week.

I wanted to make the email eye-catching for parents, so I started messing around with creating graphics to include as headers. They turned out great! The cowboys are from Melonheadz. The fonts were free downloads. It turned out so cute and got a lot of compliments from parents.

Phew! That was quite a lot for a Monday Made-It, but it was so much fun sharing it will all of you! Don't forget to check out all the other Monday Made-It's by following the links below, or you can join in the fun by linking up with us.

Have a fantastic week!


  1. I had to smile a chuckle a little at your post - I thought I was the only one who went crazy with the dishwasher being clean or dirty!!! Oh my goodness. It could drive me insane sometimes. And it just happened again 2 days ago - no one could tell if the dishes were clean or not since stuff was in the sink so they loaded it up (but they were clean). Thanks for the idea!

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